Oakland coffeehouse to police: No Coffee for you

Oakland coffeehouse to police: No Coffee for you

Oakland coffeehouse to police: No Coffee for you

The City of Oakland is in the most annoyingly insufferably liberal area in California. Oakland police no surprise are unpopular with the owners of the Hasta Muerte Coffee Collective.

Yes Oakland has a collective which crowdfunded a coffee house in a crime ridden part of town. And because politics they are not fond of the Oakland PD. According to SF Gate here is what happened when a police officer went to buy a cup of coffee.

Last month, when Oakland Sgt. Robert Trevino walked into the coffee collective, Hasta Muerte, Spanish for “until death,” a barista told him the establishment doesn’t serve police officers.

Trevino is the Alameda County chapter president of the national Latino Peace Officers Association and works in the predominantly Latino Fruitvale neighborhood where the shop is located.

There was a rant on their instagram with a charming photo:

So much for community. A protip: that is not the way to start dialog kids. And guess what? The police are part of the community.

The cafe, which opened several months ago after a successful crowdfunding campaign, has a mural outside to memorialize Oscar Grant and others killed in police shootings. Hubbard said he hadn’t spoken with Trevino to know his true reason for going in — “aside from getting a cup of coffee, of course.”

So they could have handled this like adults. They could have taken the officer’s money and donated it to the family of Oscar Grant or whatever group their little hearts desired. Or sponsored Coffee with a cop. Or some other peace loving behavior. Sgt Trevino sounds like the kind of guy who lives community policing. And Oakland is a sanctuary city? Hmmmmm. Let’s see what people who know Sgt. Trevino said.

“Knowing him personally, he highly values community policing and he’s known as going out and building relationships with merchants,” Hubbard said.

City Councilman Noel Gallo, who represents the Fruitvale district and has known Trevino since his youth, said the sergeant was doing exactly what he wanted more police to do: introducing themselves to local businesses, neighbors and schools and patrolling on foot or bike.

“We need to work together, and that’s what we’re trying to do with law enforcement,” Gallo said, adding that the corner has been “challenged for years” with crime. “At the end of the day, when that cafe gets robbed or shot up or whatever, we’re going to have to call the police.”

So you are on a crime challenged corner and you piss off the cops? Not a good business practice. Gee I seem to recall my cousins who had a donut shop feeding and caffeinating cops so the cops would have a happy memory if needed. And being in a crap neighborhood means you might want a lot of cops visiting. Because coffeehouses are a cash business. And criminals love cash. And guess what? You are not the only one with friends.

The Oakland fire union has asked its members to refrain from going to the shop out of solidarity with police officers.

Solidarity works both ways you foolish commies. And actions have consequences. Yes you may get a few people going out of their way in stupid hippie solidarity. But that is not sustainable. As you will see when the next shiny thing comes along.

In response, the Oakland police were being more than nice.

Trevino mentioned his espresso rejection to Sgt. Barry Donelan, president of the police association, who then sent a letter to Hasta Muerte, asking it to clarify its policy on whether it serves officers.

“Obviously, this is both a surprise and a matter of concern for all Oakland Police Officers,” Donelan wrote. “Oakland Police Officers work tirelessly every day to serve the residents of our City. I have never heard of Police Officers being refused service by an Oakland business.”

The police were nice when they asked why and the collective? Well their answer was something. A lot of whining and victim speak and then there was this gem.

“We need the support of the actual community to keep this place safe, not police. Especially in an area faced by drug sales and abuse, homelessness, and toxic masculinity as we see here on this block.”

Toxic masculinity? You have got to be kidding me. So when you are robbed going to work, coming from work, making a bank run what will you say? I just have no words. At least not any family friendly ones. See to someone with any sanity the police are part of keeping the neighborhood safe. And Twitter has some interesting reactions.

Persona non java. Excellent. And there was this:

Somehow I think Hasta Muerte may be the fate of the business. Hasta Muerte means to death. And what is that thing business need? Paying customers. Yet the owners frown upon gentrification, men and somehow think indignation will keep them going. Nope. Lemme give you a little something I learned as an Aztec a long time ago. Goodwill is an intangible asset. Without it a business is nothing. And Hasta Muerte has squandered that asset quite impressively. If they gave a damn about the poor who actually live in their neighborhood, they would be hosting Coffee with a Cop. But that would take using their brains and possessing common sense. One more time: Common sense is not so common.

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  • George V says:

    All part and parcel of revolutionary movement. By angering the police, the business reduces police presence. Get enough left-wing business operators to do this and crime goes up. What a surprise! Now the local community activists can make great announcements of the failure of the gov’t., establish community patrols, and “take care of the community”. Legitimate elected gov’t is discredited, local activists can now call for more protest, strikes, unrest, etc., which generates a response by gov’t that is perceived as negative, and it’s one more step on the road to La Revolucion.

    • Gail Boer says:

      That is definitely their plan. Except that like all silly leftists do, they grossly underestimated the people who actually live in the neighborhood. The tourist traffic will die down fast. And overplaying their Toxic Masculinity whine will not make them any friends.

    • GWB says:

      The thing is, I wish more places would actually take local governance into their own hands! I want to see a LOT smaller municipalities in terms of policing, governance, etc. It makes gov’t more accountable to the people and allows for a lot more experimentation. And stupidity like this would be dealt with much more easily.

      • Gail Boer says:

        That can work well or be a nightmare. Unfortunately smaller towns cannot afford their own police forces. We saw this in state where smaller cities combined for departments of public safety.

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