Shamrocks, Social Distancing and Zombie Movies

Shamrocks, Social Distancing and Zombie Movies

Shamrocks,  Social Distancing and Zombie Movies

“May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you where you go.” – Irish Blessing.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of our Victory Girls readers. Hope your social distancing is going well. Have you ever noticed that angry people are gonna angry no matter what. I read our Lisa’s post about David Brooks this morning. Brooks is enraged because he doesn’t like how the “sociopath”, President Trump, is handling Covid-19. Read Lisa’s post here. Brooks writes for the New York Times. He lives at the top of the writer food chain and he is perpetually unhappy. I really would feel sorry for him, if I cared at all. Which, I don’t.

Happy people will find a way to get through anything. Last night, someone in my neighborhood Facebook group put up a suggestion. Put shamrocks (pictures or door decorations, whatever) up in the windows of your home. Parents can take the kids out for a walk, count the shamrocks they see, and take some pictures. Then, the family can post the pictures and numbers of shamrocks they found up on the page. This could become a “thing”. We could have themes. Social distancing, family togetherness and building neighborhood connections all at the same time. Happy people gonna happy.

It’s awful that bars, restaurants and sports events are closing down or being limited. I feel bad for the employees. On the other hand, Amazon has announced that they will hire 100,000 more warehouse and delivery clerks because of the crush of demand that Covid-19 has caused. Amazon is increasing the salary, too. Some people may come out of the other side of this better off.

I don’t feel badly that schools are closed. Government schools are awful. I am not talking about individual teachers. I had a few good ones, my husband and son both had some very good ones. Homeschooling was not an option for us. A bull-headed teacher and a bull-headed student make very bad chemistry. But, I thought there was just too much socialist and eco-terrorist type indoctrination in the government school. Worse than when I was a student. It has only gotten exponentially worse. Maybe, this Covid-19 virus will force some parents to learn what their children are learning and, hopefully, they will be appalled. Plus, it’s just not natural for kids to sit still in rows.

On the other hand, parents may find that online learning is a better fit for their students. I didn’t have that option. I saw an interview on Fox & Friends, this morning, with a family who uses the K12 Learning Program. The family loves the program and individualized instruction. I couldn’t find the interview, but this video lays out the basic concept:

If you need a break from the news and want to have some fun, watch some zombie comedy movies. I love the genre. Here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

Night of the Comet– Totally 80’s.

Dead and Breakfast – Musical, Thriller Country Line Dance.

Warm Bodies – I am a romantic at heart.

Zombieland – This is an education film. I mean it.

Shaun of the Dead – This movie has so many references to other zombie movies. I see something new every time. And, it’s funny as all get out.

I am an Irish fatalist. I always think the worst is going to happen. With Covid-19, I am sure we are all gonna die. It’s just a matter of time. That’s probably why I am a happy person. Nothing is ever as bad as I think it’s gonna be. Except Governor Andrew Cuomo on the tube. He’s on again today having some kind of senior moment talking about going to his folks apartment and scaring the shamrocks out of anyone watching.

Enjoy your day. Stay socially distant. Watch a zombie comedy movie. Life is so good. Don’t be a grumpy goat like David Brooks.

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  • GWB says:

    Put shamrocks (pictures or door decorations, whatever) up in the windows of your home.
    A fun idea for a neighborhood. (I’m a curmudgeon and I like it.)

    Plus, it’s just not natural for kids to sit still in rows.
    It’s a good thing to teach them, though. Within reason.

    a family who uses the K12 Learning Program
    We used them a bit. It wasn’t the best option for us, but loads of other homeschoolers liked it.

    watch some zombie comedy movies
    Or virus movies. Andromeda Strain and Outbreak are two. The moment Dustin Hoffman grabs the hand of the officious bureaucrat and tells them he’s just come from the virus town is priceless.
    But, well, they aren’t comedies.

    With Covid-19, I am sure we are all gonna die.
    Heck, even before Winnie the Flu, we were all gonna die. (Still, put a bottle of rye in my casket, just in case.)

    Except Governor Andrew Cuomo on the tube.
    The one who went centralized-totalitarian, then federalist, then centralized-totalitarian again? Oh, and is working out in a gym despite telling the gyms to close? *eyeroll*

    Don’t be a grumpy goat like David Brooks.
    Hey now! I am a grumpy goat, and nothing like Brooks. He is a grumpy scold. He’s what a better-raised Greta of the Scowl would grow up to be.


  • SFC D says:

    Not totally off-topic, but why is it socially acceptable to get knee-walking, commode-hugging drunk on St. Patricks day, but participating in a Cinco de Mayo party is “cultural appropriation”? Some snowflake needs to explain that to me. We Irish types aren’t offended by it, because we’re not pussies. I’m just curious.

    Happy St Pats to one and all! Enjoy the stressful bonus time with the kids, you’ll miss it later.

    • GWB says:

      I don’t think the Mexicans are offended by it, either. But their White Knights (the progs who use them for their ethnicity) certainly are.

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