Roe v. Wade Movie Filming in New Orleans, Pro-Life

Roe v. Wade Movie Filming in New Orleans, Pro-Life

Roe v. Wade Movie Filming in New Orleans, Pro-Life

“The Hollywood Reporter” posted an article revealing that a “secret” Roe v. Wade movie is being filmed in New Orleans. The film has a working title that doesn’t apparently mention Roe v. Wade because (shock, horror and disgust) the movie is being filmed from a “Pro-Life” perspective. The film is being produced and directed by Nick Loeb who is currently in a battle with his ex-fiance actress Sofia Vergara over frozen embryos. Land sakes, these people live convoluted lives. Mo money, mo problems.

Apparently, people are jumping ugly with Loeb over the Pro-Life perspective of the film. From the article:

As Nick Loeb walked to his car with a production assistant during a day of shooting his upcoming feature film, Roe v. Wade, outside Tulane University last week, a woman wearing a headset approached and asked: “Are you the director?”

“When I told her I was, she told me to go fuck myself,” Loeb recalls. “Then she threw her headset on the ground and walked off. I found out later she was our electrician.”

Nothing says “Down with the Patriarchy” like telling someone to go eff themselves. Plus, I guess that’s fewer words than, “I disagree with your take on this matter.”


When they shot in Washington, D.C., their location manager there sent an email that read: “I have been doing research on the movie trying to figure out who is producing and what the gist of the story is, and I finally found it, and so I am withdrawing from this project. I am a staunch pro-abortion feminist activist, and I will not be party to such horrible propaganda.”

Two thoughts on this one, it must be nice to be able to turn down work because you are so wealthy. And, “party to such horrible propaganda” sounds a bit like sticking your fingers in your ears and saying, “Nah, nah, nah, I can’t hear you.


Among the crew members who quit in protest was a costumer who left after two weeks “because of the subject matter and pressure from her peers,” says Allyn. Even the director, also a woman, quit on the first day of shooting, so Loeb and Allyn are co-directing. They are also producers, and they co-wrote the script.

So, the costumer got bullied by her “Love Trumps Hate” friends. Classically, left.

The cast includes Robert Davi, John Voight, Stacy Dash (“Clueless”) and many other long working actors. In the olden days being attached to a production of this caliber would be considered resume building. But, the sacrament of infanticide is the Most Holy Sacrament in the Liberal Book of Orders and cannot be questioned.

The late Norma McCorvey, who was Roe in Roe v. Wade, was a pro-life advocate for many years. Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, is an Executive Producer of this film and a living witness to the many lives an abortion damages. Watch as Dr. King gives her testimony:

“Ripping babies apart.” “A blob of tissue”. These are important words.

We, on the Right, are often ridiculed for believing in Capitol Punishment, but not abortion. They are two totally different concepts. What crime has the in utero baby committed and where are her rights to appeal.

If this movie on Roe v. Wade is done well, it could open a necessary and honest conversation in this Country. We will be watching for it.

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  • Powdered Toast Man says:

    Please republicans don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Your wing of the Uniparty is the only tolerable one and social issues are a net losers for you. Yea it sucks that so many of our Americans have went down to abortion while we are invaded by turd worlders but it is settled law as a lawya on the Supreme Court said about the second amendment.

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