Lamar Odom Had Drugs in His System and Has Brain Damage

Lamar Odom Had Drugs in His System and Has Brain Damage

Lamar Odom Had Drugs in His System and Has Brain Damage

Lamar_Odom_2012_ShankboneLamar Odom, former NBA star and ex-husband of Khloe Kardashian, reportedly suffered brain damage and at least one stroke after a weekend of illicit drug use at a Nevada brothel.

On Tuesday, Odom was rushed from the Love Ranch, where he had been partying all weekend, to the hospital on Tuesday after he was found unconscious. He is currently on a ventilator, and had multiple drugs in his system.

Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said that before Odom checked into the Love Ranch on Saturday he had been using cocaine, but it is unclear if he continued to do so over the weekend.

The owner of the Love Ranch, Dennis Hof, said that Odom had been fine at 6 a.m. on Tuesday, but when two women went to check on him at 3:30 p.m., they found him unconscious and foaming that the mouth. No drugs were in his suite, and the brothel owner claims he and his staff never saw any.

“We never saw it,” Hof said on Wednesday afternoon. “My staff told him: no drugs.”

Khloe Kardashian was at his side in the hospital. Even though the pair reportedly filed for divorce in 2013, the Los Angeles court records show that the divorce agreement filed three months ago has yet to be processed. Divorce attorneys said that Kardashian could still be in a position to make medical and end of life decisions for Odom. It’s unclear if she is legally listed as his next of kin.

In audio of the 911 call released Wednesday, a female caller said “there’s blood coming out of his nose” and “white stuff coming out of his mouth” before stressing, “Also, he’s not breathing.”

In a second phone call to 911 a man identified as the Love Ranch’s media director, Richard Hunter, said Odom was “breathing regularly — he’s snoring a little bit.” Odom is “over on his side” and making sounds like “a couple of whimpers.” “He’s got a little bit of fluid coming from his nose and his mouth,” Hunter says. “It’s kind of a pinkish color.”

Odom and Kardashian when still married.
Odom and Kardashian when still married.
After Odom was taken to a local hospital, it was determined that he needed to be transported to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas, but Odom was too tall to fit into the helicopter, so he was driven 60 miles to Las Vegas. He arrived at Sunrise Hospital at 6:24 p.m. – almost three hours after the first ambulance arrived at the brothel.

Kardashian was shown on a recent episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” taking a call from Odom, who was grieving the death of his best friend in June.

“Lamar has suffered so much loss in his life,” Kardashian said. “I’m really on high alert for Lamar because anything will set him to spiral, and that’s kind of the last thing I want for him.”

The Kardashians might drive me insane, but I’m not heartless. It must be horrifying for Khloe Kardashian to have to experience this and have to be the potential candidate to make end of life decisions for her ex-husband.

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  • Jodi says:

    I feel sad for this man, but moreso, I feel anger at him for doing this to his two young children.

    As a side note: I have precisely zero use for the media-whores aka the Kardashians.

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