Prepare yourselves for the coldest winter in a decade

Prepare yourselves for the coldest winter in a decade

Those of you on the eastern seaboard had better prepare yourselves and check your heaters, because meteorologists are predicting the coldest winter in a decade. This is thanks to a weaker-than-normal El Nino, which typically means a colder and snowier winter:

The U.S. Northeast may have the coldest winter in a decade because of a weak El Nino, a warming current in the Pacific Ocean, according to Matt Rogers, a forecaster at Commodity Weather Group.

“Weak El Ninos are notorious for cold and snowy weather on the Eastern seaboard,” Rogers said in a Bloomberg Television interview from Washington. “About 70 percent to 75 percent of the time a weak El Nino will deliver the goods in terms of above-normal heating demand and cold weather. It’s pretty good odds.”

Warming in the Pacific often means fewer Atlantic hurricanes and higher temperatures in the U.S. Northeast during January, February and March, according to the National Weather Service. El Nino occurs every two to five years, on average, and lasts about 12 months, according to the service.

… “It could be one of the coldest winters, or the coldest, winter of the decade,” Rogers said.

Oil traders have now stockpiled heating oils to the highest level in 27 years. But does this mean that global warming alarmists will perhaps finally start getting the hint and perhaps back off the myth? Of course not — and noted meteorologists politicians John Kerry and Barbara Boxer are busy introducing a bill that will impose further emissions controls on the energy industry in the name of global warming. This will do nothing more than prolong the recession and make energy prices higher for average Americans, but what do they care? It’s for global warming. One would think that if the Earth were, in fact, warming that El Nino would be stronger this year instead of weaker, but SSSSHHH… they don’t know that we’ve gone eleven years without any warming at all. It’s not like politicians are likely to care though. They can use global warming as an excuse to pass all kinds of liberal-friendly legislation.

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  • WayneB says:

    On top of this, the Jet Stream has moved farther South than normal. The last time this happened, we had blizzards in the midwest.

  • BobV says:

    So if I trip and fall on ice, because I was unprepared after assuming the world would be getting steadily hotter, can I sue al gore for some of that inconvenient truth money?

  • Stephen J. says:

    “What we want is a patient so haunted by memories of a dreadful past, or so terrified by visions of a ghastly future, that he will gladly commit atrocities in the present if only he can be convinced that by so doing he will somehow make amends for the one or forestall the other.”

    –Screwtape the Devil (from C.S. Lewis’ THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS), on one of the best ways to get people to screw up their present: make them afraid of the future, despite the self-evident truth that nobody can predict it very well.

  • Cylar says:

    Cue the global-warming alarmists angrily insisting that there is a difference between “weather” and “climate” in 3…2…1…..

  • Cylar says:

    Ah, ah, ah, Cassy.

    The term du jour is now “climate change.” That means that any variation in temperature is now attributable to human activity, not just warming.

    Did you see “The Day After Tomorrow?” The glaciers melt so that NYC floods, then the movie features a blizzard so fierce that the entire planet freezes. Supposedly this is the future that awaits us if we don’t stop driving SUV’s.

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