Never Mind Those Dead Guys in Benghazi: How Hillary Managed to Disgrace the Nation—Again

Never Mind Those Dead Guys in Benghazi: How Hillary Managed to Disgrace the Nation—Again

We’re going to perform a bit of an exercise here.  It’s foreign to liberals, because they cannot read/debate/think without assigning emotion and agenda a higher position than facts or logic, but we’ll try it here anyway.  Ignore gender because it doesn’t matter.  Ignore WHO it was I’m talking about, because that invites bias from both sides.  Just look at context and position, because at the end of the day, that’s what matters.  You’ll see in a moment.

Fact:  The US suffered a planned, aided, and executed terrorist attack that left four Americans dead.

Fact: These Americans died after begging for hours for help.

Fact: At least one of them was tortured, raped, dragged through the streets, and disgracefully posted on the internet, bloody and burned.

Fact: The nation demanded answers.

Fact: The administration gave answers shown to be false.  They offered reasons for giving those answers that were also shown to be false.  In short, they lied…repeatedly and with forethought and intent.

Fact:  The person designated by the administration to represent us to the world said in partial response to pointed questions about the incident and why it happened was, “What difference does it make?”  

Stop and think about that for a moment.  What difference does it make?  Is there a more calloused statement?  Is there at some point, a line of decorum that says even though you personally may not care about these men, you would at least recognize that others care, that the nation cares?  That just perhaps, as the top foreign relations official in the United States, it might be your JOB to care, at least professionally?

There are certain things that–to the honorable, at least–are inviolate.  The idea of leaving a countryman on the field of battle, especially to protect one’s own interests, is anathema.  This principle is so central to the core beliefs of the American fighting man, in fact, that it is part of his creed.  It is drilled, ingrained, burned into the core of who they are and what they believe.  And yet, faced with four Americans fighting for their lives in a hostile place, the administration chose to leave them there, to lie about it and then, with a final slap to the nation’s face, sends their representative out into the public eye to answer for this with the following: “What difference does it make?”

Quite a few years ago, another country suffered a terrorist attack against its citizens abroad, a planned, aided and executed attack that left 11 of their men dead and the country humiliated in a very public way.  How did they react?  Not like this.

They planned, aided, and executed an attack of their own.  They spent years of time, millions of dollars, and a fair amount of their own blood to hunt down the animals responsible and ensure that they got a very important message: Your acts will not go unanswered.  They engaged in one of the most storied, elaborate, famous operations of modern times.  And they did this over 11 men.

The US, on the other hand, can’t even be bothered to care about four.

In a true exhibition of liberal thinking, SecState’s comments are being hailed as not only being appropriate, but as a spunky response to being challenged.  Suddenly the gender becomes pertinent–mean, oppressive male Senator pushes the proud and smart and honest female and she Doesn’t Put Up With It.  She Stands Up For Herself.  Good for her, say the liberals.  You tell that Rand Paul.  Who does he think he is to question you?  Never mind that for months, we have been lied to.  Never mind that it has become nearly common knowledge to anyone who does a modicum of research that there WAS no consulate in Benghazi; that the structure being attacked was a CIA safehouse running operations that if exposed would make the administration look bad.  Forget that going to the aid of those men would have thrown a big spotlight on all that was going on.  And certainly never mind that our enemies are laughing at us as they post and share and re-post images of Chris Stevens’ half naked, burned, brutalized body all over the internet like a grisly trophy.  Never mind that.  You give ’em hell, Hillary.

After all, you already gave all four of those men more hell than anyone can fathom.

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