Senate Omnibus Bill Secret Deal Will Quadruple H-2B Visas For Foreign Guest Workers

Senate Omnibus Bill Secret Deal Will Quadruple H-2B Visas For Foreign Guest Workers

Senate Omnibus Bill Secret Deal Will Quadruple H-2B Visas For Foreign Guest Workers

As early as tonight, the U.S. Senate will be voting on an omnibus spending bill that was put forth less than 36 hours ago. And its a weird kind of deja vu all over again.

Ok – so this time its not related to healthcare. But there is something just as serious, actually MORE serious to be found in this behemoth.

There are layers to this bill that should make us all sit up and say WAIT JUST A GOL DARN MINUTE!

Buried in the 2,000-page omnibus spending bill released by the Senate this morning is a secret provision that many senators hope unemployed blue-collar workers won’t find out about.

This provision would quadruple the number of H-2B visas for unskilled foreign “guest workers.” It would allow more than a quarter-of-a-million foreign workers to enter the U.S. each year and work in the construction industry, hotel-motel services, truck drivers, food processing, forestry and many other fields that don’t require a college education.

Ummm HELLO??!!! While all of you Senators, and yes that includes YOU Paul Ryan, were scurrying around behind closed doors putting this thing together, I have to ask one simple question. San Bernardino anyone??!! Bueller? Bueller?

You think I’m joking right? Let me remind everyone – little miss terrorist Tashfeen Malik skated through her K-1 Fiancee Visa process, skated through THREE background checks..and we all know what happened just two short weeks ago. Americans were killed and families are in mourning.

Clockwise from upper left; Damian Meins, Robert Adams, Sierra Clayborn, Daniel Kaufman
Clockwise from upper left; Damian Meins, Robert Adams, Sierra Clayborn, Daniel Kaufman

Were the U.S. Senators paying attention to this Administration when they emphatically stated that the K-1 Visa process was THE MOST vetted process in place? Given the provisions in the bill, I’d say the answer is a big fat NO. Oh but wait! The K-1 is the one that gets the MOST scrutiny (please ignore the Tashfeen Malik elephant in the room), which means the vetting process of the H-2B visa is as strong RIGHT? In fact the entire Visa Waiver program is highly effective and all the important vital statistics are right at DHS fingertips for reference…RIGHT? Ummm NO

Given the recent terror attacks on American soil, and yes they were terror attacks, why is this even in the bill? For that matter, why are there provisions to continue enabling sanctuary cities in the bill?

Legal immigration is already at an all-time high, with 1.1 million foreign-born persons coming to the U.S. every year, and a recent Pew Research poll shows 83 percent of the voting public wishes to see the level of immigration frozen or reduced.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., reportedly helped negotiate the omnibus deal. The spending bill also includes full funding for President Obama’s refugee resettlement program, which will cost $1.6 billion and bring in another 85,000 refugees this year, many of them from jihadist hotbeds like Syria, Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

So we’re leaving American workers such as truck drivers, construction and plant workers, food processors, wait staff and hotel staff among others who want to work stranded in the dust for what?


Politics, willful blindness, and forking over MORE of our tax dollars to those who won’t appreciate the gesture? Sure, lets keep the government going.. but not at the risk of keeping jobs away from Americans who are willing to work. This bill, that is to be voted on this afternoon or tonight, is a total debacle according to many, including Senator Jeff Sessions R-Ala:

“On top of this provision, the omnibus approves – without conditions – the president’s request for increased refugee admissions, allowing him to bring in as many refugees as he wants, from anywhere he wants, and then allow them to access unlimited amounts of welfare and entitlements at taxpayer expense. This will ensure that at least 170,000 green card, refugee and asylum approvals are issued to migrants from Muslim countries over just the next 12 months.

Here’s the deal guys…in the interest of keeping our country safe, I’d say this bill should not pass GO and definitely should not collect $200. If it does pass…put the blame squarely on the heads of any and all U.S. Senators who voted Yes to leaving our country vulnerable to those who wish it and us harm.

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  • OC says:

    Paul Ryan is different from Boehner how?

    I wrote my congress critter (a RINO) a scathing e-mail begging him to vote no and this steaming pile of shite.

    Of course I know he’ll vote yes.

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