May Day, May Day!

May Day, May Day!

Seattle, Washington was a riot on Wednesday, and no, it wasn’t those violent Tea Party radicals, Chris Matthews. Once again, it was the civility of the Far Left in America on shameless display.

Following a relatively peaceful May Day protest, Occupy types took over, attacking corporatism and greed, demanding citizenship for those who have broken our laws, and…oh, never mind, it matters not. What matters is that the peaceful protesters threw rocks and full water bottles at police officers, terrorized and injured citizens in their cars, shattered store-front windows, with at least one of the well-coiffed participants courageously attacking NikeTown, wait for it…while wearing a pair of the loathsome Nikes. They tweeted out their distain for “The Man” from their iPhones. They posted status updates on gazillionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. But Spring in Seattle is notoriously chilly, thus the dedicated “F*** the Piggers” kept cozy and warm wrapped inside their $150 Northface jackets. Hey, who wants to be uncomfortable when waging anarchy. Protesting is hard work, and chanting “Capitalist Pigs!” in haute couture is crucial to furthering ones not-so-obvious message of anti-capitalism. Oddly, the Northface web site does not offer a category for “anarchist’s jackets.”

Missing the irony, one protestor said about the police reaction to having rocks hurled at them, “They don’t have any manners. They don’t say please or give you time to get out of the way.” Apparently, breaking store windows and terrorizing news crews covering the riot is what passes for courtesy in AnarchyLand.

In the end, eight officers suffered mostly minor injuries, with the exception of one female officer whose knee was hit by a fist-sized rock. Seventeen of the peaceful protesters were arrested; the rest went home to their parents’ dry basements and iMacs. Not surprisingly, local residents helped tidy up the resulting mess. American Entitlement at its finest.


Nike Tweet
Anarchist attacks NikeTown wearing…Nikes.
May Day Windows
Brave masked Anarchists smash store-front windows Wednesday in Seattle.


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