Russian Woman Exposes Actual Russian Fake News

Russian Woman Exposes Actual Russian Fake News

Russian Woman Exposes Actual Russian Fake News

In an incredible act of bravery on Monday, a Russian woman rushed the stage of a Russian news channel and held up a sign emblazoned with “They’re lying to you here”. She yelled “Stop the war!” attempting to stop Russian fake news. Norma Rae would be proud.

“A state television employee burst onto the live broadcast of Russia’s most-watched news show…in an extraordinary act of protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

In an act of sheer guts and bravery, Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor at the Kremlin-run Channel 1, made her move while a talking head “was describing Russian talks with Belarus over how to soften the blow from Western sanctions.”

Good news folks, the sanctions seem to be getting under Putin’s skin. We’ve got that going for us. Meanwhile, in a few moments the feed broke away.

Actual truth as to what happened afterward is sketchy. Truth is not Russia’s strong suit.

We know this. Ms. Ovsyannikova’s employer was not happy.

“Ovsyannikova was detained after the protest and was being held at the television station, according to OVD-Info, an activist group that supports Russians detained for protesting.”

We also know—the scant word that escapes Russia through banned Twitter channels indicate she has been arrested.

Subsequent reports are not promising that she will be heard from anytime soon.

Marina’s gutsy move was premeditated. In a video she released via activist channels, she made it clear she knew what she was doing. She speaks eloquently against Russia’s war on Ukraine, puts full blame on Putin, her shame for knowingly putting out actual fake Russian news, and calls on her fellow Russians to protest.

“They cannot put us all in jail,” she says bravely as she calls for mass protests of Russians citizens.

Sadly, conditions in Russian jails and prisons are horrific.

Former Russian prisoners describe unthinkable and brutal stories.

“The psyche of a person collapses when they’re in jail for half a year, a year or two years – and they don’t speak to anyone.”

Here’s hoping Marina Ovsyannikova’s release is soon and her outburst will keep the world’s attention on her incarceration. Here’s hoping her call for mass protest achieves what she described.

Watching the bravery of such a brave woman is heartwarming. However it is absolutely aggravating as an American citizen watching such bravery knowing we have our own Kremlin-style propaganda and media cover-up machine. The three years of watching our media spin, writhe, and circle their wagons around President Trump over a fake Russian collusion story only to find out it was a bloody lie. It’s a lie that continues as the same media refuses to report on the depth of the lies.

“The New York Times has a problem with Russia. And the truth. For more than three years, the Times pushed the false Trump-Russia collusion story, making the paper an accessory to what amounted to an attempted coup against the 45th president…the Times… won a Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for writing on ‘Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and its connections to the Trump campaign.’”

It positively maddening to watch actual lies being sold and told as truth–Marina can relate–to watch fellow citizens ingest it and live their lives according to those lies.

If only corporate media in America had half the passion Marina Ovsyannikova did on Monday. It will never happen. Our media is just as complicit in lying as the Kremlin’s Channel 1.

Feature Photo: Stand with Ukraine against Russian Invasion – Vancouver Anti-War Rally, Feb 26th, 2022 by GoToVan, via Flickr, license CC by 2.0, cropped. 

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  • CycloneSteve says:

    Sorry, while I don’t like the war, I think NATO and the western powers pushed Russia into it.

    They had a promise from NATO not to expand west, a promise that we have broken time and time again. They told us their red line. They told us if we keep supporting the Ukraine’s persecution of the Russian ethnic minority there would be consequences. They told us that they will not allow NATO troops in Ukraine. Now we’re “Shocked and Surprised” because we apparently haven’t read or listened to anything coming out of Russia for the last 30 years.

    I suspect this is exactly what the “establishment” wanted.

    Now we’re all arm in arm supporting a “leader” who arrested the opposition presidential candidate, shut down opposition media, shelled his own people for 7 years… all in support of “DEMOCRACY”! BS!!!

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