Schiff Will Investigate the CIA Khashoggi Murder Assessment

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Schiff Will Investigate the CIA Khashoggi Murder Assessment

Schiff Will Investigate the CIA Khashoggi Murder Assessment

Adam Schiff (D-Ca), incoming House Intelligence Committee Chair, vows to investigate the CIA’s assessment of the Jamal Khashoggi murder. Schiff says this must be done in order to determine if President Trump is prudently listening to and respecting the conclusions of the Agency. 

Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist, is alleged to have been murdered inside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey last month. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has denied knowledge of the murder, though the Kingdom has apparently taken action against those involved in carrying out the crime. Of course the declaration that the Prince has no knowledge of the plot is laughable, but the question is whether the U.S. needs to do anything about it. Trump has sanctioned the named individuals involved, but has remained ambivalent about blaming the Crown Prince. Everyone else in the U.S. government has pretended to be shocked and dismayed that Trump would not commit to stronger action against Saudi Arabia.

As a pretend way to ensure that Trump is interested in protecting America, Adam Schiff has bravely said the Democrats will investigate whether Trump is giving proper credit to Agency assessments. If the CIA says it, it must be true! And if the president doesn’t act in accordance with how the Democrats think he should act on the CIA assessments, then he must be punished! So I guess that means we should still keep searching for those WMDs somewhere in Iraq too?

Schiff plans to waste more tax payer money and time trying to gin something up against Trump, on which it is entirely within the president’s purview to act. Trump is wise to listen intently to our intelligence agencies. And he also might be wise to diverge from their assessments when warranted, because we know no one is perfect. And even if he believes 100% in their assessment of blame for the murder, he might still be wise to chart the course of action he has taken. And the Agency doesn’t give recommendations on policy, because that is the president’s job!

Adam Schiff is a hyper-partisan little Schiff. There is nothing to investigate here, unless Schiff wants to figure out where these leaks that endanger national security are coming from. The president is well within his mandate to decide the course of action he takes in response to world affairs. In fact, he was elected to do just that, and Congress is outside its lane if it thinks it can step in a demand that the president do something different. Stay in your lane, Schiff.

Featured image: Greg Nash, The Hill

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  • Kathy says:

    We don’t know what Trump knows and often should not know – especially Schiff, the leaker, should not know. It is the President’s job to work with secret stuff for our benefit. We need to trust him.

  • GWB says:

    If the CIA says it, it must be true!
    Oy, you’d need a big website if you posted all the times the CIA (and other alphabet agencies) have been wrong.

    As to the Khashoggi murder….
    He was pro-terrorist. His position as a “journalist” was primarily so he could push anti-Western propaganda. And the primary initial source for what happened to him was Erdogan’s Turkey. Erdogan’s gov’t has ZERO credibility, and the guy’s known associations make him ripe for some “extreme prejudice”.*

    (* That doesn’t mean really bad racism, you blithering snowflake. It’s a phrase from the former days of spy movies and thrillers. When you killed a bad guy, you “terminate[d] with extreme prejudice”. It meant you did it quietly if you could, but messy and loud was ok, too, as long as he wasn’t around anymore.)

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  • Bill589 says:

    The first day we heard of his killing the MSM let slip that he belonged to the terrorist group ‘The Muslim Brotherhood’.
    The MSM failed to mention that again and only implied that he was an American Journalist.
    The MSM are the corrupt bast*rds in this case. (As in most cases.)

  • harleycowboy says:

    Why would he want to investigate an “assessment” on an event that happened in another country? I’m still waiting on an assessment of Hillary.

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