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She’s here!

She’s here!

Ten days early, too!

Francesca Lynn was born today, July 24th. Here’s a couple of pictures: one with me and my little sister, and one of just her beautiful face (mine’s not so beautiful considering I am unshowered with no makeup!).

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  • Sassy Poker says:

    Congrats Big Sis!! She’s beautiful!

  • Don_cos says:

    As I said earlier, please pass on my congratulations to the new Mom. And of course to you the Bloggin Big Sister.

  • Keith says:

    congrats! wait, does this mean you are in high school or something? 🙂

  • Cas says:

    No, not in high school. 😉

    I’m 22, my 23rd birthday is actually July 30th, so I’m just days shy of being 23 years older. We were wondering whether or not Francesca and I would have the same birthday!

  • Shawn says:

    Shes gorgous, just like her sis

  • Angry White Guy says:


    And I think you’re still pretty darn good looking. Whoever’s looks you got, lets hope your sis got them too.

  • Huck says:

    Congratulations! Hope everyone is recovering well and is getting enough rest. And good luck with the new job, too.

  • The Great El-ahrairah says:

    Congradulations on the new sister.

  • Gredd says:

    Congratulations Cassy, to you and your family for the new member. Love her and be a good big sis. 🙂

    And congrats on the job too! Hope you enjoy it.

  • Keith says:

    having trouble seeing the pic – anyone else not seeing it?

    Oh yeah, hey Huck, you the same as on RWN? Good to see you

  • Huck says:

    keith – Yep. I’m the same one that used to be at RWN until Hawkins banned me. Don’t ask me why he did so. That is a baffling mystery to me. But I don’t recall you from RWN. Do you post under a different name there? Anyway, it’s good to bump into folks from RWN here and there.

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