Meghan McCain: the GOP needs to be more “cool” and “pro-sex”

Meghan McCain: the GOP needs to be more “cool” and “pro-sex”

That master of political commentary, Meghan McCain, has graced us with her wisdom yet again. Appearing on the Colbert Report, the McCainBlogette let us know what kind of conservative she is and what the GOP needs to be. I’m pretty sure she also made her Dad cry a few times, too, but you’ll see what I mean when you watch.

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First, I gotta say, Meghan McCain was either extremely uncomfortable during that interview or she has no personality. Of all that I could say about Meghan McCain, I wouldn’t necessarily say that she’s lacking personality, so I’m guessing she was nervous. In any case, she looked completely dull and boring next to Colbert.

I think my favorite part of the interview is when Colbert described what kind of Republican Meghan McCain is: “pro-sex”, “pro-life”, and “pro-gay marriage”. And as Colbert incredulously pointed out, how do Republicans normally reproduce?? Being pro-abstinence does not mean anti-sex, Meghan. And she fails to recognize that we aren’t telling 21-year-olds that they need to worry about being abstinent, we are specifically talking to young high school students, usually around 17 and under. I don’t know any Republicans who are anti-sex, so I don’t get where Meghan McCain is coming from there.

And also, as Stephen Colbert points out, Meghan McCain is more liberal on gay marriage than Barack Obama! He joked that he’d turn her into a Republican by the end of the show, and I laughed because it would be nice if she could actually be a Republican.

McCain then goes on to illustrate how the GOP needs to do more than use Twitter to be “cool”, because apparently, Republicans are “uncool”. And of course, she had to further emphasize the “pro-sex” thing. So, to sum up Meghan McCain’s political advice for the GOP, we need to be cooler and more pro-sex, as opposed to stuffy prudish types I guess. I suppose this explains her little screed on how she’s a “cool” Republican who has a tattoo and wears black and listens to rock music and has gay friends. And apparently, likes sex. A lot.

Which is one other thing I wondered as I watched her appearance on the Colbert Report. Why on Earth would she talk so much about sex on a cable TV show when I’m sure her parents would be watching? I mean, good Lord woman, tone it down a bit. I can just imagine her father watching that and crying. No parent is naive enough to think that their 24-year-old is still a virgin, but all the same, I’m pretty sure they don’t want to hear repeatedly in a five-minute span how much their 24-year-old loves sex, either.

(Really, with all of Meghan McCain’s talk about how much she loves sex, I kind of wondered if she was sending a message to single guys out there that she was definitely up for it, if you know what I mean.)

In any case, Meghan McCain likes to say all of the things that will make her look cool and hip with the MSM, college kids, and Democrats, but nothing that will actually help the Republican Party. And because her dad is a Senator and a failed presidential candidate, we’re for some reason supposed to take her advice?

It’s sad, because at first, I kind of liked Meghan McCain. Now, she just makes it too easy.

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  • Andy says:

    I guess this is one is the main reasons politics frustrate me so much. Maybe Meghan McCain is right, young adults just love slutting around so much and a party that emphasizes sexual responsibility is not going to do well with them. Politics is about winning a majority of votes and as the culture becomes more decadent, its going to be tough winning elections by standing for good virtues.

  • Bob says:

    The thing is, being pro-abstinent will just get you laughed at, as studies from both sides have shown how completely worthless abstinence education has turned out to be.

    The Democrats have appealed to the younger crowd, and they have been very successful. It’s working for them. They are also *keeping* those voters.

    As far as the interview, I’d be uncomfortable too. I think that Colbert is actually rather weird and he comes across as downright creepy sometimes. Also fairly unfunny.

  • physics geek says:

    Her parents must be so proud. Maybe she can get an interview on Howard Stern talking about which position she finds most enjoyable, along with detailed descriptions of her boyfriends, umm, shortcomings.

  • Tertius says:

    Bob, being pro-abstinence may make one “laughed at” by the masses, but an ethic of abstinence and reverence for marriage as a covenant does, I believe, increase happiness and foster a sense of purpose in marriage. Granted, political means of encouraging abstinence can only go so far and should only go so far. Ultimately the heart is at issue and the state shouldn’t and can’t address the desires of the heart. That’s a matter for the faith community. Nonetheless, the state in its capacity in managing the public schools should hold forth sexual abstinence as the ideal value. I see little reason for then instructing children on safe sex. The schools teach, presumably, children to read, write, and investigate on their own, and there’s plenty of stuff on the Internet and public libraries that can fully inform teenagers in contraception and prophylactics.

  • mj says:

    Isn’t she also supposed to say the enjoys walks on the beach and appreciates the finer things in life in her video dating profile?

    I suspect the sex-positive stuff is supposed to show that she’s hip, like the sex-positive feminists hooking up at school.

  • Frank White says:

    She should do porn. That would make the GOP cool.

  • Rizelico says:


    You really think Stephen Colbert isn’t funny?

    Let me guess: you’re part of the focus group that gave the thumbs up to crap like “Meet the Spartans”, right?

  • I thought that it was well-established that conservatives enjoy sex more than liberals. Also, conservative, married, Bible-belt, Protestant women enjoy it the most.

    If Meghan McCain thinks that conservatives are against sex, she should take a tour of a church in the South (except during the one for the kids). She’ll hear pastors telling their congregants that sex is amazing and to not let the daily stresses of marriage interfere with enjoyment of it. Maybe she would start to understand that the chastity movement is not anti-sex, but pro-sex: by understanding the importance and power of sex, we hope that people will enjoy it within a marriage, when they can give themselves to their partners without having to worry about diseases, commitment, whether he’ll call her the next morning, etc.

    Meghan McCain… [shakes head]. Not the wisest young lady out there.

  • DavidL says:

    Go away Meghan. Take your dad with you and stay away. Meghan has done nothing, save maybe eat and talk too much. We tried the McCain approach, ignoring conservative principles and appealing to the moderates. What did we get for it? A moron in the White House.

  • keith says:

    You ever seen idiocracy?

    500 years in the future is this guy says “Man I love sex!”
    The reply: “Yeah, I think everyone does…”
    “No, not as much as me!”

    Point is, it’s idiotic to proclaim how great sex is. Everyone likes it, everyone does it, it’s the 21st century.

  • Joe says:

    One of the problems with the Republican party is it both wants government to remain out of our lives and yet be involved in the most intimate parts of our lives.

    Meghan McCain is a flake, but even flakes can be right. There is a very vocal part of the Republican Party which really is anti-sex and is willing to use the power of government to control that which isn’t any of governments business. In the name of spirituality, they undercut parental authority every bit as much as liberals on the other end of the spectrum.

  • Alamo says:


    You have piqued my curiosity; just who are these Republicans who are anti-sex and seek to employ the government to control it?

    Examples- please.

    I suspect you are one HIGHLY delusional man…….

  • Son of Bob says:

    No, I won’t watch this silly girl on a stupid TV show. The entire McCain family are an embarrassment – they need to have the guts to just change their party affiliation once and for all…but, they won’t, because the only reason this stupid twit, her useless father, and her ignorant grandmother are asked for interviews is that all of these left-wing hacks are wild about morons who are registered as Republicans but willingly defame the party. They are merely useful idiots for the left. Once this McCain clan finally become democrats someday, no one will have any use for their idiocy whatsoever.

  • johnny says:

    I think Ms. McCain is a flake, but 100% right in this case.

    Some comedian said once that it’s crazy that we should be trying to stop gays from getting married and joining the boyscouts. After all, it sounds like they’re just trying to become republicans.

    When you get past the kneejerk reaction, there’s a lot of truth to that statement. The truth is these folks want what we want and even though we don’t agree with their lifestyle, we shouldn’t stop them from having it. It’s a freedom thing.

    On the subject of sex, just about everyone I know from my age group (late 40’s) will tell you that yes, they had sex before marriage. This is men & women, liberal and conservative. We all know that those younger than us probably get more action than we did. Why fight a losing battle and also paint ourselves as hypocrites?

    Instead of setting ourselves up for failure, maybe we should spend more time talking frankly about the responsibilities that come with sex such as ruined reputations, unwanted pregnancies, STDs, etc.

    The left is correct that the answer to controlling these problems is education, they are just wrong about what should be taught. The message shouldn’t be “wear a condom.” It should be “Act like a whore and you’ll be treated like one,” and “Be careful or that one night stand you picked up last night will be getting 15 to 20% of your salary for the next 18 years in the form of child support.” If we teach our teens why sex can have repurcussions we can help them more than a “just say no” policy ever would.

    The GOP shouldn’t be the party of “no” which is the way the left has painted us with some success. Instead, we need to re-paint ourselves as the party of responsibility and maturity.

  • BobV says:

    I think a winning strategy for the GOP on this would be to get out of the business all together. Take a more libertarian approach and basically say whatever you do behind closed doors (with consenting adults of course) is your business, just don’t expect government assistance in dealing with the consequences of your actions. And emphasize that tolerating the actions of free adults does not = agreeing with them.

  • Frank White says:

    I bet she makes a mean fruitshake.

  • RickS says:

    Sen. McCain, please tell your daughter to STFU. Seriously. She’s embarrassing you.

  • Jay says:

    I’m very pro-automobile. I think it’s a very convenient way to get around and driving can be fun of itself. That’s why I think we should tear down all the stop signs and traffic lights and abolish all these silly rules about “lanes” and “right of way”. And all these annoying lectures about changing the oil and testing your breaks and on and on, they just get tedious people!! These are just things that the anti-automobile crowd is trying to force on the rest of us to take away the convenience and pleasure of driving. If we could just get rid of all the tiresome rules and “advice”, then we could all enjoy driving to the fullest. If you don’t believe in driving a car with no breaks, then don’t do it! But don’t try to impose your morality on me!

  • StevefromMKE says:

    I’ve said this elsewhere in regards to Ms. Meghan, but just because she needs her beef curtains to be pounded to enjoy her vapid little life, doesn’t mean every other woman needs to follow her example to be happy.

  • Frank White says:

    Steve you are doing it wrong. You have to allude to perverse sexual acts, but you can’t just come right out and say “beef curtains pounded” its poor form and shows a lack of imagination. I mean when I made the comment about her making a mean fruitshake, If you understand what I meant its a pretty disgusting comment, but if you don’t you will just be like “hmmm what is he talking about”. It’s like how Seinfeld can be funny without profanity.

  • btenney says:

    She has a Tattoo, That could be a lack of Self Esteem issue.

  • btenney says:

    I nominate her for the Office of National Vagina.

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