Rob O’Neill Has Thoughts on Afghanistan

Rob O’Neill Has Thoughts on Afghanistan

Rob O’Neill Has Thoughts on Afghanistan

You remember Rob O’Neill, don’t you? He’s the member of Navy SEAL Team Six who fired the fatal shot into Osama bin-Laden’s cranium in 2011. Or so he says. Prior to O’Neill’s claim, another SEAL, writing under the pseudonym “Mark Owen,” wrote No Easy Day, claiming that he was the SEAL who killed bin-Laden.

However, “Mark Owen” has faded from view, and these days Rob O’Neill is feted as bin-Laden’s killer. He’s also an outspoken, colorful figure who often appears on Fox News to comment on military issues.

And, being Rob O’Neill, he is unreserved in his opinion of Joe Biden, Kabul, the generals in charge, and the entire mess of Afghanistan.

For example, on Tuesday, O’Neill appeared on Greg Gutfeld’s no-holds-barred, free-wheeling late night talk fest Gutfeld! (which has now beaten all late night ratings, including Steven Colbert’s). Gutfeld asked O’Neill about his take on the Afghanistan fiasco, and, as typical, O’Neill had some bold ideas.

He said he would’ve dropped a JDAM on the Taliban as they frolicked in the Presidential Palace, especially as they played in the exercise room. He also warned about the threat of China after the Afghanistan disaster. But he also had some thoughts on how the military has become more woke and less effective.

Then, on Friday, Rob O’Neill appeared on Fox News Primetime with Will Cain with a suggestion on how to evacuate Americans from Kabul.

“I’m a big believer in the acronym KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. And I was talking to another SEAL Team Six operator with whom I served for 20 years. I’m going to call him Tiny. And Tiny told me the response: ‘Here’s how you get the Americans out. Tiny smash with hammer. And that’s it.’”

But O’Neill wasn’t done. Along with “Tiny’s” idea, he had one of his own:

“Look, I don’t want to be in charge, but if I was would I want to get the Americans? Cool. Give me nine guys I’m gonna walk through the streets and I’m gonna kill everyone I see, and I’m gonna grab the Americans.”

Now, do you really believe that Rob O’Neill considers himself a superhero who can vanquish the Taliban with only a handful of his fellow SEALs? No, he’s engaging in braggadocio, of course, and having served with an elite Special Ops unit, he’s earned that right. (But that’s my opinion. There are some former SEALs who don’t think guys like O’Neill should seek publicity, and that’s fair.)

But oh my, did some liberal blue checks at Twitter wet themselves when they heard O’Neill’s interview.

Rob O'Neill/Aaron Rupar

Like Aaron Rupar of Vox, who was aghast that Fox broadcasts such commentary. What an outrage!

Then there were those who thought O’Neill was advocating “war crimes.” As if annihilating scumbags like the Taliban constitutes war crimes *rolling eyes*.

But all blustering aside, Rob O’Neill has serious thoughts about how the current military fails to see the threat of radical Islamists. He told the morning hosts at Fox & Friends:

“Yeah, we’ve completely taken our eye off the ball on this one, and we’ve got to realize, instead of being on the left side of the aisle, the right side of the aisle, there are people out there that want to kill all of us.”

He also tweeted this:

Plus he had choice words to say about Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley:

“There are Afghans falling to their deaths off of our retreating aircraft. Has @thejointstaff resigned yet?”

“Have any of our generals and admirals resigned out of disgrace yet?”

He also harshly criticized Joe Biden:

“This is the worst loss in American history. Our most popular president has vanished. Prove me wrong.”

“We’ve heard more from The Taliban than we have from the most popular president in our history. Anything @PressSec ?”

And finally, this allusion to 9/11:

“Remember when people held hands and jump to their deaths out of the twin towers? Neither does @POTUS”

But Rob O’Neill isn’t the only one of the SEAL brethren to vent their disgust with Joe Biden’s disastrous mishandling of Afghanistan. Retired SEAL Derrick Van Orden, who is running for Congress from Wisconsin, said this about Milley, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin:

“You’ve got Secretary Blinken and Secretary Austin – they need to tender their resignations right now. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Milley, he needs to go peel potatoes in the galley for about a month and then resign also​.”

Finally, former SEAL Marcus Luttrell — the “Lone Survivor” — slammed Joe Biden’s inability to handle the evacuation in Kabul:

“Tell that guy at the White House to pay attention: you deliver this to the president; you walk in; there’s a big binder that says ‘contingencies for airports’ — You open it up, there is one page in there, [which] has a crest in there and a gold letters that say ‘Rangers’.”

Guys like Rob O’Neill and Marcus Luttrell may be elite fighters, but they are not of the military elite, aka the “perfumed princes” of the Pentagon. Rather they’re the sort of men of whom George Orwell? Rudyard Kipling? Winston Churchill? wrote of as “rough men” who “stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.” They’re realists who understand that a military that focuses on issues like race theory and wokeness is not a force which is strong in the face of our enemies.

The late radio host Rush Limbaugh would often say that the purpose of a military is to “kill people and break things.” Limbaugh never served in the military, but he deeply admired those who did, as well as the warrior ethos. Unfortunately Joe Biden and his hapless administration want to turn the military into a social experiment, and in Afghanistan we see how tragic the results are.


Featured image: Navy SEAL. Official US Navy Page/flickr/cropped/CC BY 2.0.

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  • Lloyd says:

    This guy makes a lot of sense: You don’t send a bunch of weak sisters to fight a forest fire with squirt guns!

  • AF JAG retired says:

    It’s infuriating that the British, French and Germans have been sending special forces into Kabul to bring out their people while our troops stay at the airport, presumably to show “good faith” to the Taliban. I see reports that 3 Chinooks have been sent in today. Maybe someone in Washington has some shame.

  • Joe R. says:

    I don’t think it’s braggadocio.

    If you could keep them in ammo, frags, water, and chow, 9 guys could get the job done.

    If one guy could Fup D.C., 9 guys could easily do Afghanistan.

    • GWB says:

      The difference between DC and Kabul is the ruthlessness of the guys in charge.
      Also, 9 guys probably couldn’t do it just because you only have so many hands to shoot with. The ratio would certainly be one for the books, though.

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