Lies, Deceit, and the Undermining of America: Obama Lifts the Cuban Embargo

Lies, Deceit, and the Undermining of America: Obama Lifts the Cuban Embargo

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that where there are enemies of the United States, there Obama will be to prop them up.

Earlier this month we noted how Obama released six Guantanamo Bay terrorists to Uruguay, run by a leftist and former guerrilla fighter who claims that they will be free to move about that country.

Today Americans were all smiles about the release of Alan Gross, a 65-year-old American held in Cuba for five years. Obama, however, made sure to use the occasion to prop up the Castro brothers by normalizing relations with that Communist nation — and naturally, did so without consulting Congress, which just happened to be adjourned for the legislative session.

U.S. President Obama greets Cuban President Castro at the memorial service for Mandela in Johannesburg
Obama greets fellow traveler Raul Castro, President of Cuba. Courtesy Reuters.

This move did not go unnoticed by members of the Capital Hill Cubans, a group which includes both Republicans and Democrats, who lashed out at yet another imperious move by Obama. One of the members, Senator Ted Cruz, wrote:

The President spoke today about a new era for relations between American and the Cuban people, but these circumstances do not bode well for either. We have seen how previous Obama administration attempts at rapprochement with rogue regimes like Russia and Iran have worked out, with our influence diminished and our enemies emboldened. Now they are revisiting this same disastrous policy with the Castros, blind to the fact that they are being played by brutal dictators whose only goal is maintaining power. And if history be our guide, the Castros will exploit that power to undermine America and oppress the Cuban people. First Russia, then Iran, now Cuba – this is one more very, very bad deal brokered by the Obama Administration.

Obama arranged to have Gross released, along with an unnamed US intelligence agent, for three Cubans imprisoned in the United States. These three Cubans, however, are hardly the harmless humanitarian types like Alan Gross; in 1996 they shot down two airplanes sponsored by the humanitarian group “Brothers to the Rescue,” which aided Cuban refugees fleeing to the US. The families of the four men killed are furious with Obama’s actions.

However, it’s not just who Obama released, it’s whom he failed to have returned along with Mr. Gross.

One of the denizens of Cuba is Joanne Chesimard, aka “Assata Shakur,” who was added to the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists List” in 2013. If the name “Shakur” sounds familiar, it’s likely because she is the godmother to the notorious late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Chesimard is a convicted cop-killer who escaped a New Jersey prison in 1979, fled to Cuba, and was given asylum by Fidel Castro in 1984. She was a member of the Black Liberation Army, which was allied with the 60’s radical terror group the Weather Underground, and it was the latter group which helped her escape to Cuba. She needs to be returned to the United States, but Obama didn’t see fit to demand her return to serve out her sentence.

Wanted by the FBI, but Obama allows her to remain in Cuba.

Of course he didn’t. He has his former Weather Underground buddies Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn to protect.

Not only did Obama knowingly enter a lopsided prisoner trade with the Castro brothers, his administration lied about the pending change in US-Cuba relations. Senator Marco Rubio, one of the Capital Hill Cubans outraged at Obama’s actions, said that Tony Blinken, the newly confirmed deputy Secretary of State, told him last month the the administration would never change its policy towards Cuba without consulting Congress. At Blinken’s confirmation hearings, Rubio asked Blinken, ““Do you anticipate, during the rest of the president’s term, that there will be any unilateral change?” to sanctions on Cuba without democratic reforms. Blinken replied, “Anything that might be done on Cuba will have to be consistent with the law. Anything that in the future might be done on Cuba would be done in full consultation” with Congress.

Blinken was confirmed on Tuesday. Rubio, the son of Cubans who left prior the 1958 revolution and were never able to return, was kicked to the curb.

Rubio added that he was never consulted about the upcoming change in policy, and only became aware of changes Tuesday night. He was not consulted until 10 am Wednesday morning when Secretary of State John Kerry notified him.

Rubio remains undaunted. He refuses to support lifting the 50-year-old embargo, and declares that he will work to block any ambassador nominee from coming up for a vote. He doesn’t care if American businesses and increasing numbers of Cuban-Americans support lifting the embargo:

“I don’t care if the polls say 99 percent of people in Florida want to lift the embargo. I would still be for (keeping) it. My goal is freedom and democracy in Cuba, and the embargo gives us leverage.”

He even went so far as to criticize Pope Francis, who was reported to have played a role in forging the relationship between Cuba and the US. Rubio, a Catholic, said he would “ask His Holiness to take up the cause of freedom and democracy.”

Obama has now started to normalize relations between the US and a Communist dictatorship, yet he hates Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu. He traded Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — who was said to be a ‘deserter‘ by many of his fellow soldiers — for five Taliban leaders. He claims that the barbarous ISIS is “not Islamic.”

There is no doubt left that Obama is not merely an inept President in a job far over his head — no, far from it. He is a leftist ideologue who seeks to destroy the United States as we know it and replace it with his version of a pro-Islamic workers’ paradise — complete, of course, with government-run health care, just like Cuba.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    No surprise here. Obozo giving his spiritual cousin Fidel this gift before he meets Lenin, Stalin and the rest in hell makes total sense.

    I would have been fine with this after the Castros were dead but with this creep doing it makes it look so, well, predictable and rewarding.

    • Jodi says:

      It takes a Communist Dictator to know a Communist Dictator.

      • Appalled By The World says:

        Exactly. He’ll probably get a nice stash of Cuban cigars from Uncle Fidel now.

        Up next-throwing South Korea under the bus by acceding to all of North Korea’s “requests”. Or perhaps offering asylum to the Khmer Rouge. Obama Claus is as red as his outfit this week so why not?

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