No, Ted Cruz is Not a Hypocrite

No, Ted Cruz is Not a Hypocrite

No, Ted Cruz is Not a Hypocrite

The media, the Republican establishment, and the left hate Ted Cruz. I can understand why. He challenges both sides of the political aisle, he’s unabashedly conservative, he’s challenged both Republicans and Democrats without considering their precious FEELZ. He understands the Constitution like very few others in Washington do, and he respects it. He has made no secret of it. He loves it.

Cruz has made no secret of the fact that he is a man of faith. He has made it perfectly clear that his support for the Second Amendment is unfettered and unequivocal, and he doesn’t mind being considered a “wacko bird” or an extremist for supporting the Law of the Land. In other words, Ted Cruz is a man of honor – a strange breed in Washington, to be sure.

One of the best things about Ted Cruz is that he refuses to be politically correct or to bow down to arcane rules of “politeness” when confronted by his political adversaries.

I always watch the above with a certain amount of glee, because I love seeing Cruz eviscerate Feinstein, whose only response is, “WAAAAH! Your hurt my precious FEELZ!” Cruz is respectful and concise. He asks the question after giving a bit of background on his thinking, and Feinstein has nothing to refute other than complaints about his alleged “disrespect.”

Brilliant, really.

Given Cruz’s history in Washington, I was shocked to read once again that he stands accused of hypocrisy by the media, because he supports disaster relief for his home state of Texas to mitigate the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey, but refused to support disaster relief funds for victims of Hurricane Sandy in 2013.

“Emergency relief for the families who are suffering from this natural disaster should not be used as a Christmas tree for billions in unrelated spending, including projects such as Smithsonian repairs, upgrades to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration airplanes, and more funding for Head Start,” he said at the time.

Actually, I wasn’t surprised. Liberals, media, and the Republican establishment take every chance they can to slam Cruz, and using old, disingenuous claims to censure and condemn him is just par for the course.

Cruz never opposed disaster relief for families. He opposed the pork-loving politicians on the Hill using said disaster relief as their own, personal wallet to bribe millions of leeches into voting them into office yet again.

FreedomWorks wrote at the time that the Sandy disaster relief bill was “all pork – little relief.” The soul-sucking vampires in Washington stuffed it chock full of goodies that had nothing to do with helping families devastated by the hurricane. The Christmas stocking included millions of dollars for forest restoration on private land, $10.78 billion for public transportation, most allocated to future construction and improvements that had nothing to do with hurricane relief or help to needy families, billions for community development block grants (simply another vehicle to funnel taxpayer dollars to political supporters), millions for new vehicles for government bureaucrats, and millions for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to dole out to fisheries in Alaska.

Really? $150 million in taxpayer dollars for fish?

Is it any wonder Ted Cruz opposed this odious bill?

Congressleeches in Washington have been using disasters and families’ suffering as an excuse to funnel taxpayer dollars to their corrupt supporters for decades. This isn’t anything new and different, but very few principled legislators have opposed these games with the people’s earnings over the years. The Sandy bill was no different. The leftist scum in the Senate, led by the ever-corrupt Harry Reid, bypassed the committee process and hoped to push through that little gift to their supporters without much fanfare or attention, but that was not to be. There was opposition, notably from Ted Cruz, who rightfully called this giveaway unconscionable – an attempt to exploit families of natural disaster for their pork addiction.

And for this, the media and the left called Cruz a hypocrite, because while he opposed billions in pork for corrupt politicians, he supported federal relief in 2015 after floods devastated his home state.

That’s not hypocrisy. That’s principle.

The Texas relief bill was targeted to help communities recover from the floods, and not laden with millions for fish.

No current relief proposals have been submitted yet as far as I have seen, but I’m fairly sure, knowing Ted Cruz’s history, that he will not bow to pressure from the pork-loving, corrupt establishment to vote for a bill that abuses suffering for political gains.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • parker says:

    I worked as a volunteer inTC’s Iowa campaign and attended many of his rallies. It was a long drought for conservatives on the national stage when Reagan stepped down January, 1989. I found a politician of equal caliber in Ted Cruz. I urge every actual conservative to support him to the best of their abilities.

  • Kate says:

    STILL the conservative “candidate” I’ve been waiting for.

  • Freedoms bell says:

    Thanks for reminding us of the truth!

  • Marta Hernandez says:

    Things could have been so different had Cruz won! Sigh.

    • GWB says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think Ted could have won. He wasn’t populist enough to overcome the natural media libeling. Trump was.

      Unfortunately, conservatism isn’t even the rule among the majority that elected Trump. Changing that is going to be a herculean effort. And, given that the other side has gov’t bribes working in their favor, “herculean” might be an understatement.

      • Marta Hernandez says:

        I don’t know, GWB. That’s interesting. No, he wasn’t a populist, and no, he may not have been able to overcome the media libel. On the other hand, having looked at the numbers, it’s not that Trump was that particularly popular. He won because the GOP field was really split between numerous candidates, and that dick Kasich refused to get out, splitting the vote even further at a critical juncture in the race. At the same time Queen von Pantsuit was SUCH a crappy candidate, I think pretty much anyone would have won against her, even Trump. I think Cruz would have easily taken her down, despite the media.

  • Smartgirl says:

    I agree. This is the Ted Cruz we al love and know. Having working with him in CA during the Presidential Race in 2016 I was able to see with my own eyes and heart that Ted Cruz genuine and not a phony like all the rest. I like Trump too, he is bold and is doing well. I did not like his ways and name calling tho. Well things are better and Cruz will surpass all the haters.

    I love this blog. Great read.

  • Kevin says:

    Nope, still a hypocrite. By the way I know you’re going to say ” Washington Post is fake news” but if you can refute a single point, by all means do.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Nope, still a hypocrite.

      He exaggerated a bit the amount of pork, but he wasn’t wrong. That doesn’t make him a hypocrite.

      By the way I know you’re going to say ” Washington Post is fake news”

      Boy, sure am glad you know me so well! Except for the fact that I’ve never used that phrase.

      PolitiFact pointed out the amount of pork that was in that bill. So did Taxpayers for Common Sense with some pretty damn good analysis.

      $25 million to improve weather forecasting and hurricane intensity forecasting (this should be in the regular budget)
      $1 million for DEA to repair or replace 15 vehicles as well as some technology (BATF gets $230K to replace three vehicles and some furniture). For the record, the Department of Justice has over 40,000 vehicles – this should come out of agency budgets, not emergency.
      $5.37 million for Army O&M to repair damaged facilities. This represents 0.01 percent of the Army’s FY12 regular O&M account (no war spending). I think a few sergeants could rummage through the couch cushions to come up with $5.37 million instead of emergency funding.
      $3.461 billion for Corps construction projects, $2.9 billion of which is for the Sandy region, and sand pumping on beaches would be at full federal expense. Normal cost-share (even in disasters like Katrina) is 65 percent federal, 35 percent local or state.
      $10 million for FBI salaries and expenses (this is more than double the $4 million requested by the President and in the previous Senate bill)
      $2 million for Smithsonian roof repairs
      $118 million for AMTRAK – $86 million more than the President requested and will be used on non-Sandy related Northeast Corridor upgrades
      $2 billion for Federal Highway Administration to spend on roads across the country (obviously not Sandy related)
      $16 billion Community Development Fund that would go to not only Sandy states but to any major disaster declarations of 2011, 2012, and 2013 (OH had the latest major disaster declaration on January 3, 2013 – for Sandy!). That encompasses 47 states and Puerto Rico. Want to know who’s left out? Sorry Arizona, Michigan, and South Carolina, thanks for playing. Maybe you’ll have a disaster later this year.

      While PolitiFact smacked Al Cardenas down on his faulty 10 percent claim, it does point out that:

      a) by couching the bill as emergency spending lawmakers were conveniently able ignore caps on discretionary spending, so they loaded it with crap.
      b) exactly how much of it was ultimately for “disaster relief” — a definition that changes depending on whom you ask – was unclear.
      c) cited Taxpayers for Common Sense, which I did above, and identified a bunch of pork in that bill

      So while Cruz may have fudged the figure somewhat, he didn’t actually oppose direct relief for victims. What he opposed is the bloated bunch of pork in that bill. And that makes him not a hypocrite.

    • GWB says:

      The bill did wrap in some other 2012 disaster funding, including disasters that had been declared over Alaska Chinook salmon, New England groundfish, Mississippi fisheries and American Samoa bottomfish.

      The assertion by the author that they were disasters, and therefore appropriate to include does NOT answer the criticism that they were not related to Sandy.
      Point refuted.

      In particular, there was $16 billion for the account that funds Community Development Block Grants, which were aimed at Sandy relief but also could be used for eligible disaster events in calendar years 2011, 2012 and 2013.

      IOW, those funds weren’t necessarily needed for Sandy (you know, an emergency), since they could be used for other stuff. Sure, whatever you need, here’s a blank check. So, yeah. Point refuted.

      Those provisions were intended to prevent future disasters but arguably were not related to Sandy.

      Heh. Your nice little “oh yes, he’s a hypocrite” article turns out to refute itself.

      One more….

      She flagged $10.9 billion in Federal Transit Administration aid, but according to CRS half of that was directed toward Sandy response and recovery efforts.

      So, only HALF of a single chunk of $11 billion was related to Sandy.

      And all of that is without quoting the bit where they admit “Oh yeah, well there was a lot of pork in the original Senate bill…”.

      I’m not going to jump on the WaPo for its biased article, so much as on you for being silly enough to think that it backed up your assertion that Cruz is a hypocrite.

      Sorry, Kevin, your point is not adequately made.

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