Knife Attack In Paris, None Dare Call It Terror [VIDEO]

Knife Attack In Paris, None Dare Call It Terror [VIDEO]

Knife Attack In Paris, None Dare Call It Terror [VIDEO]

A man stabbing people at random in Paris, including two British tourists, seems like headline news, right? And given that France has been the scene of some of the most brutal terror acts of recent years, you would think authorities would be making every effort to figure out who the attacker was and if this is yet another terrorist attack? Well… not so much.

The attack happened Sunday night in Paris, outside a cinema. Allegedly, the attacker is of Afghan origin. And he randomly stabbed seven different people. But the investigators are balking at calling this a terrorist attack, even though it has all the hallmarks of one.

Seven people including two British tourists were wounded Sunday in Paris after they were attacked by a man armed with a knife and an iron bar, according to police and other sources.

A source close to the inquiry said the suspect has been arrested and is believed to be an Afghan national.

“Nothing at this stage shows signs of a terrorist nature in these assaults,” the sources said, adding that the attacker had targeted “strangers in the street”.

Of the seven wounded, four are in a critical condition, police said.

Le Parisien said one British tourist has a chest injury while another was stabbed in the head.

The incident took place just after 11:00pm (2100 GMT) on the banks of a canal in the northeast of the capital.

Anyone else confused by this? An alleged Afghan national. A knife attack on random strangers. Seven stabbed, four critical. And INSTANTLY, the police just KNOW this ISN’T terror???

Seriously. Paris has been ground zero for stabbings within the last few months. An attack last May by a Chechen Muslim resulted in one death, and the attacker was shot and killed by police. ISIS claimed responsibility for that one. Just a couple of weeks ago, a man stabbed his mother and sister to death and injured one other woman, before the police took him out as well. French authorities claimed he was mentally ill, but ISIS claimed responsibility for that attack as well.

Now, it’s not impossible that ISIS is simply seizing opportunity when they find it and claiming credit for these attacks, just because it’s cheap and easy to do. But to simply say, “meh, more crazy people with knives stabbing people in Paris, definitely not terror” in less than a day after the attack happens?

Or, the French authorities could be like this person.

Well, if you wanted to look at these stabbings critically and and honestly, you’d have to distill them down to their common element. I wonder what that could be? Hmmmm….

But even saying that is “racist” or “Islamophobic” or “hateful” or something.

So, it’s going to keep on happening because those in authority refuse to be honest about the cause. Even if ISIS claims credit for this one, as they have for the last two, with no direct proof of their involvement, at least they’re being more honest than the French authorities or the armchair philosophers on Twitter.

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