Our Nation Is Under Attack And We Are Losing

Our Nation Is Under Attack And We Are Losing

Our Nation Is Under Attack And We Are Losing

Last night, I was angry and depressed. All the news on television revolved around the Democrats’ latest attempt to impeach our President. Then, this morning, I woke up to news that another police officer had been murdered. A trailblazing Sikh became the 32nd officer killed this year. This came during a week in which a screeching teenager lectured the Western world, students left class to protest, and morons blocked traffic in Washington, D.C. forcing cars to sit idling and polluting the air. All in the name of climate change. And, I thought to myself, this is the end. Our Nation is under attack and we are losing.

I truly believe this could be the end. I am by nature, not exactly an optimist, more of a tenacious type. I don’t give up easily. But, right now, every important area of our Nation is under attack. Our sovereignty, the rule of law, the economy, the education of our children, our health, our right to self-protection, and life itself. And, the Democrats and Never Trumpers are rubbing their power-greedy, little claws with glee. These short-sighted, shit brains are happy to destroy the rest of us in their rush to rid themselves of a man who doesn’t play by THEIR rules.

These cretins are destroying our sovereignty by not securing our borders. All of our borders. Without borders, we have no country at all. I am not just talking about the Southern border. By sovereignty, I mean, immigration. We must carefully vet every one who wants to come into our Nation.

Highly related to our sovereignty is the rule of law. I am talking about basic street-level rule of law. Thirty-two polices officers have been murdered so far this year. Many more are being assaulted with water, milkshakes and rocks. By denigrating the street cop and other first responders, such as our border patrol agents, those on the left have given free reign to the criminal element among us.

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attack our economic freedom on a daily basis. Bernie Sanders attacks Capitalism. Elizabeth Warren attacks Wall Street. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced her “A Just Society” legislation this week. It’s just Socialism with a glittery bow, as Victory Girls’ Nina wrote.

Our children are not being educated. They are being indoctrinated. It’s not just about climate change. Even back in the olden days when I was in school, we were taught that the United States was at fault for most of the ills in the world and that Capitalism was bad. How can any country to continue to exist when the youth are taught that that country is bad. Our children are being taught not to think. Just obey.

Our Nation’s health is under attack from multiple sources. Our pharmaceutical companies are vilified, while they make the drugs that save our lives. Anti-vaxxers endanger, not only their own children, but anyone with a compromised immune system. Our porous borders and the open-borders crowd, allow in those who are already sick with deadly diseases. We need an Ellis Island-type vetting system. And, yes, some families may need to be separated. Finally, Democrat run cities are allowing public urination and defecation, public drug use with free needles, and tent cities that invite medieval diseases, such as the plague.

The Second Amendment is under attack with gun-grabbers like Beto O’Rourke, which means we lose our right to self-protection. And, the worse plague ever on our land is abortion, which denies the most basic right, that of life, to our most vulnerable.

The coming Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump are really the declaration of war against those of us who voted for him. This whole Trump/Ukraine thing is bull excrement. The “whistleblower” is an office gossip. Trump didn’t ask Velensky to interfere in the 2020 election. He asked him to investigate the 2016 election, Crowdstrike and the Bidens. Biden is not the 2020 Democrat candidate and is unlikely to be.

Our Nation is worth saving. Old John Wayne has it exactly right.

Call it corny, call it jingoistic or call it nationalistic. I love this Nation. I will fight for this Nation. But, I fear we are losing. Those we elected to serve us are either against us or spineless weasels. Please change my mind, someone?

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  • Andrea Silver says:

    When you listen to the enemy you will get depressed. I know, it’s your job.

  • NC says:

    Nice work Toni!!

  • Scott says:

    I wish I could find something to argue with in your post Toni, but sadly, I can’t…

  • Tainted Canker says:

    I’m really glad you wrote this.

    When I was young, in the 70’s and 80’s the mainline church leaders, not to mention the conservative organizations, were saying we were losing our way. I looked at the church teachings and could not buy into them so I walked away from the explicit spiritual life.

    Funny how things turn around. Through listening to hundreds of hours of Jordan Peterson’s lectures, I have come to see the Christian Example as an archetype set that is the best ever (however many failings it has) found to resonate among humans for the betterment of everyone. So I am still not a declared christian yet I believe we need the christian teachings more than any other need.

    At the same time I am seeing those who go to no church turn environmental concerns into a religious cult. I see those who clamor for a robbing of the wealthy (that, by doing the math will not end well) showing a preference for full-on leftist totalitarianism and I am now more afraid of watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) than pretty much any other fruit-like organization.

    The world is more than arguably a better place for the USA to have led the world for the past 100 years. People in every country are doing much better than ever before. Yet the picture painted is one of horrible injustice and this injustice becomes an excuse for people to act badly and against one another. I have the same fears as you and as those old mainline christians from 40 years ago.

    I am thinking that we will all need to get into another calamity before the dangerous new religions of non-religion will become forced to be realistic.

    On the plus side are 500 million firearms in the USA. This guarantees that the State cannot come for everyone and force compliance.

    Also, local and state government, as Madison intended, allow us to work out our differences at different levels for different issues.

    Our biggest problem is Cronyism. Whatever we can do to rip that out of the system we will be better off. It won’t be easy.

    I suggest that instead of worrying about falling apart, we start thinking about how the US federal government will eventually default and we work on ways to make it a peaceful default.

  • As Theodore Sturgeon once put it, the critical need is to ask the next question. Once we have agreed that the U.S. is under attack from within by persons determined to destroy it, the next question is: What is the appropriate response?

    What is the appropriate response to being attacked by morally unconstrained would-be dictators that fully and openly intend out destruction?

    No partial credit!

    • Kathy says:

      One of my favorite John Wayne patriotic clips.

      I believe that most folks are quietly going through their lives, doing their best in the noise from the media. I’m also seeing quite a few cutting that noise out of their lives in favor of better information sources, such as Victory Girls.

      I tend to be optimistic and pray that good will come out on top. I’m trying to be patient because we didn’t get in this mess overnight, so improvement won’t happen overnight either. There are good people working on it. Patience, patience, patience – it’s so hard.

  • Michael G. Gallagher says:

    If the Demomarxists win in 2020, think Digital 1776 for 2021 and 2022, no guns required.

  • Charles N. Steele says:

    Dwight Eisenhower wrote (“Crusade In Europe”) that when he assumed command in 1942 there was no reason to think the Allies could win. The Axis was victorious everywhere it had fought and controlled most of Europe and much of Asia. He immediately imposed the rule “Any expression of defeatism or any failure to push ahead in confidence was instant cause for relief from duty, and all officers knew it.”

    Toni (and everyone else), it is vital we not become despondent. The nihilist left’s most effective weapon is sapping their opponents’ will and strength; they have little else to offer. They’ve abandoned reason and real values; there’s not much left for them but to try to confuse and demoralize. We shouldn’t let this happen to us.

    It’s hard. We’re in another of Thomas Paine’s “times that try men’s souls.” I try to be conscious of this and think always about how to spread truth and confound our leftist opponents than worry too much about what they are doing; I’d rather have them be the despondent ones. And I try to retain perspective — it’s too easy to focus only on bad news. And do not forget that in the end, God is in charge.

  • Brent Papworth says:

    “…even the very wise cannot see all ends.”

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