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Just a quick reminder

For all of you who are on Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter — I am on all of those things as well! So, feel free to add me. Here is:

My Facebook; and my Myspace; and you can also follow me on Twitter, where, by the way, I’m updating throughout the day. So, please feel free to add or follow me. If you aren’t on Twitter, I highly recommend you join. TONS of great bloggers are on Twitter now, and it’s a great way to follow your favorites and keep abreast of what’s going on each day.

Back to regular blogging now!

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  • physics geek says:

    Already following you on Twitter, as you well know. I dropped you a line about Facebook because I’m quite careful to not let my blog ID bleed over into real life. I feel a bit life what Stephen King called his alter ego Richard Bachman (I’ll paraphrase and probably still get it wrong): “Physics Geek is me without a conscience”.

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