Let Parkland mourn and don’t use their grief to push an agenda

Let Parkland mourn and don’t use their grief to push an agenda

Let Parkland mourn and don’t use their grief to push an agenda

Parkland Florida needs to mourn the murdered and injured. They don’t need media and agenda-driven jackals all over the place.

It should not be necessary to ask people to stop attention-whoring on top of a mass murder. But it is. This is to the media, politicians, NAMI, Shannon Watts and the Pro-2A fools who follow that vacuous bint. As Victory Girl Deanna said here, this is already happening. And as Toni said here, even with precautions, the murderer was not stopped. He was probably mentally ill but that does not fit the 2A or No Gunz agendas, so it will be ignored.

And there is a time and place to discuss mental illness, the absolute failings of a system designed to protect that does not work. But that time is not the present. There are families who need support both financial and spiritual. Not Shannon Watts going for a Ghoul gold. Let me put this as clear as day: to the well-meaning and attention whores alike, my advice is simple. Step back, shut up for a minute, and let Parkland families help their wounded and mourn the murdered.

Facebook and Twitter are not much better. And it has been less than 24 hours since the murderer acted. Not using his name. What we know is a former student walked into the high school that expelled him with a gun and started shooting. We know there were 16 wounded and 17 murdered. The suspect is in custody.

Some 15 hours earlier, the deadliest school shooting since Sandy Hook erupted as authorities say a 19-year-old man with a troubled past and an AR-15 rifle stalked the halls of Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

This is from the Sun Sentinel. A local media source. And this dad makes sense to me:

“I’m freaking out,” her father said. “This is crazy, this stuff shouldn’t be going on in these schools. People are crazy. I don’t know what goes on through these people’s minds these days, it’s a scary thing. It’s one of those things – you don’t want to put a metal protector and treat them like prisoners but they have to figure something out. You put your kids in school and it’s supposed to be a safe place and this stuff happens all the time.”

Arm chair quarterbacking is inappropriate as hell at this point. Broward County and the feds are going to investigate the hell out of this shooting. Please don’t diagnose from afar and don’t us this to rant about adoption or autism or bullying or whatever other cause du jour you are espousing.

What can you do? Support the families. Donate to help them cover the expenses for their murdered and wounded loved ones. I am sure banks will have accounts set up and gofundmes will be there. Help with hospital bills and rehab expenses. If you are in or near Parkland, mow the lawn, drop off a meal or some groceries to feed the pets and humans. The things the families are not able to do now.

At home? If you see something hinky, say something. If there is a kid that is more than a little quirky, ask questions and take threats seriously. Call the cops and call the school. The murderers do not quietly go about their business: Columbine had 2 kids from intact families storing ammo and explosives in the garage under a tarp. Think about that for a second. My folks would have asked what was under the tarp at the very least.

If you really care about the mentally ill, ask county mental health where you can volunteer. Or donate to these groups so they can keep the lights on. In Michigan there are clubhouses where the mentally ill learn to function in society who would love your donations of time and cash. And, oh, read Toni’s post.

If I were the benevolent and all-wise Empress of the Universe, what steps would I take:

1. Armed school resource officer at every school.

2. Gun safety classes in middle school.

3. Video cameras strategically placed outside and inside school with dedicated security personnel.

4. After first bell, all doors at school locked from the outside. Video confirmation before admittance.

5. Mandatory mental illness reporting. Teachers are mandatory reporters for abuse, why not mental illness.

6. Finally, martial arts classes in physical education. Learning to grab another person is difficult (I know), if kids learned basic martial arts in school, they would be more empowered.

I would add training for teachers, school counselors and administrators from people like Wedgewood to know the difference between emo and homicidal. Or between socially inept and dangerous. Because teachers are the best friend or worst enemy to a kid. Believe me, the best and worst are remembered. And stop lionizing Gifted and Talented kids and teach all your students. But again this is a conversation down the road.

There is plenty of time for conversations about school safety, firearms safety, the mentally ill, and all the other topics that will come up. For now, let Parkland and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mourn their dead and support the survivors. It should not be that hard.

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  • GWB says:

    there are clubhouses where the mentally ill learn to [???]
    I think you missed a word in there.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Thanks for the catch. Edited that and it should actually make sense now. Note to self: posting while sick bad. 🙂

  • GWB says:

    I would add training for teachers, school counselors and administrators from people like Wedgewood to know the difference between emo and homicidal.
    Though, the first line of defense is still the parents. And, unfortunately, we have pushed a huge amount of the parenting role onto the teachers. You gotta do more than birth them, drive them to their extra-curriculars, then pay for their college.
    But, after that, and neighbors, the school is the next best place for someone to catch this and maybe stop it.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Parents should be the first line of defense but the killers either kill parents first (Sandy Hook) or have a distant relationship with the parents. And there are always always signs the other kids or teachers see first. Always.

      • GWB says:

        Along these lines, Hot Mic at PJMedia has a bit up about schools still trying to do away with “best friends” because kids need to be more “inclusive”.

        This is a fantastic way to make sure potential psychopaths can truly thrive! Let’s remove ANY hope of reining them in with a support structure of peers. Oy vey.

        • Gail Boer says:

          Because having a social circle and handling rejection well is healthy let’s make sure kids can do neither well. That is a special kind of stupid

  • Disgusted says:

    For God’s sake. Check out CNN- the people calling for gun control are the CHILDREN who just survived the murder of their teachers and friends. The victims are not asking to mourn. They are crying for help and change. “You are the adults,” they are saying. Meanwhile Gov. Rick Scott says “now’s not the time” as if he were the traumatized one who just lived through mass murder. And people like you and this ridiculous website echo it back. Let them mourn?? Make no mistake: what you are saying is *let children die*. Your disgusting attachment to guns is downright sinful. Innocents are being murdered at schools every day. And your nonsense about training teachers to see the difference between emo and homicidal- as if it’s somehow the responsibilty of teachers and children to prevent attacks.

    • Gail Boer says:

      Thank you for proving my point so well. Here is a summary of events (and the post you did not read): A shooting in a school occurred by a former student (who was expelled). A community is in shock. The murderer is in custody and the local, state and federal law enforcement types are doing an investigation. So what are YOU doing to help these people heal? Are YOU trying to prevent the next wannabe killer or are you wanting ignorant teachers and kids to ignore the signs because of the feels and saying Let Children die?

    • Scott says:

      GO BACK ON YOUR MEDS DUDE!!!… yeah, we should definitely make policy tat effects ALL Americans, taking away their freedoms, based on emotional statements made by CHILDREN who have just survived such a traumatic event… if you cannot see how rediculus that is on it’s face, there truly is no help for you!

      • Gail Boer says:

        There are so many issues about this that need to be looked at and changed but AFTER the dead are buried and the wounded start to heal and people calm down.

    • GWB says:

      And there’s a reason we don’t let children run our society. Because they’re children. They have neither wisdom nor superior critical thinking. They’re also, in this case, IMMEDIATELY TRAUMATIZED. I won’t ever take a solution from someone still in the midst of their trauma.
      as if he were the traumatized one who just lived through mass murder
      Ummm, that’s actually the point.

      Innocents are being murdered at schools every day.
      No. No, they are not. Just stop with the overwrought, emotional, inflammatory rhetoric.

      as if it’s somehow the responsibilty of teachers and children to prevent attacks
      What part of in loco parentis do you not get?

      Oh, and I don’t have an overweening attachment to firearms. I have an incredible attachment to FREEDOM. And to being a FREE CITIZEN – and that means being able to defend myself from individual jackals (huh, oddly enough, just like this guy), packs of jackals, and the government. If you don’t like that, you can kindly go somewhere else.

  • Disgusted says:

    Do none of you have children? After the wounded start to heal?? Has it not occurred to you that losing a child ruins your entire life? There will not be a time- not a single day- when the families of these lost innocent souls will not be grieving. It’s not like we, as a society, can set a tickler for when everyone will be ready to talk about it because they’ve calmed down and got over their losses. “It should not be that hard” indeed. I did read your post. You’re the attention-seeker- you posted the blog, didn’t you? You responded to a tragedy by claiming the mantle of grief from the grieving- the very victims of the tragedy, who are calling for change.

    • GWB says:

      No, I think you’re the one who is claiming the “mantle of grief”.

      You seem to be of the “THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW!” crowd. Which are inevitably the least critical thinkers and the most dependent subjects.

      Your appeals to tragedy and emotion are EXACTLY what Gail is criticizing. Let the people grieve, then we can actually discuss possible solutions. (But, I know what your solution is going to be, and I will let you know beforehand that it isn’t going to work, and you’re not wise enough to ever see the reasons.)

    • Scott says:

      Yep, I’ve got two children. they’re both well trained in weapons handling and self defense. They’ve been shooting since they were in grade school, and both disagree with these ridiculous calls for more gun control… laws against murder worked really well in this situation didn’t they?So of course, more laws would fix it…sorry, once again, wrong answer, never mind the fact that you’re talking about ignoring our Constitution, and giving up freedom for an illusion of safety.

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