Sex Week at University of Tennessee

Sex Week at University of Tennessee

Prepare to blow a gasket

Thank goodness!  I was worried that today’s college students might have no idea about how to “how to turn up the heat on our own sex drive”….as I remember it, college WAS sex drive and no one had to take a workshop….but that’s just me. 

“It’s tackling important topics related to sexual health, sexual identity, preventing sexual assault, gender roles (and) religion,” she added. “The students have done a good job making sure there are things to appeal to all.”  I like how they throw “religion” in there….cause I’m SURE they will be doing some Bible study. 

And by “things to appeal to all” they mean…. “Getting Laid,” “Sex Positivity; Queer as a Verb,” “Bow Chicka Bow Woah,” “How to Talk to Your Parents About Sex,” “Loud and Queer,” and “How Many Licks Does It Take…” – a workshop about oral sex”

“In addition to a campus-wide scavenger hunt for a golden condom, the university is hosting noted lesbian bondage expert and erotica author Sinclair Sexsmith.

A little too much experimenting?
A little too much experimenting?

Sexsmith, who serves on the board of the New York Lesbian Sex Mafia, will deliver a lecture titled, “Messing Around with Gender.”

She is also an expert in “sexuality and leather”….which is interesting because I have some questions about some new boots that are too tight…I wonder if she could suggest a remedy…should I have them professional stretched or get them wet and then wear them?  I have always valued good leather advice. 

All this paid for by student fees and “university money” (bear with me, but just wondering here what part of this “money” is tax payer dollars…hmmm…if I was a Tennessee resident, I’d be very curious)

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