Sarah Palin with a gun in Kuwait

Sarah Palin with a gun in Kuwait

Sarah Palin with a gun in Kuwait

I’m impressed. It’s Sarah Palin with a gun. In Kuwait. Visiting our troops.

And hey, she didn’t have to wait for it to be an election gimmick, either. She went all on her own. Imagine that, eh, Obama?

Heard in the background:

Yeah, you’re pretty much hitting it dead center.

I’m swooning.

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  • SkydiverRick says:

    Instead of debates, she should just arm wrestle Biden. She could show the the world what wimps the liberals are.

  • Rob Farrington says:

    I’d better not tell my fiance about this vid. She’s already suspicious that I might have a secret crush on both you and Rachel Lucas.

    I don’t though, honestly!! Sarah Palin with a rifle, though…wow!

    Erm…I’m probably going to be in trouble when she reads this!

  • Hua! Sounds like she hit center mass or pretty darn close.

  • Balabla says:

    I would hit her in dead center.

  • Ben says:

    She isn’t shooting real weapons. This is done in a simulator called “EST”. It’s basically a big video game. The weapons fire bursts of compressed air to give them kick. Notice that they are indoors and not wearing any sort of protective gear.
    They could be in Kuwait…However I doubt it. They are probably somewhere stateside.

  • Ben says:

    You can see the black air hoses connecting to the bottom of the weapons near the magazine well.

  • daniel says:

    I wonder if she would shoot her own son if he happened to be on the other side of the line. What are we doing in Iraq? Killing and destroying for what? If you want a wimp, just look at those using guns and not fists!

  • Kevin says:

    It is sad that your view of our military is so skewed. Most of the violence in Iraq is being perpetuated by opposing sides of islam. We just happen to get in the way sometimes. Maybe if you would serve instead of making idiotic web statements, you would know that.

  • ang says:

    ok Kevin, you want to talk about idiotic statements? How about above when someone said “Instead of debates, she should just arm wrestle Biden. She could show the the world what wimps the liberals are.” I thought that was rather um, whats a nice way to say this…. completely unintelligent? Yet, you’re going to pick apart someone’s actual opinion on the war insead of foolish remarks. So I will too. I’ll never understand how someone can rationalize being so adamantly against gun control yet still prolife. Um, don’t guns kill people? Actual, fully developed, living people? Do those people get a choice all the time before they’re shot? And as for your one sided comment on the war, here’s mine: if I were being attacked by another country, and if I believed in war, I would have opposing force as well. Yet, when WE attack another country that didn’t even initiate anything, people somehow find their opposition surprising? I’d say that’s as idiotic as you can get bud.

  • YOU SUCK says:


  • Erika says:

    Ok listen, the first comment was a joke. So lighten up. And Daniel thank you SO much for calling my sister who is fighting in Iraq a whimp, it is truly apprciated. Ass. I don’t really care if you support the war, but at least support the troops who are over there risking their lives everyday.

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