Obama’s Regret: You Loved Me Too Much [VIDEO]

Obama’s Regret: You Loved Me Too Much [VIDEO]

Obama’s Regret: You Loved Me Too Much [VIDEO]

Every time I wonder about the narcissism of Donald Trump and his ability to bring everything back around to himself, Barack Obama then pops up to remind me that he truly was the master at making everything about him. It was just that the media let him get away with it.

And while the press is covering Obama’s message to Democrats in Politico today

… there is this little moment where Obama laments that the Democrats just loved him too much.

Oh. My.

That’s really it. Obama understands why he was adored, but the Democrats need to move on… and he’s so disappointed that they are too in love with him to do that.

No comment from Hillary Clinton on this, but it’s okay. Chris “we don’t root for a side” Cizzilla is still carrying a torch for Obama, and he’s not afraid to show his love.

By all means, keep on idealizing Obama, Cizzilla.

And Democrat leadership is only too happy to continue the lovefest.

The 22nd Amendment would like a word with the DNC.

Also, the Resistance seems to have lost their narrative.

Burn. No one tell her that the Democrats have been able to quit her, but not Obama.

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  • Scott says:

    Well, the deomnrats sure as hell deserve that jackass, I’m just wondering what the rest of us did that was so bad that WE deserved 8 years of his BS…

  • Chupacabra's Taco Wagon says:

    The arrogant mosquito was floating on a piece of driftwood…as it drifted closer to the drawbridge the mosquito shouted out that he had a hard on and that the drawbridge needed to be raised.

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