Pelosi As Mask Fashionista? The Heck You Say!

Pelosi As Mask Fashionista? The Heck You Say!

Pelosi As Mask Fashionista? The Heck You Say!

Madam Speaker, she of the $12/pint gourmet ice cream in $25,000 worth of freezers is featured as a leading fashionista of 2020 what with her coordinating her masks with outfits. Hell, no.

First Lady Melania Trump is summarily ignored by all the style mavens, but Nancy Pelosi is gushingly touted as a fashion leader of 2020 for masks.

Pelosi regularly matches her masks to her outfits, often choosing face coverings in punchy colors and prints. Her mask-clad ensembles are not only a way of showing that the cloth accessories can be both fashionable and functional, but they also make a political statement.


Pelosi’s bold masks show that she stands in line with expert guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I don’t know what line Pelosi is standing in, but she only cares about masks when she knows the cameras are actually on. Let’s ignore that the cloth masks may not live up to the current hype (and let’s ignore how St. Fauci poo-pooed them early-on), but this puff-piece has a more than safety in mind. This is about normalizing mask wearing. Even the exclusive Washington, D.C., boutique where Pelosi has scored many of her masks lists them not as medically sound but as an ode to safetyism

Screenshot of Donna Lewis Mask Shop

“A Safe Life Reimagined”?? Well, that sounds like the upscale D.C. crowd considers the masking of Americans as the new normal. It’s not as if we haven’t been bombarded for months by media with article after article on how our LIFE HAS CHANGED FOREVAH!! but this idea of safety-at-all-costs is dangerous. In a free society where we interact with fellow citizens in the public square, this move to make people anonymous has real-life consequences.

As San Francisco is finding out, no one can begin to figure out who is a customer and who is a criminal. Just like anonymity has increased rude and obnoxious behavior in social media, so the same kind of behavior is on the increase in public settings. Go ahead, Ms. Leftwing Fashionista, scream at the 80 year-old granny who isn’t fast enough to get out of your way in the supermarket’s chips-and-crackers aisle. She won’t recognize you if you bump into her again.

Bonus, granny is now going to think twice about going out in public if she can be harassed at will with no consequences for the harasser. What politicians like Nancy Pelosi want is a compliant populace, a fearful citizenry and if it gives license to the worst impulses of some? Hey, Leftists have got to make that socialist omelet any way they can.

And I cannot begin to fathom what a year or more of such mandates are going to do to children. How much damage are we doing to youngsters still figuring out how to successfully navigate human interaction by depriving them of human facial expressions? What long term physical harm are we doing by restricting oxygen content to developing brains, especially during strenuous play?

I certainly don’t blame people for wearing masks of any design. However, we should never allow them to be mere fashion or something we’ve settle on as the new normal.

In the meantime, I’ll make my own political statement on how I feel about masks-as-fashion. That’s me in the lead picture and, yes, I’ve even worn that mask on an airplane.

Pelosi as fashionista? Sorry, Business Insider spelled fascist wrong.

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  • GWB says:

    I don’t know what line Pelosi is standing in
    Oh, please, she never stands in line. She’s SotH!

    “A Safe Life Reimagined”
    Thanks, but I’ll take a dangerous life, instead. I’d rather die knowing I’d lived than waste away desperately trying to stay alive as long as I can.

    That’s me in the lead picture
    Oh no! You didn’t! *smh*

  • Quentin-Q Quill says:

    Hmmm. Do you think a man would be likely to get in trouble if we wore a mask with vagina grahpics while he was on a plane? I think he likely would get some negative feedback. Your mask isn’t shocking, but it is juvenile and inconsiderate that you’d wear it on a plane. I’m sure there are people who don’t want to see images of uirinating and/or ejuaculating penises when they are in public spaces.Have you always been a creep or did you work hard to achieve creepy old lady status?

  • Senhorbotero says:

    I second your comment Quentin. I just found this site and in encountering this Stupid mask image I have decided that if this is any indication of who writes for it then they are not the solution they are part of the problem. Is there no one left for whom culture matters in this country any longer. We are now a nation of nasty children.

  • To actually see the graphics on the pictured mask, one would be in violation of the 6′ rule for social distancing.

    As for offended…. gosh. I have to explain to my kids why Justin Bieber is licking whipped cream off a woman’s naked nipple on the COVER of Rolling Stone… Offensive. Why the check out line has Cosmo cover advice giving “best oral sex ever, BLOW his mind”…. completely offensive. Actors portraying teenagers who are having sex, drinking, using drugs, on commercial public access TV (WB anyone?!)… completely offensive.

    The media and FBI ignoring Hunter Biden’s dabbling in incest and illegal activities…. beyond offensive.

    But please. Let’s overlook the most offensive assault on individualism to impact this country in generations, because the print is full of peni.


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