Mark Steyn at his best in “The Barbarians Are Inside, and There Are No Gates”

Mark Steyn at his best in “The Barbarians Are Inside, and There Are No Gates”

Mark Steyn at his best in “The Barbarians Are Inside, and There Are No Gates”

Mark Steyn’s post from last night, The Barbarians Are Inside, and There Are No Gates, written concurrently with the unfolding terrorist attack in Paris, says everything you and I also want to say. He’s

“bloody sick of these savages shooting and bombing and killing and blowing up everything [he] likes[s].”

Me too! I am so sick of this scene playing out every few months or weeks, now.


And here we are, debating whether idiotic college kids can have a “safe space” on their little cloistered campuses. Jeez, what those people in Paris last night wouldn’t have given for a safe space!

About the campus safe space nonsense, Mark Steyn said only hours before the Paris attack:

“This is what we’re going to be talking about when the mullahs nuke us.”

How prescient he was.

Hey jack wagons parading as special snowflakes, why don’t you take a venture out of your sheltered little dorm room and take a look at world news once in a while – did you see last night that over one hundred innocent people were gunned down on the streets of Paris? You know Paris, right? That place with the Eiffel Tower where people get engaged, that romantic City of Lights? Yes, that same city woke up to absolute carnage today. And unfortunately it’s not even the first significant terrorist attack that city has witnessed this year alone!

Or, why don’t you do some actual community work and venture out to America’s inner cities? You’ll find enough violence, unpleasantness, and death there to make an impression on you. I challenge you to think about real solutions to the problems and not just the supposed solutions that have been spoon fed to you by your progressive/socialist/Marxist/communist professors and race-baiting community organizers.

You never hear Obama talk about gun violence unless it involves squashing the Second Amendment. Do you think he really cares about solving gun violence? No, he does not. All of Obama’s actions point his desire to make Americans weaker, and the government stronger. How do I know this? Because his solutions never have anything to do with stopping the actual problem. Taking guns away from people who would never dream of shooting up a bunch of school kids will not stop the people who actually go out and do it.

In another absolutely jawdropping moment of smackdown, Steyn notes how just yesterday morning the President told George Stephanopolous that “he’d ‘contained’ ISIS and that they’re not ‘gaining strength.’” Sorry Mr. President, it took less than a day for the truth of that statement to be blown to smithereens. Will you be looking for a video on YouTube to explain this now? Surely, this was just a bunch of lowlifes roaming the streets of Paris who said, “Let’s go kill some open-air diners!” And voila, one of the worst terrorist attacks ever on the European continent.

Our president is absolutely feckless. So feckless in fact, any person with common sense has to wonder, “Is he for the other side?” I mean, what would he do differently if he were on the other side? He says the future should not belong to those who slander Islam. He draws down our military presence in the Middle East after a very hard fought war and before any lasting stability can be established. He draws red lines that mean nothing. He ignores advice by seasoned military advisors. He prosecutes the general whose intelligence and leadership contributed to victory in Iraq, but dismisses the slam-dunk case against thugs intimidating voters at polling places. He makes nuclear deals with Iran! With Iran! Tell me, if he did not have America’s best interest at heart, what would he do differently? His actions do not align with America’s best interests, period.

For whatever reason, Obama supporters cannot be honest about the harm he has caused. As long as that lasts we will continue to be unable to come together as a country. And this perhaps is his greatest achievement of all – he has successfully created an atmosphere in America that has conscious people acknowledging that our first black president has been a great disappointment to those who would exalt Martin Luther King, Jr. The color of our skin is everything now. President Obama has proudly earned the title of Divider in Chief.

Steyn is “Islamed out.” And I am too. Steyn is “tired of Islam 24/7, at Colorado colleges, Marseilles synagogues, Sydney coffee shops, day after day after day.” And this is the crux of the matter:

“The west cannot win this thing with a schizophrenic strategy of targeting things and people but not targeting the ideology, of intervening ineffectually overseas and not intervening at all when it comes to the remorseless Islamization and self-segregation of large segments of their own countries.”

I may have been a little late to the table, but September 11, 2001, I arrived. I realized that radical Islam was not to be reasoned with, or respected, or coddled. I struggled with whether Islam was compatible with American values. I thought, surely there must be a way for Muslims to assimilate, for we are a nation that is based on respecting religious belief. Surely, if this is not Islam, good Muslims will stand up and make it stop. Surely, radical Islam is not Islam. I am not so sure anymore. It has been 14 years and I’ve yet to see any good Muslims do anything about this.

I think the solution is two fold. First, all freedom loving people need to stand up and fight against this scourge upon the earth. We need to show overwhelming strength and violence to kill this insidious infection being inflicted upon mankind.

Second, if there are any good Muslims out there, they are the best hope for the survival of their faith. They are being overrun by evil. If they do not stop it, they too will perish – along with their so-called religion of peace.

I’m sick of anyone who might say I’m racist because I am critical of Obama. I cannot understand how anyone could support this President. Everything he has done in office is contrary to American values. His skin color means nothing to me. Nothing. His deplorable actions in not protecting this nation and refusing to be a leader in the world are disgusting. He has hurt America, and the world, and I cannot wait for the day that he is no longer Commander in Chief. He would be a complete joke if his failures weren’t so dangerous. (That isn’t completely accurate; “failures” implies he tried.)

This goes for the rest of our leaders in Washington. I see potential for some of you, but I will be looking for absolute, unwavering strength come election time. Without national security we have nothing. Did you hear that you little darlings at Yale, Mizzou, and Claremont McKenna, and any other college students who think they need protection from someone’s words? You are about to find out what having a safe space really means.


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  • Dick Barber says:

    Well spoken and well received. Thank you for blogging what I am a lot of us are thinking and discussing. I hope that the nation will get the message in time.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    Please please please never refer to that jackass Obozo as “our” president. He is NOT my president and I venture to say he is not the president of any of us who know him for what he truly is. He is THEIR president-the president, no, the god, of Progressives both in this country and throughout the world. Millions actually believe anything he says and think he is doing a great job despite mountains of evidence that shows otherwise. Only if you think treason is wonderful can anyone say this media created fraud is doing a great job.

    Aside from this Europe needs to wake up and remove the Progressive scales from its eyes because if it does not finally end its suicidal embrace of all things islamic the era of Nazi occupation will look like minor league stuff compared to what the muslim colonizers will do once they outnumber the natives. Proof of that is simple to find-just read the history of what Islamania does once it invades nations. A reading of what happened to Constantinople in 1453 alone should raise the hairs on one’s head to see what the future of Europe holds. And then what will await THIS country not too long thereafter.

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