More Nasty Toys: LOL Surprise Dolls

More Nasty Toys: LOL Surprise Dolls

More Nasty Toys: LOL Surprise Dolls

In the wake of last week’s revelation about the Hasbro Troll World dolls that made sexual sounds when a button was pressed between their legs, parents started looking at their children’s other toys as well. It turns out that Hasbro isn’t the only company making questionable toys. MGA Entertainment makes the LOL Surprise Doll, and if you thought the Troll World doll was a problem, then “surprise” is the least of what you’ll feel when you see this.

LOL Surprise Dolls are marketed to 5-10 year olds, and when you dip some of them in water, they have “secret outfits.” Some change with cold water, some with warm or hot. They’ve been around for several years, and this isn’t the first time their outfit changes have received attention. It is, however, the first time it’s actually going viral.

Back in 2019, someone posted on reddit that her 3-year-old’s LOL Surprise doll had a secret outfit.

When you dip her in cold water her “secret spy outfit” shows up. Aka secret lingerie. And for whatever reason the nipples become extremely visible. The leopard print skimpy outfit she came with also makes her look like a hooker.

The aghast mother wasn’t kidding. The image very clearly shows the doll’s nipples and a lingerie outfit — and remember, these are marketed to little girls who would have no frame of reference for what any of this means or what it’s for. As awful as it was, the reddit post soon faded into oblivion, partly because people didn’t seem to care enough to throw that big a fit about it.

Fast forward to 2020. Things like child trafficking and pedophilia aren’t hush-hush topics anymore. People are starting to wake up to the truth of what is happening in our society to children, and who is doing it to them. Terms like “grooming” are becoming commonplace, and people are finally realizing how pernicious and infiltrating it all is.

Mothers inspecting their child’s LOL dolls after dipping them in water this week found some disturbing results. Here’s just a sampling of what some of the dolls revealed when exposed to varying water temperatures.

  • Caution tape wrapped around the body, like police tape around a crime scene
  • Tattoos, including on the doll’s neck
  • Heart-shaped pasties over the doll’s nipples
  • Thongs
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Devil’s tail on the doll’s butt
  • A star indentation on the doll’s crotch in the shape of a star, where the vagina would be
  • A pizza slice
  • The doll’s face looks like it’s been crying after being dunked in water

The list goes on, and just gets more raunchy.

Of course, the doll line comes with a wide variety of activity books and other merchandise, and all of it is equally creepy. Florida mom Jana Tams posted on Facebook some of the things she found, including word searches for things like “cosplay” — a concept most definitely not appropriate for the 5-10 year old child if the costumes in question are sexual in nature — and references to twerking, sexual dancing, and partying.

Hillary Williams also posted her findings on her Facebook page with other LOL dolls. Heather Danielle posted pics of her child’s dolls sporting sexy outfits and even a pizza slice. You may remember that the word “pizza” is used by pedophiles to refer to a little girl.

It gets even worse. Another toy line made by MGA Entertainment, titled Poopsie, comes with a milk carton and a phone number for kids to call if they’ve “seen” the depicted toy on the carton. One mother called the number and found it was a phone sex line that would allow her to sign her phone number up to get sexual texts and photos.

As this story starts gaining traction, the usual suspects are coming out to ensure the damage control gets done. The problem is there’s no excuse for this. There’s no explaining away a tiny doll, meant for a 5-year-old, wearing fishnet stockings and sporting BSDM wear. There’s no way to defend that a phone number listed on a milk carton shipped with the toy offers children a way to register a cell phone for sexual texts and photos.

MGA Entertainment hasn’t responded to requests for comment yet. Perhaps they’re trying to figure out how to spin it all.

Posted by Jana Tams on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Photo/video credit to Jana Tams, Heather Danielle, and reddit user tiffythebomb

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  • GWb says:

    My word, that one in the top pic is UGLY! I don’t know why anyone would buy that for their child.
    But “taste” is a dubious concept now. So “don’t judge!”

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