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Liveblogging election results

OK folks… the poll returns are starting to come in (you can follow them live here. Here are the results so far.

In Kentucky, the race has been called for Rand Paul. With 35% of polls reporting, Rubio is already kicking ass in Florida. In Indiana, Dan Coats has won Evan Bayh’s seat. Polls are closing in the eastern US, so stay tuned for results!

UPDATE: The race has officially been called for Marco Rubio. Good riddance, Charlie Crist! The race has also been called for Chris Coons, meaning Christine O’Donnell, unsurprisingly, lost.

UPDATE: Richard Shelby and Jerry Moran have won their Senate races in Alabama and Kansas, respectively. Kelly Ayotte has been declared the winner in New Hampshire, and Rob Portman has won in Ohio. Patrick Leahy has won in Vermont (no surprise there), and Jim DeMint has won in South Carolina (also no surprise there).

UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi is in complete denial.

“The early returns and overwhelming number of Democrats who are coming out – we’re on pace to maintain a majority in the House of Representatives,” Pelosi told reporters during a photo op in Washington.

Yeah, OK.

UPDATE: Bye Bye, Blanche: race called for John Boozman. Linda McMahon loses. It’s also being reported that Rob Hurt has unseated Tom Perriello, and the race has been called for Tim Scott, the first black Republican in Congress since JC Watts. Rick Scott is leading Alex Sink in Florida.

UPDATE: Alan Grayson is supposedly about to concede. Good riddance!

UPDATE: West Virginia is being called for Manchin.

UPDATE: Barron Hill is out in Indiana. Richard Burr hangs on to his seat in North Carolina. Glenn Nye is out in Virginia.

UPDATE: So Alan Grayson has officially conceded… and he blamed the weather. Yes, really.

UPDATE: Hoeven wins in North Dakota.

UPDATE: Benishek is leading, and Russ Feingold is trailing. Ilario Pantano is trailing McIntyre. Fox News is predicting that the GOP will take the House with around 60 seats.

UPDATE: Blunt wins over Carnahan. Guinta wins in New Hampshire. Looking like Sestak will win in Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: Ugh, Barney Frank has won in Massachusetts. Southerland is up over Boyd in Florida.

UPDATE: Black and Fincher both win in Tennessee. Bucshon and Young win in Indiana. Snyder wins in Michigan. Giannioulias is leading in Illinois — if Illinois voters voted in a freaking MOB BANKER, then they never get to complain about the corruption of Chicago politics ever again. Ever.

UPDATE: Corbett wins in Pennsylvania. The race is dangerously close in South Carolina for Nikki Haley. Daugarrd wins, Flores picks up in Texas. Perry wins in Texas, surprise surprise. Ellmers leading as well with 66% of precincts reporting.

UPDATE: Adam Kinzinger is leading in Illinois. Remember him?

Also, Haslam is leading in Tennessee, Kissell wins in North Carolina. Walker wins in Wisconsin, Mead wins in Wyoming.

UPDATE: Kelly wins in Pennsylvania. Resjarlais wins in Tennessee. Heineman wins in Nebraska. Barletta defeats Kanjorski in Pennsylvania.

UPDATE: Susana Martinez has been elected, she’s America’s first Latina governor. And she’s a Republican.

UPDATE: Fox News is calling Colorado for Hickenlooper. Ugh. Benishek wins!

UPDATE: Meehan and Marino both win in Pennsylvania. Jeff Landry wins in Louisiana; Andy Harris wins in Maryland.

UPDATE: Nikki Haley wins!

UPDATE: Murphy goes down to Fitzpatrick.

UPDATE: Lee and Herbet win in Utah. Gibbs wins in Ohio. Toomey currently leading by 4,000 votes. Riggell and Griffith win in Virginia.

UPDATE: Russ Feingold is GONE! Race declared for Ron Johnson.

UPDATE: Phil Hare defeated in Illinois; Ellmers widens her lead. Adams wins in Florida. Fallin wins in Oklahoma.

UPDATE: Cao loses in New Orleans; Toomey widening his lead.

UPDATE: Hearing rumblings that Allen West has won. And shockingly, Mark Kirk is leading in Illinois.

UPDATE: Mick Mulvaney takes out John Spratt in South Carolina. Berg takes out Pomeroy in North Dakota.

UPDATE: Nunnelee wins in Mississippi.

UPDATE: Hultgren defeats Foster in Illinois; Kevin Yoder defeats Stephene Moore In Kansas; Stivers defeats Mary Jo Kilroy in Ohio.

UPDATE: Chabot defeats Driehaus in Ohio.

UPDATE: Allen West wins in Florida!

UPDATE: Renee Ellmers wins!

UPDATE: Ike Skelton defeated in Missouri.

UPDATE:Toomey wins in Pennsylvania!

UPDATE: In California with 9% of precincts reporting, Fiorina is leading Boxer 47.8% – 45.6%. But hey, remember, Fox called it for Boxer, so Boxer must be winning.

UPDATE: Kirk is now leading by three in Illinois. The North Carolina Senate has gone Republican for the first time since 1898.

UPDATE: Bob Etheridge’s loss just gave the GOP their majority-making seat in the House.

UPDATE: Reid is leading Angle with 11% reporting. John Kasich defeats Ted Strickland for governor of Ohio.

UPDATE: Alabama House and Senate will both be in GOP control. This marks the first time since 1874 GOP has had majority.

UPDATE: Raul Grijalva and Ruth McClung are neck and neck in Arizona.

UPDATE: Sandoval defeats Rory Reid for governor of Nevada.

UPDATE: California’s pot legalization bill crashes and burns. Snort. No surprise there.

UPDATE: Republican Mark Kirk has officially won Obama’s old Senate seat.

UPDATE: FNC is officially reporting that the GOP has won the House.

UPDATE: Herseth Sandlin to concede to Kristi Noem. Fiorina is currently leading Boxer, despite the race being called for Boxer by multiple news sources.

UPDATE: Sean Duffy takes Obey’s seat in Wisconsin.

UPDATE: Groan — Raul Grijalva widening his lead over Ruth McClung. How could voters go for someone who called for a boycott of their state??

UPDATE: Jan Brewer is easily winning in Arizona.

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  • POWinCA says:

    Jerry Brown sounded drunk. He literally said, “Not all the numbers are in, but it’s close enough for government work.”

    I’ve said the same thing many times, but given the current budget and economic crisis we’re in, that was highly inappropriate.

    I hope the next person who runs against him plays that sound bite.

  • Ironwolf32 says:

    We got it right at the state level in Maine.

    Republicans control State House, Senate and just announced Governor. Paul LePage has won.

    Time to start cutting state spending and income taxes.

    Don’t want to talk about the US Rep’s we are sending to Washington… Too many leftist in our districts.

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