My heart’s a-flutter: McCain picks Palin!

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My heart’s a-flutter: McCain picks Palin!

When I heard the rumors this morning about Sarah Palin, I was giddy. When the confirmation came, I was jumping up and down screaming like an idiot. I blogged earlier about how Sarah Palin was officially “my” pick for McCain’s veep, but I didn’t think she’d actually get it! I honestly think McCain has just saved the election for himself. GOPers and conservatives are swooning. Hillary voters will likely be considering voting McCain now. And Obama’s been put in a bad spot.

First, there’s his completely classless response, as Lorie Byrd accurately calls it:

Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.

Do they really not understand how stupid that reaction was? First of all, it shows zero class on their part. No congratulations for Sarah Palin until after they realized they blew it with this one. Their first impulse was to attack her. McCain could put the attack dog away for one day. This apparently is too much to ask for the Obama campaign. Second, it’s incredible that the Obama campaign would even want to open that can of worms. Palin’s still got more executive experience than Obama does (he’s got ZERO), and she’s running for Vice President. The guy with no experience in the Obama campaign is running for the big boy job, one he said just a few short years ago he wasn’t ready for. Hypocritical and idiotic, much? Third, the Obama camp just insulted small towns everywhere. Way to go, buck-o. Way to go.

Geraldine Ferraro gets it. The Obama campaign doesn’t.

Sarah gave a brilliant hat tip to Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton:

“The women of America aren’t finished yet…We can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all!”

See, Obama? It’s called class. Too bad you can’t buy any, because you are sorely lacking. And while I don’t like to meddle in the identity politics, it does make me proud to see a woman running for the Vice Presidency. Know why? Because it’s the right kind of woman: a woman who made it on merit, and not whiny victomology; a woman who is smart, and strong, and capable.

Melissa Clouthier makes a great point about the image Sarah Palin gives off:

As a side note, I’m glad she didn’t go all mommy-ish like Nancy Pelosi. She struck the right tone–aggressive and upbeat and supportive and exciting, but made it about America.

Here’s some video of her home-run speech:

Ed Morrissey gives some good points:

Palin has served less than two years as Governor of Alaska, which tends to eat into the experience message on which McCain has relied thus far. At 44, she’s younger than Barack Obama by three years. She has served as a mayor and as the Ethics Commissioner on the state board regulating oil and natural gas, for a total of eight years political experience before her election as governor. That’s also less than Obama has, with seven years in the Illinois legislature and three in the US Senate.

However, the nature of the experience couldn’t be more different. Palin spent her entire political career crusading against the political machine that rules Alaska — which exists in her own Republican party. She blew the whistle on the state GOP chair, who had abused his power on the same commission to conduct party business. Obama, in contrast, talked a great deal about reform in Chicago but never challenged the party machine, preferring to take an easy ride as a protegé of Richard Daley instead.

Palin has no formal foreign-policy experience, which puts her at a disadvantage to Joe Biden. However, in nineteen months as governor, she certainly has had more practical experience in diplomacy than Biden or Obama have ever seen. She runs the only American state bordered only by two foreign countries, one of which has increasingly grown hostile to the US again, Russia.

And let’s face it — Team Obama can hardly attack Palin for a lack of foreign-policy experience. Obama has none at all, and neither Obama or Biden have any executive experience. Palin has almost over seven years of executive experience.

Patrick Casey at American Thinker is beating Democrats to the punch when it comes to attacks, too.

Palin herself responds to the “no experience” attack:

I admit, someone with only two years of experience in a top elected position isn’t ready to be President. But I’m not running for President. Barack Obama is.

Hillary fans are swearing they’ll campaign for McCain/Palin. Bet a Hillary VP pick is looking a lot nicer now, huh, Obama?

You want change you can believe in? Vote McCain/Palin. Obama certainly hasn’t taken on his own party to get rid of corruption, wasteful spending, and the influence of lobbyists. Both McCain and Palin have.

I really feel like Palin’s pick was a slam-dunk for McCain. The media’s focused on it, the Obama camp is running scared, and the base is energized for the first time this election season. And I literally cannot describe how excited and thrilled I am about this.

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  • Andrew says:

    Congratulations Sarah, how I wish she was about 20 years younger and single.

    I hope they really play up Obama’s response, espeically the Roe v. Wade part. Its amazing how many Obamaniacs (especially young Christians) are convinced Obama is pro-life. But with the liberal media hiding that fact, i doubt it gets much coverage.

  • Cassy, if I was in McCain’s shoes, you’d be on my short-list for sure. That is, if you were 35. Nasty, slovenly, back-biting women have managed to have their say by now. It’s beyond high time classy women got the attention they deserve, too. If it can’t be you, I’m glad it’s her.

    And with apologies to Michelle Obama, this is the first time, in my adult life, in 2008 (since Fred dropped out anyway), I’ve been proud of the way my country elects its leaders.

  • J David says:

    A vote for this ticket is now a vote for Palin against Hillary in ’12, at least for me(and probably a whole lot of other conservatives that had been forlorn over ending up with the Maverick), and puts my vote for the GOP ticket back on the table as a strong possibility.

    McCain is going to be too old to run in four years, if he survives it(his father died at 70), but the “Barracuda” reformer, Sarah, will just be hitting her stride.

  • Jarrod says:

    I am super psyched right now. Mind status: blown.

  • Mat says:

    I have to admit, I was one of those who didn’t think she should tie herself to McCain (I believe I stated as much in an earlier blog response here when Cassy talked about her). However, given what I’ve seen in the past month or two with the Democrats, they are really scaring the shit out of me. Up until today, I was seriously debating whether I would vote Liberatarian to punish the Republicans or simply sitting home with the attitude that if America wants a socialist so much, then it gets what it deserves. Yeah, its selfish and probably stupid, but the Republicans really irritated me.

    Fortunately, for the first time in this electoral cycle, the Republicans have done the right thing. This changes the equation around literally overnight. Before today, I figured Obama would slip in with a 1-2% edge over McCain. Now, I don’t think there’s any way that Obama/Biden will win (my prediction is +3-4% for McCain/Palin). Ditto for Hillary in 2012. A couple of further points I’d like to add (yes, this post is rather lengthy):

    I believe that McCain is looking at this several ways. He now has a candidate (a perfectly capable one, I might add) that will probably make a considerable difference for women voters. He has also picked someone who’s a darling of the political right. Finally, he’s got an eye on posterity. My belief is that she will make history as the first female president, and he will be remembered for setting the situation up. I know a lot of people have talked about McCain being a one-term president because of his age (and it’s possible), but what if he ends up having health problems and has to leave early? It is possible that he could go a second term and leave part of it to Palin (who would have plenty of executive experience after the first term). With two elections, we could wind up having Palin as president for a full decade (or more). How cool would that be?

    The Democratic Party is shattering. This Obama/Clinton rift will send shockwaves through the party long after this election. In fact, that’s one reason why I think Hillary will lose in 2012 (I can only assume she’ll get the nomination). There’s an awful lot of bad blood between these two factions and the fact that many Hillary supporters are openly siding with McCain will have serious repercussions in the future (i.e. Obama supporters sitting out the 2012 election). Something to keep in mind when looking at the long term. Sure, there are some gripes within the Republican party, but nowhere near what is happening on the other side. You also have Bobby Jindal coming up soon as well (possible VP with Palin?). Cripes, you could wind up having Republican presidents for two decades or so.

    Finally, I really believe John Edwards was Obama’s original VP pick (not that it would have much impact on McCain’s choice). The Edwards affair pretty much deep-sixed that idea and the Obama camp had to scramble for an alternative. Biden is probably the worst choice the Democrats could have picked, since he’s old (mid-60’s), a leftist, has had rotten luck trying to be president (has been trying since the 80’s) and is a loose cannon with the mouth. And he doesn’t even bring any significant electoral votes (both Delaware and Alaska both bring 3). However, I think Palin will resonate with far more voters overall than Biden. Overall, excellent news for conservatives.

  • Matthew says:

    Two words: Hot. Damn.

    In all of the pictures and vids I’ve seen of McCain and Palin so far, he looks pretty pleased.

    He better be; this is the best move he’s made in the whole damn campaign.

  • philmon says:

    Hell, Sarah Palin makes me proud to be a human.

    I like her. The wife likes her.

    And you’re right… Obama doesn’t want that can of worms open. But guess what? It’s opened.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Help me out here.
    I thought Roe v. Wade was about medical privacy, not specifically about abortion “rights”.

    If “Hillary supporters” are now cheering for a MaCain/Palin ticket,
    doesn’t that demonstrate an alliance to “Vaginas, By any means necessary!!!!”

  • I R A Darth Aggie says:

    I’ve said it elsewhere, I’ll say it here, too: McCain just handed me a reason to vote for him. As opposed to Obama giving me reasons to vote against Obama.

    That’s all I asked of you, Johnny Mac. I’m impressed you came thru like that.

  • Texas Truth says:

    I think McCain hit a homerun with his pick. Barack HUSSEIN Obama must be crapping in his pnats. You know he sees the writing on the wall.

  • Andrew says:

    On my, liberals love trying to make the killing of unborn babies an issue of “medical privacy”. True doctors heal, not kill. Just because the murderer has a medical degree does not make it a medical procedure.

  • Ironwolf32 says:

    I heard the news when I was in British Columbia and I say, “Bravo, Sen. McCain.”

    Instead of going with a “safe” pick like Gov. Pawlenty or Gov Ridge, McCain went with a pick that has given real enthusiasm to the conservative base. A safe pick is much like playing safe in the playoffs and usually results in an early exit.

    She has deep roots in the Energy as Alaska produces 20% of US energy. Strong in pro-life stance with her own child and supporting her teenage daughter’s pregnancy. She is pro-military, pro-American and true ethics reformer. She also has more executive experience than both Obama and Biden combined.

    They say she has less foriegn policy experience than Biden. (Still trying to find Obama’s experience on anything…) Anyway, Biden’s experience in foriegn policy has been consistently wrong on every issue concerning the Cold War, Iraq and Afghanistan. How is this an advantage?

    McCain has been the right decisions over the past 2 months and I am much more optimistic about November.

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