Member of NYPD Shot While Celebrations Continue in #Baltimore #FreddieGray Case

Member of NYPD Shot While Celebrations Continue in #Baltimore #FreddieGray Case

Residents in Baltimore have been celebrating the charges brought in the death of Freddie Gray for the past two days. Even though there is no definitive answer as to what caused Gray’s death, and certainly no convictions of the police charged, celebrants partied in the streets.

On Saturday protestors held a rally where they listened to black luminaries like Malik Shabazz, former national chairman of the Black Panther party, declare that black people “don’t need police,” and that they can rely on gang members of the Bloods and Crips as the “defenders and protectors” of their community. What could possibly go wrong?

Also at the rally was a young woman who told a CNN reporter, “We don’t need no curfew! We grown ass people!”

Meanwhile, around 6 pm Eastern time in New York City, a member of the NYPD was shot in the face as he confronted a suspect in Queens. Twenty-five-year-old plainclothes officer Brian Moore and his partner were fired upon as they pulled up alongside a man acting suspiciously. Moore was placed into a medically induced coma following emergency surgery and is currently in critical condition.

The suspect, identified as Demetrius Blackwell, has a police record of ten arrests, including robbery, grand larceny, and illegal possession of a weapon.

These first days of May have seen the streets of Baltimore and New York, as well as Seattle and Oakland, erupt into violence against police. Meanwhile, a member of the Colorado Fraternal Order of Police posted this picture to Facebook.

Colorado FOPPolice officers’ lives matter — more so than many people would like to admit. While many of us have weapons in our homes and would be able to defend ourselves, the police still remain that Thin Blue Line working their hardest to keep the lawless at bay. We pray for the recovery of Officer Brian Moore, and for the safety of those good police who put their lives and bodies on the line to protect their communities.

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  • Penny says:

    This is just crazy!! How can 13% of this country’s population get this much political power!! The election of a black president. He, Holder and their minions have taken race relations back 50 years, at least. And, this rush-to-judgement prosecutor’s case is going to dry up when it gets hit with the reality of proving her overreaching charges…it’s pure politics…she and her husband want to be the black Clintons, a power couple.

  • kalitia says:

    Sadly, regardless of the outcome of charges for the six, it’s the process that is their punishment.

  • RE Ramcharan says:

    This is starting to look more and more like the outward manifestation of a behind-the-scenes power struggle among factions of the corrupt ruling elites.

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