Med Student and Future Millionaire Auctioning Off Her Virginity

Med Student and Future Millionaire Auctioning Off Her Virginity

Bidding is now over $550,000

I have read and re-read her reasons, explanations, her resume, her “interview” with bidder’s questions, and the comments on her blog.

Yes, she is an articulate, well-educated woman and I do believe she has the right to do as she pleases, because this is America and you can make stupendously bad decisions as long as you don’t break laws.  Or hurt people.  Even if it’s yourself.

Which is why she is doing the deed in Australia – to get around American prostitution laws.

I’m not judging her…oh, hell, who am I kidding….yes I am.  I’m not judging her right to do it, but I’m completely judging her and her justifications.  I think she is making a huge mistake, a dangerous mistake, and even though she writes a compelling and intellectualized reason for pursuing this “auction” that will allow a total stranger to bed her,  she has conveniently and very foolishly sanitized  the critical component that will take part in her “experience” – the man who holds the winning bid for her virginity.

 “I value my virginity as something that is very much my own and a testament to my free-spirit and independence. Please consider this as you contemplate your bid. Lastly, I would like to add that while my virginity does have a price, my self-respect is absolutely priceless. I ask you to please keep this in mind as well.”

Whomever “wins” this auction will have no thought about her self-respect…you can be sure of that.  And the “free-spirit and independence” means absolutely jack shit to a man who has PAID HER FOR NOVELTY SEX.  Ok, forget novelty…just sex.

Because nothing says “independence” like getting paid for sex.

She actually seems to appreciate the freedoms she has as an American.  That’s why these comments are disturbing to me:

“While my father’s position at Aramco afforded me the absolute best in travel and educational opportunities, it was not lost on me that Saudi Arabia is a country with an atrocious women’s rights record. As an American, I was left untouched (for the most part), but witnessed first hand the very different fates of Saudi women. This is unquestionably a reason why I have been and will always be deeply grateful for my freedoms, my education, and all other opportunities I have been given.”

Being grateful for her freedoms does not insulate her from the proclivities of a man who is capable of spending north of half a million dollars on whatever weird and sad pleasure he gets from bedding a virgin he does not know or care about.  Oops…did I just describe a rich Saudi Arabian?

Despite her ramblings and justifications for prostituting herself because her virginity is “a source of personal freedom and power”, it hasn’t occurred to her that all that personal freedom and power will mean nothing to the winning bidder.  The minute the money is in the trust account and that bedroom door shuts, she is left alone with a man who bought her.  There will be no romance, no tender excitement, no connection, no relationship, not even a friendship.  Nothing.  This man won’t care about her blog, her writing skills, her spirit, her pleasure, or her life.  He’ll be looking for a big pay-off for his money.  He won’t be kind or gentle, or even polite.  Bank on it.

The 35% that she plans on donating to a charity “that brings education to women in developing countries” seems ironic and sad, given that most women in developing countries have to prostitute themselves to even eat.

It’s not about her virginity.  She’s selling way more than one night with a stranger.  The “winner” might feel he got his money’s worth.  And she might feel it was worth it, because it added to her sense of “personal freedom”.  I don’t know how it will enhance her skills as a doctor, but her bank account will be full and her blog will go stratospheric.

After that magical and romantic night, I predict she will experience other not-so-magical or romantic sleepless nights as she realizes that selling anything about yourself, whether it be your virginity or any other aspect of yourself that is intrinsically and uniquely yours is a big mistake.   She says she’s not particularly religious, but what about morality?   For all the talk about personal freedom and the right to sexual expression, it is wrong and hurtful to sell any part of yourself.  There’s nothing “free” about being bought.

I’m sad for her, I truly am.  I wish I could convince her there are other ways to feel powerful and free.

Like being a doctor to prostitutes in developing countries.

And if the doctor thing doesn’t work out after all this, she could always run for Governor of Texas.

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  • Kate says:

    And if the doctor thing doesn’t work out after all this, she could always run for Governor of Texas.

    LOOOOOOL! And I’m not sad for her. She’s going to be a Doctor, she should know better, for gosh sakes.

  • Jen says:

    One can only imagine what will be demanded of her to justify $500,000.
    She’ll be lucky to be alive the next day. Since she will simply be viewed as a skank who sold herself for sex, she will be considered “unpure” and vile. Perhaps she has not thought this through.

    “Stupid is as stupid does”

  • I have no idea if she will seriously go through with this (or if she is a virgin as claimed) but like the Brazilian stunt, it turned out the winning bidder was not a rich 50 something Japanese businessman but a 21 year old Japanese guy who went out to dinner with the girl. And the deal was not consummated.

    This is more about attention than anything else.

  • Catherine: Your comments on what prostitution is all about are spot on. Of course, even the highest priced call girls do not get $500K for a night. A few do ok (if you consider monetary reimbursement only–and leave out the debasement part) but most certainly do not. And it can be a brutal dangerous job.

  • John says:


  • John says:


  • TC says:

    Probably a butterface.

  • Xavier says:

    She’s going to keep the non-refundable $100 per bidder and either renege at the last minute or have a fake bidder win.

    I’ll stake my virginity on it.

    • Catherine Wilkinson says:

      That was my thought too, Xavier….that it’s a scam…so, which is worse? Scamming your virginity or just selling it? LOL

    • wfjag says:

      Or, this is a feminist “experiment – study” to prove that men are pigs. A fairly attractive woman, claiming to be well educated and traveled, and pursuing MD/Ph.D. studies (which may be true, and if true, indicates her intent if the Ph.D. is in Psychology or a related field), is representing herself to be a 28 year old virgin, offering to sell her hyman to the highest bidder, and the responses she got were . . ., and the comments on social media were . . ., and the comments on YouTube and other places on the internet were . . . So, she then writes a book that men are pigs, and goes on The View, etc., and launches her advice column subscription website, etc.

      IOW, like you, I think it’s a scam; but, also think that she has a plan to play it out for a lot more than the $100 per bid ante. Suckers are born every minute.

  • DPC says:

    Does she know there will be price she must pay for her actions?

    “Something For Nothing”
    by Geddy Lee, Neil Peart

    Waiting for the winds of change
    To sweep the clouds away
    Waiting for the rainbow’s end
    To cast its gold your way
    Countless ways
    You pass the days

    Waiting for someone to call
    And turn your world around
    Looking for an answer
    To the question you have found
    Looking for
    An open door

    You don’t get something for nothing
    You can’t have freedom for free
    You won’t get wise
    With the sleep still in your eyes
    No matter what your dreams might be

    What you own is your own kingdom
    What you do is your own glory
    What you love is your own power
    What you live is your own story
    In your head is the answer
    Let it guide you along
    Let your heart be the anchor
    And the beat of your own song

    You don’t get something for nothing
    You can’t have freedom for free
    You won’t get wise
    With the sleep still in your eyes
    No matter what your dreams might be

  • Donna says:

    I’ll bet her parents are super proud of her! And I’ll also bet the IRS is watching with bated breath so they can tax her sizable income. Maybe she should turn in her passport and renounce her citizenship to avoid the tax consequences. And then she can sneak back into the U.S. and go to school in the U.S. as an illegal alien and have the government pay for it — which will negate her need for money to pay for her advanced degree! Reminds me of the Gift of the Magi…

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