Obama can’t even plant a tree without making it a photo op

Obama can’t even plant a tree without making it a photo op

In 1889, Benjamin Harrison planted a scarlet oak tree on the north lawn of the White House. In 2007, it was split in half by a storm and fell. Last year, President Bush tried to plant a new scarlet oak, but it didn’t take and tree experts recommended planting a sturdier tree. So, President Obama decided to plant a tilden tree. But, leave it to our macho-man president to only do the work necessary to capture a photo op… and to be afraid of getting his shoes dirty.

The 25-foot Tilden Tree, hailing from New Jersey, was already in the ground near from the northeast side of the White House gate on the North Lawn when the President walked down the driveway in a full suit, and onto a small carpet to shield his shoes from the mud.

White House Usher Admiral Stephen Rochon and Dale Haney, superintendent of grounds, helped the President shift dirt with small gold shovels from a small pile sitting next to the tree to the hole around the tree which had not been filled in yet.

“That’s my tree, that’s a nice looking tree,” the President said noting that his grounds superintendent told him it would be grow to be a good-sized tree, “that’s a nice looking tree, don’t you think?”

Using a gold shovel used at two prior tree plantings during the Bush administration, Mr. Obama only shoveled nine shovels full of dirt, barely making a dent in the hole that needed to be filled, and noted that the photo-opt wasn’t really a proper demonstration of the work that really needed to be done to plant a tree.

“This is a little easier than it should be,” Obama said to press, “although I probably could not lift this on my own.”

Um, what kind of man is afraid to get his freakin’ shoes dirty? What kind of man can’t shovel a few piles a dirt?


A prior tree planting featuring President Obama, standing back and letting everyone else do the work, even his wife.

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  • TJ says:

    Well, this is not a real shocker here. I mean, he’s certainly done enough “dirty work” with all that community organizing …. OK, I am gonna shut up now.

  • TXMarko says:

    Hahahaha! Look at that “go to hell” look Michelle is giving him!!

    It looks like she wants to hit him over the head with that shovel!

    President Prissypants wears gloves but cant get his shoes dirty?

    This would be comedy gold if he wasn’t the supposed leader of the free world….

  • sgtdmski says:

    The same kind that can’t make a decision, has no problem telling the American people one thing, meanwhile hoping that Congress ignores him and does exactly what he has always wanted, i.e. healthcare.

  • proof says:

    Tony Rezko predug and partially filled the hole before Barama got there with the tree.

  • Cassy, Cassy, Cassy. Are you telling him he’s holding the shovel wrong? Or that it’s a socialist shovel? He’s cleaning up the mess he inherited. Go help out. Grab a shovel.

  • Rob Moscato says:

    Oh The President is good at throwing dirt. Just not with a shovel.

  • CaptDMO says:

    “That’s my tree.”?
    Show me the receipts for it. As well as the receipts for transporting it, and the taxed pay stubs for the labor that planted it. I expect all these to appear on your personal credit card.
    Transparency demands these documents. Freedom Of Information Act grants me entitlement to them.

    One would think that with such a sordid history of trying to transplant unsuitable foreign species on the lawn of the White House, the current tenant would have planted the seed of a time honored tree that more suitably reflects his policy for “change”, and has been symbolically been framed as the Liberty Tree for the country.

    Oh, wait…I forgot.
    That whole usurped acorn meme proved to be a bit disingenuous for the current tenant with the Chicago “community activist” resume, as well as the majority of the appointed company he keeps around him.

    Of course, I could be wrong…

  • CaptDMO says:

    Dang, Warner Todd Houston (et. al.)
    already covered this. (via. RightWingNews.com)
    So much for my weekend website catch-up attention span.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Ur, can um… SOMEBODY fix the link above?

  • BobV says:

    Upon witnessing his brilliant and novel usage of “holes” and “shovels” that allowed for major breakthroughs in tree-growing technology 14 seperate universities awarded our great leader honorary PhDs in arboriculture.

  • POWinCA says:

    Jimmy Carter has done more hard labor than this pansy.

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