Not Enough Meds….

Not Enough Meds….

Not Enough Meds….

This kind of thing is why there isn’t enough medication in my house to keep my head from exploding.  I have moved on to taping my head with duct tape, which by the way, has the effect of cleansing your pores when you peel it away

So let me get this straight, the smartest president EVAH! (according to every libturd that I run into) hired an incompetent company, with a history of incompetence to build them a website to run an exchange (let’s call it a “store”) that every insurance company has to, by law, participate in, and then after buying everything they may need to get this “store” going, promptly stacking it in the most unorganized fashion as possible, and blaming everyone in the neighborhood for it being messed up (despite no one in the neighborhood helping or wanting the “store”), somehow, they forgot the one part they needed to make the “store” successful.

They forgot the f’ing cash register….

And because of that, they have decided that they are just going to let the “suppliers” of the store decide how much they should be paid, and cut them a check.  Maybe, settle up sometime in the future, if, you know, someone was overpaid.

Wow, check out the big brain on brad…..  I feel so warm and fuzzy knowing the same people who work for this government are the same people who will have the security for my medical records, tax records and guard our nuclear arsenal.

Just keep watching and tell me if you want to pimp-slap the bejuesus out of every Obamabot voter you run into.

This law is how this country’s economy is going to fly apart.  President Someone Else’s Fault is headed into the territory of being as popular as venereal disease with his “This law is going to work in the future.”  Oh, yeah, which future is that Barack?  The one where old people get to pay for fertility treatments in their insurance, devout Mormons get to pay for substance abuse treatment and 7 year old cancer patients get their insurance cancelled?  Or maybe the future you are talking about is the one where our economy flies apart like an out of control wind turbine because of your give-aways and taxes and demonizing successful people and you annouce that you couldn’t possibly leave your office in this desperate hour and will stay on until it is “fixed.”

I don’t care what anyone says.  Government, and by extension, you, are not smart, don’t know what is best, and have absolutely zero clue what it takes to be a leader.  Mr. President, you are an idiot, and you have made it worse by surrounding yourself with idiots.  I wouldn’t trust you to drive me to the mall, let alone lead a country.  But here we are, with your ignorant ass running the joint because of some crazy leftist Jedi-Mind trick you have put on mouthbreathers who don’t know any better while talking about lowering the seas and “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Standing in front of your emotionally driven sycophants who regard thinking as an aerobic activity and who would swallow whatever you feed them and smile while telling them, and by extension, the American People that you “aren’t repealing this law” while you are president sounds fine enough, but every statement you make in this regard betrays how intellectually shallow you are.  I have a copy of the Constitution, and the repeal of Obamacare isn’t entirely up to you, regardless of your executive orders.

And since the Constitution still is in effect (when I woke up this morning at least), my bet is that in 2014, two thirds of a co-equal branch of government is going to immediately explore repealing Obamacare.

You are treading on very dangerous ground Mr. President with your continued recalcitrance on this law.  Our founders were splitting wigs and fomenting rebellion because at the end of the usurpations and disregard by a king, he put a tax on their breakfast beverage.  They wouldn’t be putting up with any of this crap, and a larger percentage of the population is waking up to who you really are, as evidenced by your unreported approval rating.  You can go ahead and keep doing what you are doing, and I am sure that you will; because your narcissism is boundless, and you brook no one around you who will tell you the truth of things.  I have no doubt that an electoral tsunami is coming in the next 4 years, and it will surprise you and shock you, because you have no other world view.  The icing on this cake is going to be watching the leftists implode and seeing who they will blame for this tsunami.  Probably Global Warming….

If I was running against any Democrat for public office, every campaign speech would be me showing up and showing this video.

The country will suffer fools for leaders, but it will not suffer tyrants.  Start collecting your things Mr. President, because the time for honoring yourself, and the Democrat party honoring itself with all the things it has “done” for the American People will soon be at an end.

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  • Jen says:

    Wrap your head with another layer of duct tape. Our benevolent leader vowed today to raise the minimum wage to $9. After all, everyone should not be able to find a job…..

  • PB says:

    I have a nasty feeling that once it has its hooks in many people, Obamacare won’t be repealable. Too many people will scream, “NOOO!! Don’t take my free sh*t away!! NOOO!!!” =-(

  • Ruthie Thompson says:

    LOVE this!!!! <3

  • Jodi says:


  • GWB says:

    *hands a mug of tea and some fresh cookies to Dejah*
    Dang, Dejah, that was forcefully and scathingly done. You deserve the moment.

    But, don’t get your hopes set on an electoral victory anytime soon. There are way too many looters and not enough producers (and certainly not enough who don’t simply prefer to use big government to their own benefit) to make that happen. Not unless there is a much larger cultural shift than I can see coming. However, keep in mind that we didn’t vote King George out, either. Make sure you’re buying the good pillows, Dejah – feathers, not that polyfill stuff. I’ll bring the tar.

  • Merle says:

    WOW !!!

    Don’t hold back – tell us how you REALLY feel !!!
    Please pass the duct tape, my head is in danger too.


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