London Mayor Bans Knives. Are Forks Next?

London Mayor Bans Knives. Are Forks Next?

London Mayor Bans Knives. Are Forks Next?

What is happening to London? Those brave men and women who withstood the German blitz wouldn’t recognize the city they loved and fought to protect. In their place, London now has a mayor who bows at the altar of political correctness and whose policies have hamstrung police to the point where London’s murder rate is now higher than that of New York City.

Think about that for a moment. London, capital of a nation where gun ownership is severely limited, has a murder rate higher than NYC. As improbable as that sounds, it is the truth. In fact, at the current rate, London is on course to surpass the 130 murders that happened last year. It is possible the city will see a rate higher than it has since the early 2000s.

It is no surprise that guns aren’t the problem (are you listening, anti-Second Amendment folks?). The vast majority of these murders are committed with knives. The solution? According to Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, it is to outlaw knives. After all, according to Khan, there is no reason for anyone to carry a knife in his fair town. Oh, there’s a bit more to it, including resuming “stop and frisk” in areas of high crime, but it basically comes down to knives are bad. No one should have a knife.

Oh, but that’s not all he had to say. In a city where the murder rate is spiking, he apparently thinks this ban will be a cure-all.

My question for Khan is how are these young people supposed to protect themselves if they can’t carry a gun or knife? Those who will obey the law probably don’t carry a knife already. Those who won’t obey this new law, well, they aren’t very likely to turn in their blades just because the mayor is asking nicely.

I might even buy the mayor’s concern about the issue if he had been more proactive about this situation before now. It wasn’t until international media started looking closely at the rising crime rates – and their causes – that Khan did anything to begin to stem the tide. The problem with his plan? It doesn’t take into account those who need a knife, or box cutter or similar tool, for their jobs. We’re not talking about simply banning knives with a blade of a certain length or longer. He wants folks to turn in their knives. What’s next? Forks? Sporks? There comes a time when even the politicians who love sticking their heads in the proverbial sand have to recognize there is more to violence than the weapon.

Unfortunately, London – and England as a whole – is stuck in a warped view of weapons and one’s ability to defend oneself. Last week, a 78-year-old man, a pensioner, was held on suspicion of murder? His supposed crime? He protected himself during a violent home invasion. The man discovered two men inside his home after midnight. One of them, armed with a screwdriver, forced him into the kitchen while the other went upstairs. In a struggle that broke out, the homeowner stabbed one of the intruders. That intruder was found away from the home and later died.

Let’s see. After midnight. 78-year-old man. Two intruders, at least one of whom was armed. The dead man was 39 years younger than the homeowner. But the 78-year-old is arrested on suspicion of murder. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with a justice system that allows this sort of thing without someone actually weighing all the circumstances and determining whether or not the man acted reasonably under the circumstances?

I guess not. Still, it is sad to see a once great nation turn into a pale imitation of what it once was. It also serves as a lesson for the U.S. The gun ban didn’t work in England to keep the murder rate down. Now they are banning knives. What will they ban next when the gangs and other parts of the criminal element find a new weapon to use? Will they ban forks or sporks? How about bats? What will England do without cricket bats? Yes, I’m being facetious but it is that or cry. the choice of a weapon isn’t the problem that needs to be addressed. The cause of the crime does. The weapon is merely a tool, one we’ve seen proof positive can and will be replaced as needs be.

England, especially London, is no longer the land of survivors and warriors it once was. Will it ever be so again? Only if it manages to turn away from the policies that continue to ignore the causes of the rising crime rate. They — and we — have to stop worrying about the feelz and start worrying about the causation and response.

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  • Scott says:

    Hmmm, elect a muslim, and he further disarms the populace…. this is NOT my surprised face, but i do agree that it’s shocking and sad how the Brits have fallen.. Churchill is spinning in his grave…if this bunch was around during the blitz, it never would have happened, they would have just rolled out the red carpet, and proclaimed Hitler the new King of England!

    • Amanda Green says:

      Or put Edward back on the throne.

      But you’re right about Churchill and others. If they hooked generators up to their graves right now, Britain wouldn’t have a power problem ever. That’s how fast they are spinning in their graves.

  • GWB says:

    London now has a mayor who bows at the altar of political correctness
    He bows to Mecca. I think he … oh, dear, I’m going to hell for just thinking that, not even typing it.

  • GWB says:

    My question for Khan is how are these young people supposed to protect themselves if they can’t carry a gun or knife?
    By relying on someone else, Amanda! Duh. They’ll be relying on the omni-present, omniscient, all-providing, peace-making State! Mamlakah-shammah. Mamlakah-roi. Mamlakah-jireh. Mamlakah-shalom. Adonai.
    (I apologize for any transliteration mistakes in the above Hebrew. “Mamlakah” means “kingdom” according to Strong’s.)

    It doesn’t take into account those who need a knife, or box cutter or similar tool, for their jobs.
    As replies on Twitchy noted, “Seems like the British police just stop and frisked a repair man” and “What muppet decides to file somebody to death?”

    And they’ve started a Twit campaign with the #knifefree hashtag, trying to turn it into a lifestyle choice.
    Which one of you idiots said “they can’t get any stupider than this”?
    Twitter plus /SYPCC/status/981523280510124032

    When you’ve told the people they will be tried for actually defending themselves inside their homes when confronted with what the gov’t is now saying is an implement so dangerous it needs to be confiscated (a screwdriver), you’re not even on the level of thinking of them as subjects (as opposed to citizens). You’ve relegated them to the level of cattle.

    • Amanda Green says:

      Absolutely. As I was prepping my post for this morning, I came across a story where the police were showing other “weapons”. One of them was a common gardening tool. The caption was to the effect that “this too could be a weapon in the wrong hands.” Well, hell, anything can be a weapon if used that way. How far the Brits have sunk.

      • Manual Paleologos says:

        A couple of years ago, I heard a live radio broadcast. There had been a traffic accident outside the station and a male driver had apparently tried to bully the female driver. The commentator was giving a blow-by-blow commentary of the women in the car, beating the snot out of the guy with their Bibles. It was absolutely hilarious.

        As far as banning knives, I believe they’re illegal in prisons. Prisons are such safe places, where stabbings never occur, eh?

      • GWB says:

        “this too could be a weapon in the wrong hands.”
        And they don’t even realize the stupidity in that statement – because they’re trying to take away the tool, rather than find and stop the “wrong hands”. *triple facepalm*

  • Scott says:

    Not cattle GWB, SHEEP! There are three types of people in this world, Wolves, Sheep, and Sheepdogs… and quite obviously, the ones who are supposed to be Sheepdogs in England have decided to abdicate their responsibility, and leave the Sheep to the Wolves..
    Here’s a god read on the subject…

  • Brat says:

    As someone who is a proud Brit AND who lived and worked in London for a few years before I emigrated, I can’t even begin to tell you how distressed I am with the current climate. Such bull****…

    The current Mayor needs to be removed as his disgusting mouthings add nothing to England, MY England.. Yes, the spirit of London runs deep in my veins and I swear my ancestors who stood and bled for OUR England are – I am sure – rolling in their graves..

    Of course, my solution of removing the Mayor is very simplistic, but if you pay ANY attention to the goings on in England, it was no surprise to me that he was elected.

    In short? I weep for my England..

    • Scott says:

      My condolences Brat, I can only imagine. but you are spot on, when people are subjects, not citizens, the govt can do as it pleases, and once a country gives in to a blood cult like islam (and yes, parts of the US are getting close to that), you are on a very slippery slope indeed

    • Amanda Green says:

      You say much the same as my other friends from London. They detest the mayor but see him as the inevitable consequence of what’s been happening not just in Britain but in Europe in general. I, too, weep for your England and for London especially. London is one of my favorite cities in the world. Now, however, I would think twice before spending much time there and it breaks my heart to say it.

      • Brat says:

        I was in England – London at the end of January….Only there for one week, and not nearly enough for me. Friends here said “don’t get arrested”…. which if you’ve ever read my writings, you’d know that could have been a possibility..

        I left with so many clashing what I call “photographs for the heart”…that it will take me more than a little while to process them all. For now, suffice to say, whilst it was NOT the London I left years ago, I did see glimmers of the England I knew and love.

  • tokyov says:

    LOL, haven’t you seen all the tools that the Metropolitan Police found in their big weapons sweeps and posted photos of on Twitter? Metal files, scissors, gardening forks, pliers. Only a few screwdrivers and ice picks, and the occasional actual folding knife like the one I gave to my teenage son. All were “safely taken off the street for disposal”.

    • Amanda Green says:

      I have. In fact, I saw a post this morning on that very thing. This time, they were showing a gardening tool, one I have out on my porch right now to be used later today. The caption, as I noted above, talked about how it, too, could be a weapon in the wrong hands. How long until they decide forks and spoons are dangerous and the Brits are required to eat with their hands and nothing else? Oh wait, hands can be weapons too. What are the politicians going to do when they realize that?

      • Manual Paleologos says:

        In the US, hands and feet kill more people than rifles, including the dreaded “assault rifles.” This crap isn’t about crime control, it’s about people control. They are getting you accustomed to being sheep, and the population is complying in their own subjugation.

        Freedom, I’m glad I was alive to see it. It was good while it lasted. It will just be a legend to my great grandkids.

        • Penrod says:

          “They are getting you accustomed to being sheep” Security lines at airports have done an incredibly good job at that already. Imagine the reaction forty years ago to proposals for government employees to grope women’s genitals and breasts on demand. OK, make that seventy years ago, when the WWII generation was still in its prime.

        • Chris in N.Va says:

          Wholeheartedly agree.
          Next on the forbidden list:
          * Clenched fist — a formidable offensive weapon
          * Flattened hand, thumb at side — obviously a martial arts weapon

          In the 1960’s Richard Armour had a book, “It All Started With Stones And Clubs”, a humorous “history of modern warfare” which included such gems as: the first offensive weapon was the fist, followed by the first defensive weapon, the skull.

          Soon a stern frown, sure to gravely injure the feeeeelings of some fragile snowflake, will also be outlawed.

          Old Winnie’s words have been morphed into, “Always, always, always give up.”


          • GWB says:

            I was trying to figure out how you got “Always, always, always give up” from “I’ve got a honey pot stuck on my head.” Then I figured out you meant that Winston guy.

  • Lord Garth says:

    In London, as in big cities in the U.S., a lot of the homicides are committed by gangs and the victims are members of other gangs. Typically in the U.S. big cities, over 70% of the victims of homicide have felony records.

    This is not to endorse high murder rates, rather to call attention to the source of much of the problem.

    • Amanda Green says:

      Yep. Which is what Khan should be worrying about. Instead, he is doing all he can to remove “weapons” from those who 1) wouldn’t use them as weapons in the first place and 2) are law abiding citizens and 3) are not part of the problem. As I said in the post, he should be focusing on the cause of the violence, what factors are responsible for it, and not just on the “tools” of it.

  • MarkM says:

    Sad, but you could add all of London’s homicides to the West and South sides of Chicago and I am not sure we would notice the difference. Put another way, the estimated murder rate in Chicago is roughly 8x that of London. Year to date, per a number of articles, London and NY are around 47-50 homicides. Chicago, which is smaller than either, the number is north of 120. That is with the benefit of a first class trauma system … one which our military uses to train its own people, ironically. In other words, year to date, just over 450 people were also reported as shot and survived here in Chicago (admittedly, some of these folks end up double counted as the survivors can get shot again).

    I hate the name of the site, but recommend it for honest counts here in Chicago…
    Of course, Chicago has had nothing but Democratic mayors since 1931 I believe.

    • Eskyman says:

      England doesn’t calculate murder rate the way Chicago, or the USA, does, which makes all “murder rate” comparisons meaningless. That’s why you never see the truth broken down in the ‘news’ media reports: if they told the truth, the oft-quoted “fact” that the USA has a much higher murder rate than the UK would be revealed for the lie that it is.

      It’s entirely possible that London has even more murders than Chicago, however ludicrous that sounds. It’s impossible to know for sure, since we haven’t any honest figures of murder rate from either city; we also have the problem of, “figures lie, and liars figure.” Basically, the UK figures depend on how many were convicted of murder, while the USA figures depend on how many homicides. Not the same thing at all!

      In fact, since the UK banned guns the deaths due to gunfire has risen; now they’re blaming knives, but they’ll never ever blame the jihadis practicing the “religion of peace” as adding to the death toll. It broke my heart to see & hear that video from the Mayor of London, as so few in that video were actual Brits; maybe 10%. The Caliphate is well on its way in London!

      “The murder rate in the UK according to US standards is double or higher than their reported rate.” From

  • John C. says:

    “To such depths have the sons of Alfred the Great fallen.” – LtCol John Dean “Jeff” Cooper, USMC (deceased)

    I find it interesting that white kids were decidedly in the minority in the video. This had to be the choice of the people making the video. Since the population in London is nearly 80% white (, one has to wonder what they were trying to communicate.

  • Penrod says:

    If London is so dangerous that I need to be arrested and successfully prosecuted for wearing my Swiss Army knife -which in London I previously have used to cut sandwiches, slice salami, slice cheese, cut bread, open food wraps, and open packages, Mr Mayor- remind me again why A) I am the problem, and B) I should ever again visit your once great city. The Islamists not only will take over, they deserve to rule because they have self respect which you are obviously opposed to Britons retaining.

  • HarvardR says:

    “Yes, I’m being facetious…”

    Sadly, you may think you are, but the logic of the argument will unfold to its final form.

    Mark the date, “bat control” is next on the plate.

  • Navig8r says:

    Reprising my comment from, same subject,

    I read the article on the British turning to knife control with some sadness. This has been building over England and other parts of Europe for several years now. Check out how many European brands of kitchen cutlery have gone to rounded tips on the knives. It is particularly saddening when I compare that to my own experience and that of many of my peers of starting to learn the safe and responsible use of sharp kitchen tools shortly after we emerged from toddlerhood. For the late bloomers, there was formal instruction available around age seven when they joined the Cub Scouts. I suspect our experience is similar to that of many other societies.

    But when a people, after years of introspection and self analysis concludes that they are individually and collectively unfit for the responsibility of keeping and using basic kitchen tools, it is hard to argue with their conclusions. Such individuals and such a people need firm, detailed, and continuous supervision to avoid harming themselves and others. What is especially sad is that this introspection and self analysis were not completed several decades earlier. Then, the job of providing that supervision could have been awarded to the Germans when they applied for it in 1939, saving millions of lives and enormous amounts of treasure.

  • Strelnikov says:

    Whither the spork?

  • Fiend's Brave Victim says:

    Umm, arresting a man under suspicion of murder is not an unreasonable response of a civilised society when some other man is found dead next to him (he was released without charge very soon afterwards, obviously). Don’t disagree with the rest, Khan is a disgrace. I’m a Londoner who spent most of last year in various Californian cities, though, and in spite of him I know where I would much rather be…

    • GWB says:

      They arrested the guy who lived in that home, and the dead guy was not a resident there. In America, this is known as Self Duhfense because anyone looking at it should say “Duh, that’s self defense.”
      And actually, he was not found “next to” the resident, but down the street, since his accomplice dragged him out of the house. But, evidently being an enervated rowdy, he couldn’t chive on, and left his pal to expire on the sidewalk.
      And, I wouldn’t call 4 days later “very soon afterwards”. That’s about 5 days late, given the circumstances. (The dude is 78.)

      London vs California? Toss-up in many instances, though you’re more likely to understand an East-Ender than a chunk of the folks you’ll meet in LA these days.

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