More Than 30 Teen Convicts Escape TN Detention Center, 17 Still At Large

More Than 30 Teen Convicts Escape TN Detention Center, 17 Still At Large

Heads up, Tennessee:  Over thirty incarcerated juveniles at a Nashville detention center escaped yesterday by crawling under the fence.  As of 0300 EST this morning, 17 of them are still loose, and teens held at that facility have committed at least three felonies, so these are not exactly the type of kids you want anywhere near you or your family.

“Apparently they were able to find a weak spot at the bottom of the fence and they were able to go underneath it,” Johnson told the Times.

Two juveniles were found right away and others were found throughout the night, Johnson said.

Metro police, children’s services and Tennessee Highway Patrol continue to search for the teens still at-large.

“They’re urging anyone who might see any of these kids to call law enforcement to apprehend them,” Johnson said.

Besides the obvious problem of felons loose from prison, the deeper problem is obvious: teenagers who already have three felonies or more on their record.  It is truly a sad state of affairs when our nation’s children are committing felonies…with no repercussions besides being confined with others just like them until they’re 18.  That way, they learn how to get better, how to get more violent…and then at 18 or 21, they get released back into society.  It’s no wonder so many juvenile offenders end up being career criminals.

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