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Lack of blogging

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post a little update about the lack of blogging the past few days.

First of all, I just started a new day job, and my schedule is a little bit different, so please bear with me as I adjust. I should be doing some blogging tomorrow night, and hopefully will be able to get back into the swing of things then.

Second, I’m pretty sure I have not mentioned this yet, but my parents are having a baby. My mom is nine months along, and it is looking like my baby sister is coming any day now. Obviously, when that happens, I will be gone, probably for a few days, to be in the hospital with my parents, so consider this a forewarning more than anything. 🙂

But anyways, I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been really busy what with a new job and trips to the doctor with my mom and everything, but I will be back — I promise! Check back tomorrow night for some fresh new stuff. In the meantime, maybe I’ll post some new pics of me or something to make up for the “CODEPINK” photoshopped picture in the post below as a couple of readers have suggested until I can get things going again. 😉

Thanks for being so great, everyone!

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  • Sassy Poker says:

    We will always wait for you Cassy!!!

  • Don_cos says:

    Pass on my congratulations. Hope the delivery is as easy as possible, and the Baby as healthy as can be.

  • Angry White Guy says:


    Tell your folks congrats for us…

    Just think… You get to be the kind of older sister that ruins all their hard work! 🙂

  • Angry White Guy says:


    I’m all a-quiver…

    Ok, that sounded nastier than I’d intended…

  • Anonymous says:

    wooooooohoooooo. Congrats all around to the Fiano family. The precious miracle has arrived.


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