Radicalized Gay Bigotry and Weekend Links

Radicalized Gay Bigotry and Weekend Links

What more can really be said about the “tolerant” left’s intolerance of mainstream Christian beliefs? The firestorm over Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson’s homosexuality comments is just the latest insult. Saying that homosexuality is a sin rests within Christianity’s mainstream orthodoxy of religious teaching and is not “hateful” or “hate speech”. (As a side note, thinking people understand the freaks at Westboro Baptist Church are NOT within Christianity’s mainstream orthodoxy.)

We’ve all heard the phrase “Freedom to worship as we please.” It’s part of liberty, a fundamental birthright, we as Americans are suppose to enjoy. And certainly while some folks, gay and straight, might not agree with Phil Robertson’s views on homosexuality, Robertson’s position was hardly a surprise to the feckless A&E. Their aggressive position on this seems to be based purely on pressure from the radicalized gay lobby. Frankly, anyone not living under a rock for the past few years has known that social conservatism and religion have been Duck Dynasty’s theme since the very popular show’s beginning. When Phil Robertson gave that now famous interview to GQ, the door for the radicalized gay lobby opened, and they went into high gear with their bullying and bigoted tactics.

Personally, I don’t care who you sleep with; “consenting adults” works for me. I don’t need or want more info, thanks. But for the radicalized gay lobby? That attitude doesn’t seem to be enough for them. They have a profound need to “feel accepted” by everyone, everywhere, doing everything. The radicalized gay lobby also feels the great need to persecute anyone who dares to disagree publicly with them. They want to punish folks, beat them into silence, destroy their livelihood — all in the name of “acceptance”. It seems to me that the radicalized gay lobby will NEVER stop doing these things and on THAT point, I care. A lot.

So a message from me to the the radicalized, brown-shirt wearing gay bigots and bullies:

We live in a free society with free speech and free religion. We still love and practice freedom here in America, in spite of Barack Obama. If someone disagrees with something someone else says or believes, they can certainly feel free to disagree with them. They can refuse to do business with them. They can threaten boycotts (which rarely work anymore, by the way) all they want. But – now pay attention, because this is important – what is NOT compatible with the principles of freedom is using official, or even semi-official, power to punish someone. You can’t use the government in retribution against someone who offended you (yes, that pesky 1st amendment thing!). You also can’t seek to destroy their employment or ability to live freely for saying or believing something with which you disagree. You should not be able to harass or destroy them for “displeasing” you or your agenda. Those things are simply not compatible with a genuinely free society. In fact, it’s the purest form of bigotry and bullying.

Yeah, I’m looking at you, gay lobby.

Doing these things undermines liberty, and liberty must be in place for a free society to exist. It’s just not that hard to understand, really, even for you. Watching you over the years, and especially during this Phil Robertson issue, I can only believe you aren’t interested freedom and liberty whatsoever. It doesn’t fit your agenda, does it? You care only about yourself. Frankly, you are an enemy of liberty.

Some say we’re doomed. Mark Steyn definitely says it best in my opinion: “we’re living in an age of intolerance, a pansified culture going nowhere”. Is the answer to getting along with a radicalized, bullying, bigoted gay lobby, “be nice, or else”? Must we embrace a cultural imperialism of any kind? Absolutely not! Phil Robertson has a master’s degree, was a college football star, is a man with a solid, steadfast faith, was an inventor and an entrepreneur, started his own business, became a millionaire and has a family who adores him. This country needs more Phil Robertsons and fewer of Obama’s moronic pajama boys.

And bullies? We all know how to deal with a bully… kick them in their gonads, hard. Repeat.

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  • Jen says:

    Read elsewhere this morning that Cracker Barrel, that bastion of health food, has removed all Duck Dynasty items from their little in -house stores that have a photo of Phil Robertson on it. Diversity and all, you know. They said officially they support all types of people, employees, etc. Except Phil Robertson and other Christians.

    • Kate says:

      Yeah. I read that too, Jen. I was stunned. hope the backlash is swift and sure.

    • Kate says:

      Jen are you on FB? Apparently, CB couldn’t take the pressure. This from their FB page:


      • ALman says:

        I wonder if they, and the rest of the reactionaries, realize how foolish they appear? You would think people who are associated with business and finance, who probably know it’s unwise to attempt to “time” the stock market, base their business and decisions on the vargarities of inflamed news reports. This in contrast to one like Hobby Lobby who are preapred to defend themselves and what they believe, even to the highest court in the land. Cracker Barrel plus A&E remain on my suspension list.

        (As an side, Sister Toldjah about the A&E line-up of programs. When some of them were first televised, I thought they might be a welcome change in programming. However, after reviewing the number of them, as well as content, I’m wondering whether there’s an overall, hidden agenda that isn’t as benign as it appears?)

  • We have empowered the permanently aggrieved by letting them engage in the fantasy that opposition = hatred, and/or evil. Even the SCOTUS has engaged in this linguistic alchemy, a fact correctly pointed out by a justifiably provoked Justice Scalia.

    It was past time for the reach of the Pink Swastikas to exceed their grasp, and it appears that this might just be their Waterloo.

    If true, then maybe we can return to true tolerance, rather than the ersatz version if it (tolerance is everything but the conflicting viewpoint) and real real diversity, rather than the cultural sledgehammer that goes beyond the error of believing that all cultures are equal to the illogic of proclaiming diversity while denouncing the worldview that made toleration of it possible in the first place.

    If that doesn’t transpire, we can always try dictionaries and history books. From altitude…

  • Dana says:

    Our esteemed hostess wrote:

    They have a profound need to “feel accepted” by everyone, everywhere, doing everything.

    I believe that you’ve missed it by a slight degree. It isn’t “acceptance” or “tolerance” they seek, but the defining of homosexuality as normal.

    That’s why civil unions or domestic partnerships were never good enough; those could provide all of the advantages accorded to married couples, but the word marriage was needed to make their relationships just as good, just as normal, as heterosexual ones.

    • Katie Little says:

      I agree with that, Dana. But it is also a true statement to say what she had said about them wanting to feel accepted and tolerated by everyone. Defining homosexuality as normal is just another facet to their agenda. It is a process, and I think Kate nailed it by saying they want to be accepted, which denotes the ideas that through acceptance it becomes “normal”. Great post Kate! You nailed it perfectly 🙂

    • Kate says:

      “they seek, but the defining of homosexuality as normal.”

      yep, dana!

  • Jodi G. says:

    Kaboom! Nailed it!

    And speaking your mind matters. Right, Cracker Barrel?

  • GWB says:

    One of the prime issues with homosexuality as a perversion is successful translation of it into an identity issue. One of the prime arguments that Christians make is that God loves the sinner while hating the sin. However, the homosexual lobby has turned the act/desire of homosexuality into something about who I am, rather than what I do.

    So, when the Christian stresses that God hates the sin, and that homosexuality is a sin, the homosexual activist screams, “See?! You’re saying God hates me! And God don’t make no junk!” Because, to him, the perversion is the self. It’s the entire reason for the search to make ‘gayness’ something innate or inborn – because that would confirm (in their minds) beyond any doubt that it is an identity issue.

    There are numerous arguments in rebuttal to this, but it’s important to realize the tables have been turned. You can still win, but the house odds have gone way up because the game is rigged.

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