Reverend Pavlovitz Petulantly Demands Apology From Trump Voters [VIDEO]

Reverend Pavlovitz Petulantly Demands Apology From Trump Voters [VIDEO]

Reverend Pavlovitz Petulantly Demands Apology From Trump Voters [VIDEO]

The word for today is Petulantly. John Pavlovitz had a lovely little post that is kind of relevant here. I wonder if it would hurt him in the feels when I say that I truly find him pretentious and petulant. And since there are apologies referenced in this post, here is my apology. I am very sorry to my fellow Victory Girls for inflicting his derpery upon you. Yes, all snark is intentional. To Reverend Pavlovitz: you do not see yourself as others do, so hopefully you will read and, um, not be petulant and hateful but open to learning. Diversity is more than color or gender. It is thoughts and beliefs. And disagreeing while being civil. And being inclusive. Something we can all do better at. I know I can.

So the good reverend decided everyone who voted for Trump MUST apologize to his children. And for what? Well, I did not vote for Trump, but this sure is not going to change the hearts and minds of my family and friends who did vote for Trump. Petulant, ironically, is the best way to describe the rant. So here are his reasons and my responses:

You owe them an apology for making them grow up with a hateful, incompetent, petulant, predatory monster as their President.

It seems that you need to apologize to your kiddos for your party backing a terrible candidate in 2016. Otherwise, you look like a hateful jerk speaking petulantly. Sadly, you have valid points, but they are utterly lost in the venom and rage. And that is unfortunate.

For making them do “shooter drills” at school, because you’ve sanctioned a man who is fully in bed with the NRA, who removes barriers to mentally ill people getting guns, and who does nothing to prevent military weapon proliferation.

The term is lockdown or shelter in place and these started in 1999. Guess who was president back then? Hint: William Jefferson Clinton was until Jan 20, 2001. Now here is some history and a suggestion for a better way to handle active shooters. If you care about your kids, Reverend, you will surely present the ALICE model to their school administrators. Unless Mr. Pavlovitz does not love his children, too. And then he continues to, frankly, whine petulantly and lose any hope of his message being heard by anyone who is not his fellow traveler.

For the terrifying images of a crowd of emboldened, violent, torch wielding Nazis terrorizing a town—and of a President who coddled them afterward.

I hope that Reverend Palvovitz had just as much to say about “Antifa”? Antifa were as bad as the Citronella Nazis. So were their communist idols. But apparently bad stops at party lines? And it should not.

You’ve let my children down by thrusting them into an America that is far less secure, less compassionate, less decent, more fractured, and more violent than it was a year ago—and because that truth alters children immersed in it.

And life all too often sucks. How you respond is the important part. Part of parenting is raising resilient kids, right?

But lest you think this is just about me, about my family, about my children—be assured it is not.

Yes, you’ve surely failed my children with your vote, and more so with the way you’ve doubled down on the toxicity released over the past year—but you don’t owe an apology to them alone.

Somehow, I do not think the toxicity came from just one side. So when will you apologize for your side’s behavior, as well? Because your side failed the children of the world. And what tools do you have for parents to raise their kids?

You owe an apology to every child who has to spend their formative years in an America that is defined by:
fear of the other,
an epidemic of cruelty,
a poverty of decency,
a deadly allergy to facts,
a Christianity of coercion and malice,
a defiant resistance to diversity.

Again, the road to Trump was paved by Democrats AND Republicans. A question: What does the Reverend offer to counter these terrible things he lists? Does he want to include all points of view? Allow diverse people to sit at the table? And you are awfulizing a vote and pushing people further to the Trump camp.

I’m well aware of what your likely response to all this will be. I don’t imagine an apology will be forthcoming—so I’ll apologize to them on your behalf.

Then, I’ll spend every day living that apology.

I’ll remind my children your children and all children, that there are lots of adults who still believe that people are inherently valuable and stunningly beautiful—that not all adults fear brown people and gay people and foreigners and immigrants.

Painting Trump voters with a broad brush is really a bad idea. Most of them are not being racist slimeballs. Have you talked to them, not at them?

I’ll remind them that there are still people committed to the truth and to equality, and the richness found in diversity.

But will throw passive aggressive shade towards anyone who does not agree with you like a toddler, or a Trump Tweet? Acting petulantly is not going to help.

I’ll do my best to make them feel safe and loved and hopeful here, even on the days that I don’t.

Unless they even THINK of voting Republican, right?

I’ll even teach them to forgive people who fail and hurt them, because I know how difficult that it is right now.

And I’ll remind them that even when bad people are rewarded, doing the right thing is still the thing most worth doing.

The right thing is what? Does it mean teaching that character does not stop at political party lines? I hope so.

I’ll teach them that when hatred seems the most treasured currency, that love is still worth more than gold.

I’m just sorry that they have to live with something (and someone) far less than they deserve—and they didn’t have to.

I am heartbroken for Reverend Pavlovitz. By being the resistance, he is the very thing he accuses Trump followers of being. Non inclusive. Non diverse. And speaking petulantly and hatefully. So here is a teaching moment. This is how change happens. It starts with a civil conversation.

One day I walked into work and used a phrase my mom used to use: “Good morning sunshine.” My coworker was horrified and she quickly, politely informed me what the phrase meant to someone who is black. Change happened because people talked and listened. And agreed to respect each other. This is how you present your opinion and start change. You do not change hearts and minds by being a jackass. Your post will only deepen the divide. I am kind of disappointed that this is talk without action, Reverend.

I welcome you to say what you believe needs to be said in response, knowing that ultimately the truth is somewhere in the middle

The irony is, living this way might have made people like me listen. And would help him reach out to the lost and hurting. Even—gasp—Trump voters. Which is what the Great Commission demands, Reverend. See, not everything is political. Some things are just being people. And diversity means diverse opinions and lifestyles and religions. And Mr., I welcome you to say what you believe, but I want to challenge you: talk to a Trump fan and listen. Ask him or her why they like Trump, and listen. Be the better man. See, diversity without inclusion is not workable. The Red Shoe Movement has this to say:

The phrase cultural diversity can also refer to having different cultures respect each other’s differences.

This is written for employers to be diverse and inclusive, and, ironically, this applies to the blog post referenced.

We believe that as part of trying to answer what is cultural diversity, one should look at the meaning of “diversity.” The word “diversity” has replaced “minority” and it’s often used interchangeably with “multicultural” when referring to people of different race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. When you look at the wider interpretation of the word, “diversity” also refers to different types of thinking, world views, ways to look at a problem and find solutions, skill set, education, geographic upbringing, religion, and so on.

This works for churches, schools and even families. And allows people to learn and even change their minds and their opinions. But that means having difficult conversations. And dealing with people who do not walk away with the same opinion you do. So, Reverend, do you want to try and reach the non Trump voters who are not awfulizing? Or do you want to be angry and react petulantly and kind of whiny? Because there are a lot of people who would love a true middle way. If you want one, stop the hyperbole and let’s talk solutions. We at Victory Girls are waiting. We may even have cocoa and coffee. Because we all have to live here. Acting petulantly is not being a good neighbor or a good religious leader.

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  • The Egyptian says:

    how do you politely say “AW shove it up your ——s”?

  • Synova says:

    “Reverends” used to care about false witness.

  • Nina says:

    I feel very sorry for his children.

  • Brian Lichner says:

    I just do not understand people whose every waking moment of their life, their entire personal identity is wrapped up in who is the President at the moment. Outside of a couple percentage points in taxes, it means nothing to me.

  • Kalroy says:

    I’ve read this guys false teachings before. He’s the guy Paul warned us about.

  • Robbins Mitchell says:

    I think the “Reverend” must worship at the Church of Karl Marx’s D!ck

  • Bill Paisley says:

    Douche nozzel. Someone with that much hate in the pretending to be a servant of God…ummm, no.

  • Flying Dutchman says:

    I didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 and I have many points of disagreement with him. But if the Lefties keep at it with their little pissing contest, I just might in 2020.

    Is that the reaction you were going for, Rev?

    • Gail Boer says:

      I kind of wonder about that too. He makes a horrible case for the left and for any hope of common ground. If he is indeed a representative of the so called Resistance (he is their clergy) then all I can say is nope.

  • Micha Elyi says:

    The first page of Bing search results returns no insulting meaning for the phrase “Good morning sunshine”.

    I think it is well past time for people to stop nursing their racialist grievances.

    • SukieTawdry says:

      “Shine” is a long-standing pejorative for a black person. I guess they don’t want to hear it in any context. They probably didn’t like Oliver’s old hippy anthem “Good Morning Starshine” much either.

      • Barney says:

        I have just tried Google, and found nothing instructive on the first ten pages.

        Wikipedia has a page on a song called ‘Good Morning, Sunshine’, with no mention that the phrase has any untoward meaning.

        Hallmark has a line of dishes and so forth that say ‘Good Morning, Sunshine’ on them. Benjamin Moore has a paint color called ‘Good Morning Sunshine’. Teleflora has a standard floral arrangement called ‘Good Morning Sunshine’.

        In 2013, Slate ran an article about seasonal affective disorder with the headline ‘Good Morning, Sunshine!’, and none of the wokesters there has a peep to say about it in the comments.

        The evidence suggests that there is no even slightly widely understood racially coded meaning to the phrase ‘Good morning, sunshine’.

        • Gail Boer says:

          How about it pisses someone off that I actually respect and therefore using that phrase in that person’s company is wrong. Sort of like slamming down drinks in front of your buddy who just got their AA chip and cake for 4 years sober? Again it is about respecting the person who you are talking to. Might make more sense to you in that context.

    • Miriam says:

      I have also never heard anything racist about “Good morning sunshine.”

      But if we work it right, pretty soon we will have nothing to say to one another at all. 🙁

  • Scott says:

    Just a thought. While I enjoy your articles, reading them is a chore. Age, eyesight, all those kind of issues, you know. A bit more contrast would help. But i say this for the reverend’schildren, don’t you know.

    All of that being said, the rev appears to be a garden variety post-Christian kind of fellow. I switched over to his facebook page and saw his post about agnostics and athiests saving the church. Nothing about being converted or “saved” themselves. Plenty of attacks about the wrong kind of Christian, you know, concerned about sin and eternity, that kind of thing. Apparently the greatest sin is voting for Trump.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Will mention that to the group. Thanks! Yeah I noticed a disconnect from actually preaching the gospel or even living it on his page too.

  • Larry J says:

    Good article. I do have a comment about how you format quotes. Light gray text on a white background is hard to read on an iPad. Something with more contrast would be easier to read.

  • DJ says:

    Has anyone told Robin Meade of TV’s HLN about the “Good morning sunshine” being racist thing?

    She’s been using this as a cheery morning catchphrase (as it is usually intended) for over a decade.

  • Nathan says:

    I once emailed the “good” reverend and his response would make Jesus wince. The reverend is an angry man who is devoid of authentic compassion, sound reasoning and narrow in view.

  • AZ Jeff says:

    Reading this Reverend’s comments, I was reminded of John 8:44. Only God knows the content of people’s hearts, but based on this man’s fruit, I am fairly confident that his “father” is quite pleased.

  • Van Knutson says:

    I also apologize. And in 2020. I will owe you a second apology.

  • styrgwillidar says:

    My response to the “reverend” is a bit more succinct. I trust he is familiar with the phrase, “…and the horse you rode in on.”

  • The Rev. David R. Graham says:

    There is no reverence in that personality’s rant. And Gail, arguing with irreverence is not done. Ignore it or shoot it. Also, the style is The Rev., not Rev.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Thanks for the information! I do not have a great deal of respect for the truly vile Mr. Pavlovitz and apologize for comparing him with an actual Minister of the Gospel. I do pray for his soul though..

      • Gail Boer says:

        I can’t say shoot it but can dust of my sandals (although my feet find the idea of such shoes horrifying this time of year) on the doorstep of a Pavlovitz. 🙂

  • A. C. says:

    “You owe them an apology for making them grow up with a hateful, incompetent, petulant, predatory monster as their President.”

    Clearly, Pavlovitz is projecting his own character onto the presidency.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Noting he did not apologize for his party putting up an atrocious candidate or for Antifa but that would mean he would have to be an adult for once. I do not think Pavlovitz possesses that quality.

  • GWB says:

    incompetent … predatory monster

    Honestly, I don’t think you know what either of those words/phrases mean.

    who removes barriers to mentally ill people getting guns

    No, he hasn’t. Again, I think you don’t understand the words you are using.

    OK, I don’t have enough time to add to Gail’s fisking. I’ll just leave you with this paraphrase:
    “You keep using words. I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.”
    Or, you could just be a lying political hack bent on achieving power and subduing those who love true liberty.
    Either way, go pound sand.

  • RebecaH says:

    Gotcher apology right here, Rev.

  • My apology: “You’re welcome.”

  • MikeE says:

    Ah, he brings in the Left’s twin shibboleths of Equality and Diversity. Let me clue him in to something: Equality=Everybody’s the same, Diversity=Everybody’s different. Please reconcile in 100 words or less.

    • Gail Boer says:

      LOL! Diversity is having people who bring different experiences to the work group (work and Pavlovich are not well acquainted it appears but anyway) and equality? Equal rights yes but equality is about as realistic as my having a flying unicorn or predicting the numbers exactly for the Powerball (which sadly did not work).

  • GTB says:

    I’m going to take a page from the Left, and say I don’t like it when religious people attempt to force their own views on me.

  • Matt says:

    hey asshole, no one is “demanding” anything, that’s just how you authoritarians think I’m assuming. He said you “owe” that apology, because your little culture war temper tantrum over feeling “forgotten” and how stupid smart people you feel has permanently fucked our country. You owe my whole generation an apology for putting a toddler sociopath in charge of MY government (you don’t own it) who is daily burning down our world reputation and wants to return us to a recession. So suck it, traitor, just because you feel “disrespected” doesn’t mean you’re a victim, in fact the only person making you dipsh-ts culturally irrelevant (and your own temper tantrums) is YOU yourselves.

  • Matt says:

    acting like a petulant child by putting a toddler sociopath in charge of our government is neither Christian or political….the only people having temper tantrums are the white trash raging man children who expected magic from a known con artist and refused to listen to the rest of the world. Will never respect you because you have proven a liability to our national security and my generation’s future.

  • Matt says:

    when you actively fail to listen to the outside world, and ACTIVELY live in your own Fox News victim world to make yourself feel better, that’s not your “political opinion,” that’s your ignorance in understanding what people are protesting or even talking about. That is not your politics, you have made a choice not to listen to the real world.

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