Poll: Hamas Would Sweep Gaza Elections if Held Today

Poll: Hamas Would Sweep Gaza Elections if Held Today

To those looking for evidence of those poor Palestinians that really just want to live in peace…here’s a news flash for you.  They aren’t innocent and they don’t want peace.  Just ask them.

Militant group Hamas would sweep Palestinian elections if they were held today after its support soared during seven weeks of war with Israel in Gaza, an opinion poll published on Tuesday found.

The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research said the poll showed Islamists clearly leading presidential and parliamentary polls for the first time since Palestinans last voted eight years ago, when Hamas won power in Gaza.

Most Palestinians surveyed said they preferred Hamas’s strategy of armed struggle against Israel rather than peace negotiations, which are favored by Fatah, once the dominant Palestinian political movement and one backed by the West.


Take note of that.  Palestinians preferred the war.  They preferred the rockets, and the constant strife and violence.  They preferred that they teach their children to murder Israelis.  It’s all they know and all they want.  Even now, after seven weeks of getting their butts handed to them by Israel—who, by the way, is showing an incredible amount of restraint, considering their actual capability—they still just want more war.

Perhaps Israel should grant their wish, and just take care of the problem once and for all.

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