Dreamers Pay Out-Of-State Tuition: AZ Supremes [VIDEO]

Dreamers Pay Out-Of-State Tuition: AZ Supremes [VIDEO]

Dreamers Pay Out-Of-State Tuition: AZ Supremes  [VIDEO]

In a blow sure to ignite more teeth gnashing, bosom beating and wailing unto the heavens about injustice, the Arizona Supreme Court said DACA Dreamers have no legal standing that qualifies them for in-state tuition rates.

“Legal” being the operative word.

Young immigrants with DACA status who want to attend college in their home state of Arizona will have to pay out-of-state rates.

On Monday, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously sided with an Arizona Court of Appeals’ ruling from last year stating that DACA students are not eligible for lower in-state tuition. Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA,) young immigrants who have been brought to the state as children and qualify for DACA are legally allowed to work and study in the U.S.

According to the Arizona Supreme Court ruling, the state’s current laws don’t allow colleges and universities to grant in-state tuition to students without permanent legal status.

In a move meant to elicit sympathy for Dreamers (but sure to piss off any American CITIZEN student/parent paying out of state rates) the DACA kiddies’ advocates pointed out just how expensive it will be for these ILLEGAL, NON-citizen students to continue their education:

TRIPLE the cost, huh? What’s that break down to, exactly?

According to a local paper, the in-state rate for undergraduate students at Arizona State University is $10,640 — compared to $26,470 for non-resident students. At Maricopa Community Colleges, the in-state rate is $86 per credit hour versus. $241 for non-residents.

Yeah. About triple, give or take. So in-state tuition, by the sizable savings, is quite a perk to STATE residents, who also pay those taxes to support those state institutions. It stands to reason that one should also be legally in {read: not an illegal alien} the state before being able to avail one’s self of such a generous discount…right?

Oh. I guessed WRONG.

“We are not asking for favors. We are not asking for special treatment. We’re just asking to be treated the same way you’d treat any other student who grew up here in the state of Arizona.”

Dreamers have been lionized and romanticized for so long, they seem to have this feeling that if they just skip over the very core of their problem – the very genesis of their illegality – and go straight to “anybody else GROWING UP HERE,” and repeat ad infinitum, it makes everything fine. Renders the original sin moot.

It doesn’t.

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The Arizona Board of Regents must have seen this coming, because they’d already put an adjusted tuition scale into place in 2015. It’s pegged at 150% of in-state tuition for children who had “gone to high school in the state.” Kind of a nifty, pretty generous compromise, one would think, no?


But DACA recipients may not have to pay the full non-resident rate. The Arizona Board of Regents approved a lower tuition rate in 2015 meant for non-residents who are Arizona high school graduates.

The rate is 150 percent of in-state tuition, which amounts to $14,751 next school year.

Korina Iribe, a DACA recipient and the director of advocacy at Undocumented Students for Education Equity, said the ruling will mean fewer students at Arizona’s universities and community colleges.

Iribe said she finished her undergraduate degree in August, but was hoping to get a master’s degree. The ruling could mean she’s priced out of that option, she said.

Can’t get your master’s?! Cry me a river, Korina cookie. And your professional title isn’t exactly setting off the sympathy bells, either. There’re lots of American citizens trying to “advocate for equity” as far as benefits, services, perks and jobs. Things that illegals like yourself have access to that citizens don’t. The state still found a way to provide an affordable college education for your ungrateful, demanding, still illegal selves and that’s STILL NOT BY GOD GOOD ENOUGH for you? Put your hand back in your pocket instead of someone else’s, girlfriend. Or at least cover your mouth with it, before you sound any more ridiculous.

I am sorry your parents are border crossing criminals who dragged you along. This country doesn’t owe you a thing for their crimes, but it tries awfully hard to make it up to you anyway. Which means the Dreamers demanding thing is getting really old. Strange they always manage to put the sweet young thing with the cover girl looks out front. Or the earnest young man in a lab coat, who only wants to finish his degree and “help my people.” And guess what? WE…are not his people. WE, who finance, support, feed, educate and medicate the hordes who cross and their children, will never be “their people.” They want to come to America for American things and this American life, but want to stay that “people.”

Not meld into WE, the People. WE don’t owe ANYBODY our country. It’s as simple as that.

Speaking of illegals, there was another movement afoot in Arizona today. The governor sent the first 225 National Guardsmen to the border, with more to follow.

I know Texas will follow suit, hopefully New Mexico. But Mexico needs to keep its folks (and the folks it let in, thinking they were on the way here) on their side for a change, and for a good long while. Tough on them if they can’t handle the social roilings. Vicente Fox said years ago we were their “pressure relief valve,” and it’s time we weren’t. It’s also high past time Dreamers realized being here IS a dream that they don’t get to dictate the terms of.

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  • GWB says:

    We are not asking for favors. We are not asking for special treatment.
    No, that’s exactly what you’re asking for.

    We’re just asking to be treated the same way you’d treat any other student who grew up here in the state of Arizona.
    And, any other student who was not a legal resident of AZ (mind you, I don’t mean just an illegal alien, but anyone claiming an AZ address who didn’t actually live there or who didn’t meet the residency requirements) would not only get charged out-of-state rates, but would likely be kicked out for misrepresenting themselves.

    “Our dreams can’t wait”? Oh, they most certainly can. You see, buttercup, not waiting is what got you in this predicament. If only your parents had entered (and stayed in) America LEGALLY you would be under no threat of deportation and would be “treated like any other student”.

    Can’t get your master’s?! Cry me a river, Korina cookie.
    Amen, sister.

    WE don’t owe ANYBODY our country.
    SING IT!

    BTW, doesn’t the guy in the forefront of that picture, right behind the corner of the sign, look a HECK of a lot like ‘Camera’ Hogg?

  • MikeyParks says:

    Tax payers in this country are already carrying a huge load of deadwood on our backs just with large numbers of parasitic Americans. Now we need to heap on more deadwood with illegal aliens? Where does it end? Why can’t these “dreamers” go dream in their own countries? We owe them exactly NOTHING.

  • Jay Haprer says:

    The keep spouting this ‘Undocumented’ nonsense. How do you get into college without transcripts? You can’t. Do they not have birth certificates in their home country? Of course they do, just as they have driver’s licences, Social security numbers, etc.

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