More schools indoctrinating your children

More schools indoctrinating your children

More schools indoctrinating your children

Out of Sand Hill – Venable Elementary School, we get yet another creepy indoctrination video. And I can’t decide which is creepier — these kids singing to Obama or these kids chanting to him.

I think the video of the kids singing wins by a narrow margin, but only because of the deifying of Obama in that video. Either way, both videos are disturbing.

It’s one thing for kids to be taught respect towards the president. That’s just basic civics. It’s one thing to teach kids that the president is nice and patriotic. That’s perfectly fine with me too. But when you’re teaching children the specific campaign slogans the president used, you’re crossing the line. I mean, the kind of stuff they’re coaching these kids to say — “Don’t worry, Obama will be your bridge” — is going beyond basic civics and respect toward the president and is getting into worship territory. And this was apparently done at a PTA meeting, which makes me wonder how many parents are pissed about this. I’ve already put in a call to the principal of the school, although I’ve yet to hear back from her. I’m sure she’ll say simply no more than the usual lame denials. The intentions may even be innocent enough, but indoctrinating children with government propaganda can’t be excused just because of “good intentions”.

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  • Mat says:


    When I wondered aloud in the “Indoctrination, Part 1” about how many schools are doing this that we’re not seeing, I didn’t expect such a quick response. Again, and these are just the schools that we know about…

  • ModDem says:

    How did you feel about the Katrina song that praised FEMA and Bush?

    How do you feel about the movie ‘Jesus Camp’ where kids praise a cardboard cutout of Bush? It is pretty creepy.

    Indoctrination is nothing new. And it can be disturbing. But at least admit both sides play the game.

  • Mat says:


    Seriously, can you just try to actually make a case once in a while?

    Jesus camp isn’t the public education system. If someone wants to do that on their private time, they can do so.

    As for Katrina, that was an Easter Egg hunt at the White House. I think that was a pretty select group of kids going to that.

    Again, try to build up your case with legitimate responses next time. But thanks for trying!

  • JerryT says:

    “Video has been removed by the user.” Stranger than fiction.

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