a brilliant trap

a brilliant trap

some level headed dems are starting to say that jmac may have laid out a trap for team obambi, and they bit right away including some of the posters on this blog!

what are they harping on?  

she’s just a beauty queen.

she’s another dan quayle.

she’s was a mayor of a town of 9,000.

and ironically, the biggest criticism of sarah palin is she has no experience.  amazing coming from the obama camp!

sarah palin is the governor of Alaska, the first woman in that office and the youngest elected in state history. she has an 80-plus percent approval rating. she has turned the state upside down with her reformist zeal and has made enemies of the republican establishment.

and she can talk energy policy, one of the biggest issues facing this country.

is she a gamble?  of course.  but so is barack obama who has himself dismissed experience as a prerequisite for leadership, despite his spot atop the democratic ticket.

listening to obama supporters take to the airwaves to shriek with indignation about her lack of experience is just a little too rich. where were they when obama, 2 years into the senate, announced his candidacy for president?   : crickets :

there’s such anger and hatred spewing forth from the left over this pick, it’s hard to quantify whether most of these attacks are simple misogyny, fear of losing, or perhaps signs of mental illness.

here is just a sampling of insane comments from the kooks at dailykos attacking this decent woman and her family.   and more amping up of a so-called investigation here.  although this has been thoughly debunked here.

are there no decent democrats out there that would say “enough” of this kind of garbage?  is all of this incredulous vitriol of governor palin playing well in the heartland? 

all i know is that if the unhinged reaction to jmac’s choice is any indication,  sarah palin is a fine pick.

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