State Department LIES about where John Kerry was during Egypt’s Coup. You’re SHOCKED, right?

State Department LIES about where John Kerry was during Egypt’s Coup. You’re SHOCKED, right?

Well it just goes to show you can’t keep a good liar down, or a completely pitiful liar either for that matter. It seems that the State Department has issued a mea culpa regarding their previous untruths about Secretary of State John Kerry’s whereabouts during the Egyptian coup d’etat earlier this week. Ms. Jen Psaki, who is now a State Department worker-she was previously an Obama campaign worker (surprised? Me neither), claimed that the CBS reports that Secretary of State Kerry was aboard his yacht, the Isobel, when the Egyptian military was busy deposing Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on July 3rd were “completely inaccurate”.

Kerry disembarks from his yacht, The Isobel

Why does it make any difference if the State Department lies about the location of the Secretary of Defense you ask? Well you see this mea culpa is yet another admission by an administration with a history of untruths (Benghazi, NSA spying habits, the “real cost” of Obamacare). Why should we care that they lied to the American people (aren’t we used to it YET?) about the location of the Secretary of State during the commission of a military coup in a strategically vital country where our own embassy was overrun in 2012? It establishes a continuation of a distressing pattern by the Administration of “losing track” of key officials during crisis situations in diplomatic missions. This calls to mind the question of where the Commander in Chief was during the commission of the storming of the U.S. Embassy annex in Beghazi, Libya on September 11 2012, but as the last Secretary of State named by this administration so eloquently stated during her congressional testimony on the topic “What difference does it make??” Well, none unless you happen to have been Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith or Glen Doherty.

U.S. consultate annex burns during the 9/11/2012 Benghazi attack

As of this writing, all “non-essential” embassy staff have been ordered to leave Egypt in light of the current tenuous security situation which includes the arrests of high ranking Muslim Brotherhood members who were close to the Morsi administration by the Egyptian Military, who also plans to investigate Morsi on the charge of “insulting the judiciary“.  What will happen in Egypt, only time will tell. What will happen to the Obama administration in light of their continued inability to tell the American people the truth?? That, dear reader, is for the citizens of this nation to decide. I, for one,  hope that we decide to hold their feet to the fire and hold them accountable for their continued lies and untruths.

“What difference does it make??”

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