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Planned Parenthood: Celebrate motherhood by helping us destroy it!

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Planned Parenthood: Celebrate motherhood by helping us destroy it!

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I’m sure most of you spent it with your mothers or remembering them if they’ve passed. Maybe you gave flowers or chocolates or just spent some time with her. Maybe you gave donations to Planned Parenthood in her honor.

Wait, what?

It’s a little difficult for people who were victims of abortion to purchase their mother a gift for Mother’s Day this weekend. But Planned Parenthood apparently thinks moms want donations made to the abortion business in their name from those lucky enough to not have been aborted themselves.

Cecile Richards, the president of the largest abortion business in the nation, sent out Planned Parenthood’s annual Mother’s Day fundraising missive today.

“It’s almost Mother’s Day … and if you have a mother in your life who’s anything like me or my mom (the late Texas Governor Ann Richards), then you know nothing would make her happier than a gift that represents bold and compassionate values. Like a gift in her honor to Planned Parenthood Federation of America,” she writes.

“We’ve made it quick and easy — and we’ve even made it pretty,” Richards adds. “Honor a mother in your life with a gift to Planned Parenthood. [It’s] a gift your loved one will appreciate — and remember.”

You can see an image of the “pretty” card and the e-mail here. This isn’t the first time Planned Parenthood has exploited Mother’s Day. I’m sure it won’t be the last. Still, it’s grotesque. Thanks, Mom, for not aborting me — now I’m going to donate to Planned Parenthood in your name now so that thousands upon thousands of mothers can butcher their children! Celebrate the life your mother gave you by giving a donation in her name so that some other woman can deny her child life!

It really is astounding that an organization that profits off of robbing women of motherhood would actually try to use Mother’s Day as a fundraising tool. It’s not surprising, but it’s offensive and ridiculous nonetheless. Donating to Planned Parenthood in honor of Mother’s Day is like celebrating Martin Luther King Day by donating to the KKK.

Abortion is an awful, terrible tragedy, and giving donations to help fund them honors no one, and especially not mothers.

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  • Unlike you, a human says:

    I am speechless at your ignorance and stupidity. It’s called PLANNED parenthood, not NO parenthood…

  • Monica says:

    Planned Parenthood provides reasonoably-priced healthcare to women for a reasonable price, including pap smears and birth controls pills. We’re all paying for your health care now that you’re a Marine wife. You shouldn’t begrudge health care to other women, and I’d be proud to receive a donation to Planned Parenthood as a Mother’s Day gift.

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