North Korea’s own Lil’ Kim hits his own city with a missile

North Korea’s own Lil’ Kim hits his own city with a missile

North Korea’s own Lil’ Kim hits his own city with a missile

This is tragi-comic from the hellscape that is North Korea. But Lil’ Kim got some attention when his medium range missile went 25 miles and took out his own city of Tokchon.

Lil’ Kim and his generals decided to test a medium range ballistic missile. From MSN, that did not go well:

In its relentless pursuit of nuclear strength, North Korea’s first land target may have actually been itself. The Diplomat reported Wednesday that an intermediate range ballistic missile launched by the regime last spring accidentally hit the city of Tokchon, which has a population of more than 200,000.

The Diplomat had more on the failed launch here. They thoroughly deconstruct the launch, and then they discuss implications. Lil’ Kim, it seems, has teeth. And fortunately a piss-poor sense of direction. I do suggest you set aside time to read the analysis.

The April 28 failure merits close analysis, especially as North Korea continues to carry out flight-testing of its various ballistic missile platforms from a range of new test sites. In 2017, North Korea has introduced new sites for missile testing, arguably to demonstrate the flexibility of its Strategic Rocket Force. It has even carried out ballistic missile launches from a restricted area at Pyongyang’s Sunan Airport, which also serves as the country’s primary civil aviation facility and the entrypoint for most non-Chinese foreign visitors to North Korea. The potential for similar accidents occurring over Pyongyang, the country’s capital, or other populated regions remains high, especially with untested systems.

Which means in shorthand the missiles are a bit too portable. North Korea is trying to increase their arsenal. From MSN this summary is chilling:

North Korea has launched two ballistic missiles since August, both of which flew over Japan and landed cleanly in the Pacific Ocean — but one concerning possibility put forward by The Diplomat is that a future missile could explode prematurely over Japan, which would “spark a serious crisis in Northeast Asia.”

Unfortunately the jokes about the isolated maniac in Pyongyang kind of fizzle out like a fart in the wind.

Lil’ Kim is less funny when one realizes North Korea is a hellscape. The man-child has no regard for his people or his allies. Warnings don’t deter him. The UN is a cosmic joke, and tweets and smack talk are not helping. The term tragic-comedy may be appropriate.

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