Hasbro Pulls Doll Amid Accusations of Child Grooming

Hasbro Pulls Doll Amid Accusations of Child Grooming

Hasbro Pulls Doll Amid Accusations of Child Grooming

Major toy manufacturer Hasbro is in hot water with consumers after getting accusations that one of their troll dolls was grooming children to accept sexual abuse.

The Dreamworks Trolls World Tour Giggle ‘n’ Sing Poppy Troll doll is advertised to sing and giggle when you interact with it by touching its tummy. As one mother found, however, it also had another interactive piece–a button between its legs that, when pressed, caused the doll to emit giggles, gasps, and other sounds that are being called “creepy” and “sexual” by some consumers.

Jamie Nelson Cornaby, a mom in Utah, posted a video on Facebook demonstrating the doll and how it works, including the button between the doll’s legs. While the video went viral very quickly, it didn’t have the same detail that a second video did. Alessandra Greszler posted another video while in her local Walmart, showing that the doll has a “demo mode,” in which it doesn’t make the extra sounds. As Greszler pointed out, the doll can easily teach young children that being touched between their legs is okay, and even a positive experience; after all, Poppy Troll apparently loves it.

What made it all worse was that the button wasn’t advertised on the box. Parents who purchased the doll would have no idea the button was even there unless they inspected the toy. Children, however, would have no problem finding the “hidden” button and pressing it.

The posts spread like wildfire, and the Pedophilia Defense Engine, also known as Facebook and MSM Powers That Be, went into overdrive with damage control.

First, Hasbro issued a statement regarding the doll:

“This feature was designed to react when the doll was seated, but we recognize the placement of the sensor may be perceived as inappropriate,” Julie Duffy, Hasbro”s [sic] senior vice president for global communications, said Thursday in an email to USA TODAY. “This was not intentional, and we are happy to provide consumers with a replacement Poppy doll of similar value through our Consumer Care team. We are in the process of removing the item for purchase.”

The statement just leads to more questions.
  • Did no one, ever in this doll’s concept, design, and manufacturing process ever ask why it had a button on its crotch?
  • Did no one ever notice that the sounds are borderline sexual in nature?
  • Why is the button not mentioned on the box? (It does say that when the doll sits down it makes “other” sounds but there’s no mention of the button’s location or mechanics)
  • Why is that doll the only one in the spring line to have the button?
  • Why was this handled simply with an “oops, we pulled them” statement?

Facebook couldn’t “fact check” the videos fast enough, and even went so far as to start warning some people who shared them. They used leadstories.com, a site that was also just exposed as being founded and run by big Democrat donors. In addition, their “fact checker” staff is full of former journalists who are openly hardcore leftist.

For its part, the LeadStories site (which will not be linked here) never says that the button doesn’t exist, or even that the sounds are completely innocent. Their purported fact check is simply the title: “Fact Check: DreamWorks Giggle ‘n Sing Poppy Troll Doll NOT Designed To Groom Young Children For Pedophiles, But Hasbro Is Discontinuing The Toy After Upoar [sic].” In other words, “it’s not a grooming doll, because we say it’s not.”

As you can see, they were in such a rush to get the damage control going they didn’t even proofread the headline. The MSM, however, dutifully picked up the “debunking” and ran with it.

“There is no evidence,” LeadStories writes, “beyond the fears of some mothers, that the button is part of a secret strategy by the toymaker to prep kids for sex trafficking.” In other words, the moms just got all crazy and saw something that wasn’t there.

Meanwhile, on social media the war continues to rage between those who see the doll as a symptom of a greater evil–namely, the normalization of one of the most horrific acts possible–and those who claim that those who see it are the real perverts. If you see something sexual about it, the argument goes, then your mind is in the gutter and you’re the problem. That’s called gaslighting, and it’s a common practice engaged in by those who perpetrate and facilitate child sexual abuse. Attempting to flip the script, these people will attempt to convince you that you didn’t see what you saw…and even if you did, it certainly didn’t mean what you thought.

There’s just one problem. America is becoming quite aware that there is a culture in this country that is so far past the standard of evil we are used to. Pedophilia isn’t something done by a small group of deviants that most people don’t need to concern themselves with. It’s being done en masse, by people whose names we recognize. The house of cards is falling, and the information is out there for all who choose to see it, with more coming every day.

Either Hasbro did create this doll for the purpose of normalizing sexual abuse and grooming children to accept it, or hundreds of people in the design and manufacturing process at one of the largest toy companies in the world never once thought anything was wrong with a doll that makes borderline sexual sounds when you press a button between its legs.

Both scenarios are horrible to contemplate.



Photo credit: Screenshot from Jamie Nelson Cornaby’s public Facebook video, which was posted to Youtube on August 7 and is linked above.

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  • Geoff Withnell says:

    I notice that the button is flush, so I don’t see how just putting the doll in a sitting position is going to push it. I call BS.

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