Roundup Time: Trump’s Laser Pointer & The Target-Rich Zone

Roundup Time: Trump’s Laser Pointer & The Target-Rich Zone

Roundup Time: Trump’s Laser Pointer & The Target-Rich Zone

We can’t seem to watch Leftcult media’s reaction to Trump’s master trolling and how it agitates the fellow apparatchiks without both laughing and worrying about the mental issues these people are experiencing.

Laser Pointer #1

VG Kim Hirsch pointed out yesterday that only Trump could get the Left to denounce 19th Century suffragette Susan B. Anthony as a horrible person who needs to be canceled. And the freak-out continues:

Gotta admit on that last, when I first spotted the term rape-pardoned my first thought was it’s going to be a joke about Bill Clinton’s selection to speak at the DNC.


Laser Pointer #2

Media be like:


Over this …

…cuz this …

PS: Goodyear refuses to apologize. I say #CancelTheBlimp


Dog Whistles

You know, if you watch sci-fi movies featuring 8 foot tall aliens with weird orthodontia, tails and acid blood and you see black folk as villains, maybe the racist is you.

What makes Black people more likely than others to be killed, beaten, tortured and raped by white police officers and vigilantes? …

The short answer is that we are dealing with a culture of domination. It is a culture that thrives on the sexualized demonization of Black people. Two examples of this are Ridley Scott’s Alien, which comports with the trope of Black women as alien breeders and Predator, written by brothers Jim and John Thomas, that riffs on images of Black men as dreadlocked, violent and superhuman.


Dog collars

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always considered wearing a mask, when it’s not necessary, less a virtue-signal but more a cone-of-shame.

Yes, the collar shield is an official recommendation.


New loyalty oaths

Wokeness isn’t just for university undergrads in Anger Studies anymore.

The University of Minnesota Medical School application includes an optional question that asks students to share their “lessons learned” about “systemic racism” in the wake of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks’s deaths.

“Right now is a watershed moment in American history and this country’s reckoning with race, racism, racial injustice, and especially anti-black hatred,” the question on the application, obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, read.

Publicity about this optional question brought nothing but reassurances from the University of Minnesota spokeshole Katrinna Dodge that rejection or acceptance of the application would never hinge on this question which, according to her, merely measures the applicants sociocultural humility.



Until next time, pardners, keep the batteries in your laser pointer fresh and your powder dry.

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  • Mike-in-Keller says:

    Here’s what I learned about “systemic racism” from the George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks’s deaths.

    George Floyd is responsible for his own death, because he took enough fentanyl to kill 3 horses.

    Rayshard Brooks fired a deadly weapon at a policeman and was preparing to do it again. The policeman behaved properly, responded to Brooks’s deadly weapon use, and Brooks died.

    There was no racism involved. There was, however, criminal behavior on the part of those who died.

    • GWB says:

      I disagree on who is responsible for Floyd’s death. That officer went well beyond what was necessary to get that man into custody. While he might not have choked him to death, his callous actions doomed Floyd to the grave instead of the prison cell he warranted. Chauvin needs to go to jail. (But NOT for 1st degree murder; that’s just stupid.)

      Based on what I’ve seen and read, officer Rolfe probably needs some re-training. They failed in getting that man under control. (I think they failed to be in the right frame of mind, and that allowed the fight to start and for them to be more reactionary during the fight.) But it certainly wasn’t murder to shoot the man as he fled with a taser in his hand.

      But, no, there was no racism involved in either of those incidents.

  • GWB says:

    Yes, mental illness is definitely what we’re witnessing here.

    Dog Whistles
    Yep, if you hear the dog whistle, the dog is you.

    Gov Janet Mills says
    “I’m a f*ing moron, but you’re bigger ones for electing me!”

    their “lessons learned” about “systemic racism” in the wake of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks’s deaths
    That Dems are racist?

    especially anti-black hatred
    Which really doesn’t exist in most places in America. It seems to exist in some Democrat-controlled localities, but not much elsewhere. Hmmmm….

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