Levi Johnston: I’m taking Sarah Palin to court

Levi Johnston: I’m taking Sarah Palin to court

Levi Johnston: I’m taking Sarah Palin to court

With this kid, the good times just keep on coming and coming.

After allegations that she called her son Trig retarded, Levi drops another bombshell: he wants to take Sarah Palin to court.

Levi Johnston, 19, who had a son called Tripp with Mrs Palin’s eldest daughter Bristol, has been considering legal action for months but now says it is “inevitable” and that Mrs Palin is preventing him from seeing the boy.

A court case over Tripp, during which Mr Johnston may make damaging allegations about Mrs Palin, could hamper any hopes she harbours of running for the White House in 2012.

“I’m up to the point where I can’t see my kid again. I’m done. I’m sure we’ll end up in court,” Mr Johnston said in an interview with The Guardian today. “We’re definitely going to court. They started letting me see him and everything was fine. But everything got bad again. So I said screw them. Bristol listens to her mom. Sarah says something, Bristol is going to follow.”

Mr Johnston said there had been periods when he was able to see Tripp about once a week but at other times he has had almost no contact. He last saw his son several weeks ago, he said.

… In one withering assessment of the former Alaska Governor he claimed that she was selfish and, in contrast to her public image, did not fish or know how to use her own gun.

There was further embarrassment for Mrs Palin this month when the man who was nearly her son-in-law announced that he will be posing nude for Playgirl magazine.

Mrs Palin’s lawyer, Thomas Van Flein, said Mr Johnston was “always welcome” to visit his son.

Doesn’t know how to use a gun? I’m pretty sure this video shows otherwise:

I’d like to see Levi Johnston do that. In any case, it’s really irrelevant. The real question here is, should Levi Johnston be taking Sarah Palin to court? Does he have a case?

If he can prove that the Palins have been barring access to his son, then yes, he has a case. I, however, find that highly unlikely. Bristol has stayed home, in Alaska, raising their son. Levi Johnston, on the other hand, went out and got himself an agent and a manager and boyguards. He’s been jet-setting across the country to be on TV shows and give interviews with tabloid magazines. Perhaps if Levi spent a little bit more time focusing on his family, rather than his new Hollywood career, he wouldn’t be finding himself shut out of his son’s life. What does he expect Bristol to do? Fly Tripp out to Los Angeles or New York to have a custody visit with Levi every weekend?

Levi Johnston is Tripp’s father, and of course he should share custody with Bristol. He should be allowed to see his son, and if the Palins are not allowing him to see Tripp, then I would agree that they are in the wrong. I just don’t believe it, and even if they did, I’d kind of feel like they’d have a good reason for it anyway. It wouldn’t excuse it, but it’s understandable. Levi has made all kinds of damaging allegations against the Palins. He’s trashed them all over the country, on TV and in magazines and newspapers. And on top of that, he’s posing fully nude in Playgirl, for chrissakes. If they were keeping him from seeing Tripp, it would be understandable (albeit still wrong). I just personally think that it’s more likely that Levi hasn’t been trying to see his son as much as he probably should have been, and is using it as an excuse to try to hurt the Palins further.

As the article states, a nasty custody case would only hurt Sarah Palin’s chances in 2012. And even if she isn’t running for president in the next election, it still would trash the way the public sees her. Levi knows that. I bet he’s counting on it. He’s not doing this out of love for his son, he’s doing it for his own gain and because he’s got some stupid vendetta against the Palins.

I keep asking this every time I write about him, but honestly — can he sink any lower? I’m sure he can, and if we give it a few days I’ll bet we’ll see him sink a little bit lower yet again.


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  • GS says:

    I absolutely despise the way that the Guardian couched this.

    “… In one withering assessment of the former Alaska Governor”

    “There was further embarrassment for Mrs Palin”

    How is any of this on her? Shouldn’t the embarrassment belong to the kid who’s clearly operating a few fans short of a windmill, preparing to pose nude in a magazine that (I hope) he thinks chicks peruse, and shown himself to have little to no self-control when it comes to the spotlight? I hate this kid.

    By the by, the Telegraph (Torygraph) has the same stories as the Guardian but is much better reading.

  • Rob Moscato says:

    Let this idoit continue making himself more and more irrelevent in his sons life. This con-artist for a father has shown his true colors as a tool for thoes who wish to bring down his Mother in law by any means necessary. What a dolt!!!

  • Chris M-G says:

    “an agent and a manager and boyguards.”

    I laughed. Much more appropriate than the intended word, don’t you think?

  • SicSemperTyrannis says:

    Levi Johnson is no one’s father. He’s only a sperm donor.

  • How do you sue somebody for custody of your child when they are not the custodian of your child?

    He’d have to sue Bristol Palin, not Governor Palin. I can’t see how she could legally be a defendant in a case like that.

  • JW M says:

    Is he paying child support in line with his new “celebrity” status?
    From the way he acts I would expect him to fall in the Deadbeat Dad catagory.

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