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Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

I guess there’s just too many of us frumpy, unenlightened, hickish tourists crowding Manhattan for the elitist snobs, according to Nancy Coyne, a Broadway advertising executive:

Speaking about the devastating effect the economy has had on Broadway, Coyne told the Times: “The good news is that so many straight plays are now coming in the spring, and I think New Yorkers will come out for them once the tourists go away. We’re horrible snobs. We hate tourists from Cleveland.”

She’s, of course, rapidly backpedaling now, but come on. It’s just further confirmation of what we already knew, right?

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  • The Old Man says:

    And rest assured we Clevelanders aren’t going to sprinkle any holiday cash on NY,NY visiting their elitist asses. Been there once to visit the Intrepid – and have zero desire to go back.
    Watch out for falling stockbrokers….

  • MadKalnod says:

    Not to defend the snotty NYC elitists, but I do advise some personal sin audits before casting too many stones. I think it was Dave Barry who once wrote that the one thing that unites all races, colors, and creeds of humanity is that everyone, no matter where they are, hates tourists.

    Here in Atlantic City, NJ, even though tourism is our only industry to speak of, we have long referred to tourists by the derogatory epithet “Shoobies” (so named for the shoe boxes in which day-trippers brought their lunches to the beach back in Ye Olden Dayes), and are generally loathed for clogging up traffic, stealing the parking space in front of your house, and generally acting like they own the place. In your head, you know they’re keeping the town solvent in the summer; but in your heart you just want them to get the Frak out of your way.

  • Larry Sheldon says:

    I dunno about the folks from Clevland, but this ex-pat Californian-in-Nebraska doesn’t go to New York except under duress.

    When visiting daughter I am frequently uncomfortable, when I drove a truck, they had to pay me extra to go to Manhattan. Some drivers and some companies won’t go.

  • Larry Sheldon says:

    I wonder why that is–hate all the tourists.

    Especially when they directly pay your wages, like when Nancy Reid (or was it Hairy Pelosi?) said tourists stink, literally.

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