The NCAA Chooses Sides in North Carolina [VIDEO]

The NCAA Chooses Sides in North Carolina [VIDEO]

The NCAA Chooses Sides in North Carolina [VIDEO]

This week, the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) announced they would be taking seven previously scheduled championship events out of North Carolina. As a sports governing agency, the NCAA should be expert in fairness, but in this case, it seems they are picking winners and losers. The decision concerns North Carolina’s SB2, better known as the bathroom bill.

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Mark Emmert, NCAA president said,

“Fairness is about more than the opportunity to participate in college sports, or even compete for championships. We believe in providing a safe and respectful environment at our events and are committed to providing the best experience possible for college athletes, fans and everyone taking part in our championships.”

But is the decision fair?

For the citizens of North Carolina it’s a penalty. For the state of North Carolina it’s a loss. For anyone who supports the bill, it’s a no-win situation.  It isn’t unreasonable for parents to be concerned about the law being abused in ways that have nothing to do with transgendered individuals or their rights, but no matter how reasonable their concerns, anyone supporting the bill is labeled as bigoted or homophobic. The opponents of the bill seem to place the privacy, comfort and safety of of transgendered individuals, over that of others.

Across the nation, states are beginning to allow transgendered individuals to compete on sports teams consistent with their gender identity. These changes are accompanied by complicated side issues. Having apprehensions about those issues, is not the same as being a bigot. On both sides, there is a rush to judgement—a tendency to react with emotion, instead of reason. These are sensitive issues requiring understanding on both sides.

Transgendered individuals should not be denied rights any other American enjoys, but neither should the protections put in place for them, negate the rights of others. The NCAA’s decision implies changes to policy must be immediate, but it is not unreasonable to allow the public time to adjust and work out fair policies.

It can take years for those who struggle with gender identity to come to terms with who they are. Likewise, even the most loving family and supportive friends need time to fully adjust to a loved one’s change of gender. If those most closely affected need time, the general public will need time too. The NCAA isn’t allowing North Carolina time. The NCAA is pushing for an immediate change. If NCAA is serious about their commitment to fairness and inclusion, they need to consider both sides.

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