Mattis Flattens Media About Border Troop Deployment: “We Don’t Do Stunts” [VIDEO]

Mattis Flattens Media About Border Troop Deployment: “We Don’t Do Stunts” [VIDEO]

Mattis Flattens Media About Border Troop Deployment: “We Don’t Do Stunts” [VIDEO]

There are now three illegal migrant caravans heading north to the U.S. border. All involved insist that our country just let them in no questions asked. Sorry but that ain’t gonna happen. Augmenting the incredibly overworked Border Patrol will be U.S. troops and National Guard. When a reporter asked Secretary of Defense Mattis if this move was a political stunt, Mattis had a blunt reply.

Talk about lowering the boom! I mean seriously media! To infer that this troop deployment to the border is a political stunt before the mid-term elections? Wow.

“We don’t do stunts in this department,” Mattis told reporters. [Emphasis Added]

But of course, there are those who DO think this whole thing is a stunt and anyone with Trump is being mean and cruel to all the women and children in the caravan!

‘Vulnerable asylum seekers?’ So that means that the several thousand in the caravans are all escaping political persecution? Remember, this is the criteria for asylum.

The persecution must have been based on at least one of five grounds, either your:

  • race
  • religion
  • nationality
  • political opinion, or
  • membership in a particular social group.

There are around 7,200 in the first illegal immigrant caravan. The media would have us believe that every single one of them fits the asylum criteria. Tell me, exactly WHO is trying pulling a stunt here? Not Secretary of Defense Mattis, and nor are our troops.

Photo Credit: Fox News Video screenshot

For those who insist that the caravans are peaceful, this reality check might hurt a little.

Hundreds of Central American immigrants Monday forded the fast-moving Suchiate River to cross illegally into Mexico a day after violent clashes at the Guatemala-Mexico border left one man dead and dozens of people injured.

The migrants, who struggled through shoulder-deep currents as a police helicopter buzzed overhead, managed to cross onto Mexican soil. But they were met by dozens of Mexican federal police officers and immigration agents, who took many of the migrants into custody.


At first, migrants found themselves unable to cross the river, which on Saturday was being patrolled by Mexican soldiers and more than a dozen Mexican marine boats, and unable to access the bridge that leads to a legal border crossing into Mexico. The border crossing in the Mexican town of Ciudad Hidalgo has not been fully operational since members of the first caravan clashed there with police last week.

On Sunday, members of the new caravan tore down a chain-link fence that Guatemalan officials had erected to prohibit entry onto the bridge. They pushed past dozens of Guatemalan forces who sought to deter them with shields and rounds of tear gas.

Those migrants, heading here to enter the U.S. illegally also threw rocks and bottles at the police.

Yeah, super peaceful aren’t they? If they are all just innocent folks escaping persecution, violence, and poverty, then why are their faces covered?

What is happening or will be happening at our border is most definitely a national security concern. The caravan needs to be taken seriously. Mattis is correct. We should not view this as a stunt in any way shape or form.

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Feature Photo Credit: Fox News Video screenshot

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  • Hamilton B Snark says:

    I wanna see how strongly “Mad Dog” Mattis is influenced by “Sign the petition to tell Secretary Mattis to cancel the deployment of troops to the border:” 🙂

  • GWB says:

    a caravan of vulnerable asylum seekers
    To quote Uhura, “Sorry, NEITHER!”

  • John Fembup says:

    [From the post] “The media would have us believe that every single one of them fits the asylum criteria.“

    Infuriating – but not surprising. The media still doesn’t grasp that only 19 young men pulled off 911.

    Yeah, the media shows they are truly the ones who fit “asylum”criteria.

  • Fen says:

    NPC Soyboy#1145: “If “Mad dog” Mattis agrees with putting US troops on the border, his nickname should be – ”

    Hey little Twitter Twat, would you like to meet Marine Corps General Mattis so you can say that to his face? I doubt He cares about nicknames as much as you and the other Mean Girls, but it would be amusing to see you soil your UnderRoos.

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