“Nothing normal about being gunned down at work” says Obama

“Nothing normal about being gunned down at work” says Obama

Brilliant. But “there is nothing normal about innocent men and women gunned down where they work,” Obama said. “There is nothing normal about our children being gunned down in their classrooms.”

No, nothing “normal” at all about that. Innocent men “gunned down where they work” and for parents to have their children killed by maniacs and then nothing done about it is not “normal”. And much worse, imagine having the Secretary of State lie to your face about it, the media ignore or ridicule your questions, and members of Congress insult your pleas for justice. Ask Pat Smith or Charles Woods about how normal that feels. After all, it was their children “gunned down where they work”. You want gun control? How about start with not shipping weapons to terrorists?

“Our tears are not enough,” Obama said during a memorial service for the victims and their families. “Our words and our prayers are not enough … We are going to have to change.”

Ok, I agree with Captain Awesome for once!  We ARE going to have to change.  

Let’s start with your phoney teary prayers for the victims.  Really?  You have more chutzpah I thought possible. But your political posturing during tragedy doesn’t shouldn’t surprise me, I guess. There probably wouldn’t have been ANY victims or at least not as many if only our military were allowed firearms to protect themselves.  If our military is expected to be the world police and your personal security personnel and umbrella holders, surely you can allow them to protect themselves?  


And there’s this…

“Obama, who has proposed changes to the nation’s gun and mental illness laws, noted that shootings in other countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom led to changes in their gun laws.  “What’s different in America,” he said, “is it’s easy to get your hands on a gun — and a lot of us know this.”

Yes, a lot of people do know that.  Especially those criminal thugs and lunatics who live in cities with the strictest gun control laws in the country.  Gun “control” isn’t about making you safer and less likely to get shot by a raving lunatic.  Instead the opposite happens when people have tools for self-defense. 

But let’s be honest.  The “control” you speak of isn’t really about guns.  And your tears and prayers are an insult to those who truly do weep for their loved ones and sincerely pray for justice.  Your narcissistic and ungracious push for more gun control merely is the latest pathetic spectacle in your unending public posturing to further your plans to “control” healthcare, food, business, the “climate”  the U.S. Constitution, and the liberty of Americans. 

Stop it.  You beclown yourself more than usual.  And you atrociously dishonor our military and their families.  I suggest you try some real prayer. 

And start with a prayer for forgiveness. 

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  • Since gun control advocates cite fewer gun homicides in the UK now and so many fewer than the US, it’s useful to examine the actual stats on overall homicides (and crime in general) in the UK.

    Gun control advocates would assume that overall murders would not have gone up, but they’d be very wrong. Homicides in the UK consistently went up as gun control got more restrictive.

    UK Murders 1946-1968
    Average: 326 murders
    Median: 325 murders
    High: 425, in 1961
    Low: 268, in 1968
    Firearms Act 1968
    Prior ten years, average: 308 murders
    In 1968: 425 murders
    Next ten years, average: 488 murders
    Hungerford Massacre, 1987: 16 murders by semi-automatic rifle and pistol
    Firearms Act of 1988: Expanded the 1968 law to cover more guns (looks like any rifles larger than .22 caliber)
    Prior ten years, average: 609 murders
    In 1988: 624 murders
    Next ten years, average: 703 murders
    Dunblane Massacre, 1996: 17 murders by semi-automatic pistol and revolver
    Firearms Act of 1997: Banned private possession of pistols
    Prior ten years, average: 685 murders
    In 1997: 739 murders
    Next ten years, average: 835 murders
    Lowest number of murders in the next ten years: 750, in 1998
    Over 800 murders per year from 2000-2005
    Violent Crime Reduction Act of 2006: Banned mail-order sale of air weapons (for “airsoft”)
    Prior ten years, average: 824 murders
    In 2006: 764 murders
    Years since, average: 667 murders
    Cumbria Massacre, 2010: 12 murders by shotgun and .22 calibre bolt-action rifle

    One friend of mine cited the reduction in murders in comparison to 1997 (forgetting that murders 1998-2007 were higher then 1997), so I looked at US murders in that period.
    US murders
    1997: 18,208
    2004: 16,929 (down 7%)
    2011: 14,612 (down 10%)
    So, then I looked at the “Assault Weapons” Ban.
    AWB, 1994
    Prior ten years, average: 21,699 murders
    In 1994: 23,330 murders
    Next ten years, average: 17,243 murders

    That looks like it was effective until you see
    Average, post-AWB, 2005-2011: 15,989 murders

    That is, the murders were going down before AWB and after it expired, they kept going down.

    For any who argue that the UK population is simply larger, they’re wrong there as well. Murders went from 5.7-7.5 per million to 14 per million in the UK over the years studied.

    Rapes, robberies and assaults went up all those years in the UK as well, but arguments about reporting percentages can be made and people can wiggle. Dead bodies are stubborn things and no one can deny the number of murders.

  • Ooops, mistake in the first section of the post:
    High: 425, in 1968
    Low: 268, in 1961

    If you could edit that when you approve it, that would be awesome.

  • Wfjag says:

    Firearms are already banned on US military facilities. The ban worked. There was no one there to shoot back.

  • Sean says:

    “We are going to have to change” Mr President? Oh good, so we’re going to lift that ridiculous executive order that disarms law-abiding military personnel and employees on base? No? Oh okay, well I guess we’ll just keep hopng that those “gun free zones” start working eventually. In the interim, let’s set up a ticker showing the numbers of victims of gun-free zones, sort of like the ticker for Iraq War dead.

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